eBay Hack Week 2016
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eBay Hack Week 2016

I came to Hack Week because it
helps us think out of the box, because there’s no more– it brings no more rules. It’s my day, and I do
what I think is of value. And this is something which
is pretty empowering for me as an engineer. It’s pretty incredible
to think that this is only the second
year we done Hack Week because the amount
of energy and passion that’s coming from our inventors
this year has been tremendous. I’m really excited
to see the prototypes that they come up with
at the end of the year. Last year, we had about
2,000 inventors participate. And by week end, they
produced more than 130 different working prototypes. Hack Week is something that I
see is part of the DNA of eBay. And it is something
that we should all be supporting on a regular basis. What I like is the new setup,
like the tents, outdoor, people coming together. It’s much more
social environment. And I think half of
what Hack Week is about is people talking
to other people at the company about things that
they don’t normally talk about. And this is an
environment that’s really conductive and
supportive of that. So you get to jump on
starch with the VPs. You get to talk with
people at dinner time. You get to really get
to meet with mentors and help develop
your ideas further. You get to collaborate with
folks that you typically don’t get to. And this is how we
get people to get their ideas to the next level. And people absolutely love it. We love it. We’re very lucky to be one of
the very few companies that gives people an entire
week off to hack and work on ideas that they’re passionate
about and move it forward. There’s lots of energy,
just look around. It’s exciting, an
ability to collaborate with people I don’t
normally get to work with. What’s amazing about Hack
Week is the amount of energy it brings into the organization. It’s always good to see the
teams working so diligently hard on all the various problems
that they have resolved– they’re trying to solve and then
take that energy and motivation through the rest of the year.

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