eBay Horror Story – When I Had to Call the Police About Buyer Threat

Hey eBay sellers I’m Suzanne A. Wells –
thank you for coming back for another video. Before I get into the video today
I wanted to mention the beautiful flowers behind me. we are in June of 2017 and those are some gorgeous blue hydrangeas that came out of a neighbor’s
garden and they just look so pretty. I had to put him in my background so
that’s what’s happening in Georgia! I wanted to talk to you about buyers that
could be harassing you or stalking you. I’m going to start telling you guys some
stories now in my videos because I’ve been selling since 2003 and I’ve had a
lot of things happen and everything that has happened could be a lesson for
somebody else. So I just wanted to pass this stuff on to you and maybe make
these videos a little more entertaining. OK so this was back in probably 2005. When I was selling golf apparel really heavily golf shirts and
windbreakers. That type of stuff and a lot of them had the logos. After seeing at the time wanted logos from
certain courses, so I had something that was from Hilton Head. One of the golf
courses up there and it was the best and the guy ordered it and I shipped it and
I had made a mistake in the listing and the vest was actually – was actually a
small but I had it listed as a medium so I made a mistake in the listing it was
my mistake and so he contacted me. He was just irate this guy was coming unglued.
You know he was like “you need to send me the right one.” I
admitted I made a mistake I said” I’m sorry sir I shipped the wrong thing” I
refunded his money I didn’t ask him to ship anything back it’s totally on me.
I admitted that but he was thinking I had more of
in stock and I could send him the correct size. I kept telling him no
this was just a one of item. So this was in the early days of eBay when people
thought eBay sellers were like retail stores and we had multiples of the same
exact thing so in this case I did not. I kept telling him I’m sorry I don’t
have another one this is this is all there is. There wasn’t another one on
eBay he could buy and look that up for him. I mean this guy was just
completely irate so I didn’t know what else to do I just kept apologizing and
has given him his money back and I can’t make something appear out of thin air. So
he threatened me. He threatened me through the eBay messaging system and
you know he was going to come to my house and beat me up – I mean I
think this guy was on drugs I don’t know what his problem was. He was
just the reaction was completely out of proportion to the problem so maybe he
was off his meds or I don’t know. It was – just I’ve never seen somebody act like
this before over something so trivial. so you know he started threatening me and
so I did -I called the police and did a police report on him. I called my local
police and then I think they contact him wherever he lives because I had all that
information because I had shipped something to him so I had his address.
and so you know police got involved nothing ever came of it I think they
must have just contacted him and warned him that – you know that you can’t do that –
this was back when all of the internet bullying and cyber stalking and all
those kind of laws were just being made. so this was this wasn’t really addressed
in any of that but yeah I was scared. I thought this guy was going to go nuts
and come to my house and shoot me and my family. so I’m just putting this out
there so that if this happens to you and obviously it’s some kind of unbalanced
person that is talking crazy don’t take that lightly – call the police and report it and get that on record. I mean you’re better safe
than sorry. you know I was a single mom with two little kids and here’s this guy
on the internet freaking out and threatening to kill me over a sweater in
the wrong size. so putting that out there. don’t be afraid to report these things
to the police so they’ll be on file if something ever happens you. don’t know
they could be doing it to other people too. and so if there’s enough reports
against somebody you know it needs to be on record. so I’m just wondering if this
has ever happened to you? have you ever had somebody through ebay threatening
you harassing you stalking you? because if you have and it’s currently happening
you don’t have to put up with that. people make mistakes.
you know you solve the problem and move on. but if somebody is harassing you like
this please report it not only to eBay but to your local authorities and have
that on record. so I’d love to hear your story if anything like this has happened
to you. I’m sure there’s some of you out there that have something similar to
share so thanks for watching have a great day! bye

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