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ebay | How To | Return an item on eBay

We hope you love your purchases on eBay, however we know that sometimes you may need to return an item
you’ve bought. In this video, we’ll show you how to submit a return request to your seller on eBay. First, login to your account on eBay.com. Go to my eBay at the top of the screen
and click Purchase history. On this page, you’ll see a list of all your recent eBay purchases. Find the item you’d like to return and
to the right of this click on More actions and select Return this item in the
drop down menu. If your item is defective or doesn’t match
the description in the listing you’re covered by the eBay money back
guarantee. This coverage means you can often
request a return even if the listing doesn’t specify a return policy. Let’s continue with the returns process.
From the drop down menu selected the reading you’d like to
return the item. You can also add comments or any photos you’d like to share with
the seller but please note that any photos you share may
not be removed after your request has been submitted. You may have to pay the return costs
depending on the reason for your return and the seller’s return policy. If you’re returning your item to an
international seller you will need to make shipping arrangements outside of the
eBay label system. When you’re ready to start the return
click the Request a return button. You’ll now see confirmation that your return request has been sent to the
seller. You’ll also see the date the seller has to
respond by. If your request is automatically approved
you’ll be able to print off your return label straight away In some cases you’ll have to wait for
the seller to respond to your return request as indicated on the screen before you
return the item. If you are returning an item to
international seller please work with the seller to determine who is responsible for return costs. You can see more details about your
return at the bottom of this page. If you’d like you can add more photos to
share with your seller. Remember, photos cannot be removed after
you’ve attached them to your return request. After you’ve submitted your return request you
can check the status of your return by going to My eBay at the top of your
screen. On the My eBay page find the item you’ve submitted the return for
and click on the See return details button. This will take you back to the return
details page showing the status of your return. We hope this video has helped explain our
returns process. To start a return, click on the Return
item button. For more help with returning an item or
to contact us please visit our customer service pages.

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