eBay is dying, and here is why!

It is late 2018 and maybe eBay is still not
dead, but I think is safe to assume that eBay can�t keep with competition and slowly dying. Actually I don�t think that eBay is dying. eBay It’s committing suicide
Hi, my name is Nikola and today I will explain why eBay lost so much of market share. Somehow, eBay managed to create issues with
both, buyers and sellers. From buyers perspective I used eBay in last
8 years and from seller perspective I used eBay in last 3 years. In both cases I have issues. Ebay doesn�t really have a seller protection
program that actually works. Is very easy for a buyer to open a request
and complaining about anything, and eBay will side with him a 99% of the time. Other problems are fees. eBay taking away 10% of each sale and PayPal
taking away around 3%. There may be additional fees for listing and
money conversion, and realistically you will pay at least 15% just in fees. And that is a very high fee for something
that doesn�t give you any protection. For example, sellers on Aliexpress don�t
pay fees and sellers on etsy pay only 4% fee. Ebay really need to reconsider their fees
if they want to keep up with the competition. From the buyer side, things are even worse. Now, the majority of sellers on eBay are Chinese
sellers and they selling goods with suspicion quality. So ebay becomes like Aliexpress, but again,
even worse. Sellers who offer their services on both sites,
on eBay their products are usually more expensive because of higher fees, and processing time
is longer because eBay is just alternative for them, and their main store is on Aliexpress. But the biggest problem on eBay are scammers. And ebay is flooted with them. I don�t talk about buyers who will open
request and complain about anything, I talking about sellers who selling underprice items
and they will just take the money and will not ship the item. And ebay is floated with this type of scammers. When you search for some item, for example,
a smartphone, in the first results will appear a listing with very cheap price and seller
will have very low feedback score. If you check the seller feedback you can see
that feedback is from buying, and not from selling. eBay need to stop showing feedback from buying
because some buyers will think that they buying from a store with good feedback, and in reality,
they buying from a scammer. And now you probably asking yourself why someone
will do that when buyers can just open a request and get money back. Well yes, that is true, eBay will return their
money if they never receive the item, but they will actually refunded money will be
from ebay or paypal, and not from the scammer. The scammer will be probably a long far away
with buyer money. And this is very frustrating because you can
accidentally find your self in this situation, waiting for a long time for something to arrive
and that product you ordered will never arrive. Ebay is affected with this for years and they
didn�t care to solve this issues. The didn�t care for their buyers and for
their sellers. And this is kind of sad, because ebay was
one of the e-commerce pioneers and in next few years they may be a completely irrelevant.

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