Ebay LED floodlight scam warning.
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Ebay LED floodlight scam warning.

LED floodlights are very popular on eBay at the moment They’re cheap, and they seem to be quite bright and they certainly do save a lot of energy so let’s plug this one in and just see how bright it is Oh, that’s pretty good, looks okay The sensor works okay, but is it 20 Watt? Well, let’s bring in a power meter here and we’ll plug it into the power meter The power meter says the 20 Watt light is drawing 13 Watts And I know that the passive infrared sensor here uses one of those Watts So the actual power of the LED is 12 Watts And you know what? I got lucky because many of these are actually just putting out 10 Watts to the 20 Watt LED And I’m not sure why, they’re just using a 10 Watt driver for a 20 Watt LED And the same applies to… The same applies to the smaller fixtures like this 10 Watt one which is actually using a 3 Watt driver The LED, the whole fixture actually draws about 4 Watts but that’s nowhere near 10 Watts, that’s not even half the rating that you’re paying for I’m not sure if this is an economy measure or it’s because they’re overheating Goodness knows, I’m guessing it’s just to save money Now, that’s just the start of this story I’m going to disconnect this now from my little test setup which is completely non-compliant I would have put a plug on this but it’s not a very long lead, and also you may have to cut the end off because this one came stripped with such zealousness that it’s through to the copper on every single wire where they’ve cut it Now, let’s look at the earth So, I’ve got a meter here… and we’ll check earth continuity to the case This is a simple continuity test here [meter beeps] And I’m going to be testing from the earth wire on to [meter beeps] any metal, exposed metal that’s not covered in paint [meter beeps] So, it’s the screws I’m going to test on to So, here’s the earth wire and the flex [meter silent] [meter silent] Nothing, no earth continuity at all, so let’s open it up and take a look inside The cover comes off with four screws This short flex is annoying, it means that theoretically you have to try and put it into a junction box very close but, in reality, it’s not going to even reach – Once you’ve got that bracket on a wall, the flex isn’t going to reach anything So that’s going to result in people making pudding joints, which isn’t a good result or having floating junction boxes So that’s the four screws out The cover lifts off, this little frame [clank of metal] and then glass is stuck to silicon and will just lift off It may stick to the silicon a bit but it comes off Watch out for broken glass shards on the corners where they’ve chopped it This starts off as a rectangular piece of glass and then they sort of smash off the corners and sometimes they’re a wee bit rough with them So, inside we have the LED, a reflector and a ballast so let’s take the reflector off This is usually held on by a screw at each corner, diagonally opposing corners but I see they’ve got three screws in this one This must be the luxury model The reflector comes off to reveal the LED and a floating earth wire not connected to anything Sometimes they even just crop it off or sometimes they actually hide it by gluing out the way Sometimes it’s even got a little spate crimp in it, a ring crimp, but still not connected to anything I’m not sure why they do this, it’s really common in these floodlights they just leave the earth floating This is an aluminium case. It’s conductive, it’s a mains voltage light: it should be grounded If you decide to ground one yourself then you can put a ring crimp on it and maybe clean up one of these pillars make sure you’re geting a good connection and sandwich it between the reflector but I just don’t know why they just leave these disconnected, it’s really common The LED is held on by two diagonally opposing screws and there should be heat sink compound behind it There is heat sink compound, I can see it squishing out the sides – that’s a good result Some of them they don’t put much heat sink compound, some of them they put none Here’s the little ballast. It’s the culprit here because this should be a big ballast This should be a 20 Watt power supply and it’s not even stuck down They’ve tried sticking it down but it’s obviously come off This, as I say, should be 20 Watt but it’s a 10 Watt supply I just don’t know why they’re doing this The first LED lights like this came out with proper ballasts, proper power supplies but they don’t have them now A lot of them seem to be coming out with these half-rating supplies I’m not sure if it’s a thermal issue, because maybe they weren’t dissipating enough heat from the back or maybe the supplies were overheating inside the case But, yeah… So, just keep this in mind if you buy these that if you go for a 20 Watt you may not get a 20 Watt you may get a 10 Watt If you go for a 10 Watt you may get a 4 Watt or less And they almost certainly seem to just come with the earth disconnected So, just know what you’re buying


  • Tokejuana Worlds Collide

    I thought flood lights weren't about saving energy. A flood light is using maximum draw to flood an area with brightest light for a short period of time. A normal 20w of constant light is just a light.

  • Richard Applegate

    Ground wire wasnt not need be on metal since it is water proof.

    Once water filling fill up inside.

    It held electric safety.

    You can connect to ground but no water protections electricity

  • Derek Simenac

    what lights are the actual rating. For the price I paid they are by far the best deal ever. I have 4 of the big ones, they are 5 years old now and working great in -40 to +35 weather in Canada

  • ondieper

    Its not a scam. It is still bright enough and a rather use less watt and still have a bright light.. no if you never received a light then it is a scam

  • Isaacs Random Videos

    ”I don’t know why there doing this”

    Well it’s quite obvious money and richery.
    Yes it’s a scam but I quite well made one.

  • Mazza P

    There is no scam in this at all, the scammer is you! First of all so what if the rating says "20 Watts" and uses 13.5 watts that's even better less power consumption, secondly you do not need to have an earth wire on 99% of lights, all they did was use wire that has Active, Neutral, and earth, but the earth does not need to be connected, they put the wire there in case you need it when connecting it to other devices or switches, it is for grounding only if it is needed!

  • sekhose67 ani

    ofcourse the less u pay the less quality u will get .high quality will cost 10 to 15 times more so its up to u which one u want

  • SegaDream131

    The watts are consumption…..
    Less watts equals less power consumption……
    The wattage can be anything….
    Its the lumens that are the brightness….

  • Downtown Indy

    bigger scam is they last about 3-6 months. I know, I've bought 2 different kinds two different times. The things start lighting dimly, then start blinking randomly, finally go out.

  • Terrie Cotham

    When the transistor came out and small AM/ FM radios were all the rage one of the selling points was how many transistors in the unit and things like 9 transistors.

    I was told by one electronics teacher that lots of those radios did have more transistors but there was no real need for them kind of like auto shops trying to sell you Nitrogen for your tires claiming all kinds of thing when Air, for the most part, is free and works just fine

    Its True some aircraft use Nitrogen in their tires its not to make them last longer but air has some water in it and at very high flights the water in the air can freeze

    Air works just fine, more transistors that do Zero in making the radio better, Say its 20 w when it's not could be just a saie's gimmick

  • Panu Kyytsönen

    Not sure how accurate that wattmeter you are using is. I would not trust a cheap meter with anything but a fully resistive load. You should try using it with a expensive brand led and see if you can get that meter to show its rated power. Still quite interesting video. Nice wiring 😀

  • Nathan Hassall

    Herro! I am the president of the company manufacturing these floodlights. To answer your question we do it to save money round eye.

  • Simon North

    Typical cheap and nasty stuff from China. They need to be banned from eBay
    Good on trump for raising the Tarif.

  • Bill Bright

    Man China, you used to be all about the quality,, what happened?

    My bag full of fire works half of them were duds. My super U.S.A. rocket just fizzled.

  • Elzero Dragon

    LEDs been tagged for energy saving and longer lifespan but Chinese LED knockoffs do the opposite.
    Their LED gets busted before making a break-even in savings.

  • Little Lilburn

    I bought a case of these led lights and wound up replacing them one by one about every other month! Biggest load of junk I ever bought!

  • trickelantra

    You bought lights from ebay!!!! What did you honestly expect? Stop buying and complaining about cheap ass shit off ebay. Fucking douche bag

  • Il Negro Del Ghetto

    Apple does this with their phones, low quality batteries, low performance processors and overall bad build quality but no one bats an eye.

  • Jason O'Brien

    I simply avoid ebay altogether these days. I have received so many fake, dangerous and counterfeit items that it's just not worth the risk. There are so many easily spotted scam sellers now and I wonder why ebay have been so ineffective at protecting buyers. I have had fake memory cards, fake Oral B toothbrushes, flammable fake shoes, dodgy batteries (before they were sort of banned), fake football kits, led g9 lights that smoked, fake & misdescribed computer assessories and games. I could go on.

  • Radius Nightly

    In non-fake situation, it usually represents power that LED gives, but then they usually print power thats been used, like 60W, and light power that LED produce according to wolfram, like 100W. In order to make it simple for users, they introduce lumen that shows power of light (in this chase its this 100W), as well as power its using (in this chase its 60W).

  • El Gringo

    The wattage almost never is accurate, aquarium heaters that are let's say 100 watts, realistically never draw anywhere near that. If the light is bright enough and it's cheap as fuck, does it matter?

  • Danny O'Brien

    Its quite obvious why its required by law so they just fudge it to get around regulations. By the way all you uneducated imbicles out there its not a L.E.D. Light its actually a surface mounted diod get it right.

  • relaxingprawn

    It's five years to upload date. In India, we have a lot of cheap options from branded manufacturer at a fraction of the original prices from 2014. Why buy from eBay when you can buy from osram or Philips….

  • Jack Reacher

    Wow what a piece of junk. Thanks for the warning. ?
    I can't believe they couldn't even do something elementary, like making sure the unit was grounded. That just says they don't give a f***.

  • Dan Berserk

    Under driving LEDs make them last longer. Driven at lower wattage their cheap shit LEDs will last the 20-50K hours they are rated for. Driving them at full wattage would require expensive aluminum heat sinks. F China.

  • william dohn

    Because the chinese lie about all their ratings. They claim 300,000mah in batteries that can barely hold 10,000mah all the time.

  • FuzzyLittleBastard

    Or you could go to home depot or something. Why order something online when you could get it yourself in a MUCH shorter of a time?

  • AsianPerson3

    They are cutting cost. They obviously figured Average joe wouldn't throw leads on it and test it. You can tell by the Lack of information on the Ballast unit. Crap is the new Cheap this day in age.

  • Art of war and peace

    The design of led is to consume less wattage to produce a greater equivalent as light.
    Also, just like capitalism suggests if your light burns out sooner than later, you buy another. Thus ground it ye selves.

  • krishnaa balaji

    I've tried feeding 150mA to an 1 watt LED array(rating was 150A). The overheated and burned themselves within 10 minutes.

  • coooolibri

    dont buy stuff like this on ebay. they do the same with chargers for the phone. its says "fast charger", but then i compared my original one with a friends one from ebay, and mine took 1,5 hours to fully charge, his 2,5.

  • Watson AI

    That is the made in China. What do you expect from them.
    I do not trust China. Chinese do not trust people well because they do cheat all the time.

  • smakfu

    Why would one buy something like a generic floodlight off eBay? You have to know that it’s likely to be dangerous, cost-cut to the bone, chinesium.

  • Colin Overton

    Excluding the earth problem and silly short flex, these are good value particularly when you get a discount for the low power rating. Just buy one or two sizes larger than you need.

  • Smash 72Cutlass

    This is why there only $20 it’s not rocket science. They make zillions of these thing over the course of those zillions they save lots of money with smaller drivers, small whips, save time no ground. No one is inspecting no one is grounding them. 20watt is the LED so there not lying but you will need a larger driver. All saves time and bottom line money

  • Nassim Koubeissi

    This unit doesn't require an earth line because there is a switching power supply that contain an isolated transformer , the output is dc to led lamp so the earth line should be connected to the power supply input in this case I guess they are using a line filter inside the power supply if you want to check for a leakage current why not putting the ac voltmeter probe on the metal case and the other probe on the neutral line it will read zero .
    Why not stripping out the power supply and see the circuit if it is following safety standards (rare in those no info on those factory products) you should find ceramic capacitors from the transformer secondary ground line to the primary line. Those are used to absorb the transformer leakage which is very small and so negligible for humans to sense it.
    Regards ?

  • Steve???

    Most Asian countries don't use earth in domestic or commercial properties, ie: two pin plugs etc, for that reason when in Asia don't touch metal power poles etc. These items are built to local standards.

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