eBay Listing Template – Professional eBay Listing!
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eBay Listing Template – Professional eBay Listing!

Hey guys in this video I’m going to show you
how you can use the eBay listing template to make your listing stand out. Ever since
I started using this template I’ve seen a massive increase in sales and have even been
rewarded the top seller icon. So let’s get started!.
The eBay listing template looks like this and this exact example is included with your
purchase as you can see it’s got a professional blue header and it’s very nicely laid out
and very easy to read I’m going to scroll down so you can see the rest of the listing
keep in mind that everything is customisable so if you do not like a certain colour or
a header you can quickly and easily change it I’m going to quickly pause here just so
you can take a look at the headers have an stylish headlines like this really does make
a difference at the bottom of the listing there is an image of a ribbon that says eBay
top rated seller to allow you to stand out from your competitors and a grey coloured
footer to end the listing. The eBay listing template allows you to create this listing
very quickly and very easily let me show you exactly how it works I’m going to close this
window and go to the selling page of eBay this is the page you see when you are about
to list something on eBay usually you just go down to the details form and fill in the
information about your item and then listed as you’ve probably noticed with your previous
listings it doesn’t look very good especially when people selling the same item as you are
using a nice temp late to make their listing more attractive than yours now or you need
to do to use the template is save it to your computer and then open it with notepad
copy everything in notepad by using keyboard
shortcuts or by going to edit and then click on on select all and then by going to edit
again and clicking on copy once you’ve copied everything in notepad go back to eBay and
click on switch to HTML editor right click on the whitespace and click on paste once
you’ve pasted all of the code into the box click on switch to standard editor and could
power the template is now in use or you need to do now is go through and edit the information
to suit your requirements just to show you how easy it is I’m going to remove this text
that says here you can write a brief summary of your product am just going to write blood
blah blah blah for example let scroll down to see the rest of the template let’s say that you didn’t want to have the
policy in your listing you can simply select this section and press delete and it’s gone
let’s also say that you wanted to keep the about me heading but wanted to remove the
about us heading same thing simply selected and press delete see how easy and quickly
it is to create a very nice looking listing by using this template at such a low cost
anyone that sells items on eBay would be a full not to use it if you have any questions
please feel free to contact me by using the form below

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