eBay Open 2018
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eBay Open 2018

Hello, eBay sellers! You feeling the energy? You feeling the love today? Welcome to eBay Open 2018. eBay Open’s that
event where we bring 2,000 of our best and
most passionate sellers together to talk
about all the things that are changing on
the eBay platform, to build a sense of
community, and just have a great time with a group
of sellers that ultimately are the heart of what
makes eBay great. It’s such an incredible
privilege to lead this company. And what I care about is that
it has a meaningful impact. We’re actually making
people’s lives better. I’m looking forward
to now working with a lot of new
people here in the area, and to pick up a lot of
the new tricks and tips that a lot of sellers
can share with me. After this weekend and hearing
the general session talk about what’s happening
behind the scenes and what eBay is trying
to do going forward, I’m excited and,
like, more excited than I’ve been in
a really long time. The staff here has been
really good to talk to. It’s one on one personal
contact, and having someone we can talk to whenever
we have a problem, and know it’s going
to get taken care of. eBay itself is really
taking all of the input that we’ve been
giving seriously. And I do feel a lot more
confident as a seller. I’m going to show you all
the great products we’re going to launch, how we’re going
to get newer inventory in front of our buyers. And we’re going to make sure
that we have the best holiday season this year. I joined eBay 15 years ago
because I love this brand. And I’ve stayed for
15 years because I love partnering with
our customers, customers like all of you. Out of the 175
million active buyers that we have on our
platform, we still have room and opportunity
to keep pushing forward. I’m so excited about our future
because we’re in this together. We’ve got a partnership
with our sellers. We’ve got a strategy to enhance
the customer experience. And I think if we
can do this together, we’ll win in the marketplace. The 2018 Small Business of the
Year and recipient of $10,000 cash prize is Cori O’Steen. I have to tell you that even
though we’re here for you, I feel like you’re here for us. So incredibly inspiring to hear
the story of entrepreneurs. You are eBay. And without you,
we would not exist. So thank you very, very much.

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