eBay Shine Awards Winner 2019 – Sahil Kumar
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eBay Shine Awards Winner 2019 – Sahil Kumar

[MUSIC PLAYING] When I was in college,
I was always interested in opening up phones and
opening up other electronics. And I would learn how
to repair my own device and would do it for my friends
for just a little college pocket money. So I tried eBay
for the first time, and I sold a device
for a lot more than what I was
selling face to face. So I started taking
eBay more seriously. So not only I was
selling it locally, it went from every state
to South America, Canada. I was sending devices
to Africa, India, China. I got a platform to sell
to almost every country. This is a family business now. I hired my mom and her friend,
as they face challenges out in the workforce,
and they needed a job that they can fit right into. And they found
their perfect fit. And I found my perfect fit. The thing is I’ve always wanted
to start something of my own. What makes me happy is spending
quality time with family as work’s being done.

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