Ebay  Tips – How To Find How Many Times Items Sell On Ebay
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Ebay Tips – How To Find How Many Times Items Sell On Ebay

– Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse. I get a lot of people
ask me, what software do I need out how many times
an item has sold on eBay? You don’t need any third party software to get this information. You can also get it any time for free. Let me show you now. Let’s say the product you’re
researching is a pet blanket. All you do, is go to eBay,
and in the search box type in your keyword, a pet blanket. And then up come the search results. Next step is to scroll
down the left hand side, and check the sold listing’s checkbox. Now eBay will show you
everything that has sold, and notice that all the
prices are now in green. Now when the price is
in green, they’ve sold. They’re not selling, they’ve sold. And next to the green price, you’ll see a date as
to when the item sold. The next thing you can do is,
click on any of the listings, and if the item’s sold multiple times, you can see exactly when they’ve sold. And you can also count
how many times it’s sold in whatever period you like, like 30 days. Here’s an example of an
item that’s sold 593 times. If you click on the red five nine three, it will show you exactly
when those items sold. Note though that, eBay’ll only show you the last 90 days of sales. If you wanna go back
further, you know 365 days, you’ll need third party software for that. That’s all for this week. Please scroll down,
leave me a comment below. Until next week, list more, sell more. This is Neil Waterhouse. (silence)

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