eBay Top Rated Seller requirements and why it’s important!
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eBay Top Rated Seller requirements and why it’s important!

Hi, this is Neil Waterhouse. Today I want to share with you the requirements to be an eBay top-rated
seller. And how you can use your eBay top-rated seller
rating to get the gold eBay premium seller badge to automatically show up on your listings. This is how your listings get popped up higher in eBay search results. First of all, the requirements for eBay top-rated
seller are you need to have an eBay account which has been active for at least 90 days. And second, you need to have done at least 100 transactions over the last 12
months and these 100 transactions have to have more than US $1,000 value. This is for Australia, however most countries
are very similar. Third, you need to have not broken any of eBay selling practice rules and you’ll know if you have broken these rules as eBay will surely have emailed you by now. Next, we get into defects scores. Breaking the rules by the way, is for the period of time like we’ll gonna talk about what period you rank in a second so I’ll get to that in a second Now, eBay defects scores are based on singular transactions based over the last 3 or 12 months If you sold over 400 items in the last 3 months, your defects scores are based in the last 12 months. If you had sold less than 400 items in the last 3 months, your defects scores are based in the last 3 months. Now, if you’re doing the right thing normally your defects score will be fine. eBay based the defects scores rating on the average of what all sellers do worldwide. So to keep a defects score, they need only to be average. However, of course, it’s best to always aim to be higher than the average. Of course, sometimes things happen and sometimes they’re things that are out of our control. And this happens to you And it happens to most of us all who have full time eBay businesses at some stage If this happens to you, you obviously need to go on a damage control mode and sort out the issue. However, that’s for another video eBay does a defects score evaluation on the 20th of each month. So the fourth aspect is you need to have a defect rating of less than half the percent for transactions which were cancelled by the seller or they were the case closed without seller resolution. This is why you should always do your best to avoid cancelling transactions when the buyer has not requested to cancel an order first. Another way to get a defect is for closed cases without seller resolution or cases where eBay or Paypal was asked to step in and review the case and the seller was found responsible. Now, you can have no more than 2 transactions or 0.3% Yeah, that’s right. 0.3% For this reason, it’s always best to avoid getting eBay involved in cases and also to always avoid cancelling transactions if the customer has not requested it first. Now there are strategies for cancelling orders without getting defects like part refunding through Paypal where you,say, refund the whole amount minus 1 cent. However, let’s get to a whole another video about how to figure around this which will be another video. Another way to gets defects is for late shipments and transactions where you didn’t send the item within your handling time or the item was delivered after the estimated delivery date Now, you can have no more than 5 transactions reported or 5% of your transactions. If you meet all the Top Seller performance requirements the badge will automatically show up on your qualifying listings. This is displayed both on the listing and in the search results. This badge is a sign of trust which the eBay seller has earned. And one of the criteria which the eBay search engine Cassini looks at when positioning listings in the search results is trust. All things being equal, if two eBay listings are identical, one seller is a top-rated seller and the other seller is not, the listing from the top-rated seller will show higher in the search results. Now, let’s move on to eBay Premium Service badge which again helps getting listings boosted up even higher in the search results and therefore gets the listing more traffic and hence more sales. Now if any of your listings meet the requirements for eBay premium service the gold badge will automatically show on your listings. This is the first requirement if you need to be a top rated seller just like I just discussed. To see if you are a top rated seller click on “My eBay” which is at the top of any page on eBay, then click on the Account tab, then click on the “Seller Dashboard” and you should see a page like this. On this page, eBay will show you what your rating is now and also what is predicted to be on the next evaluation period which again occurs on the 20th of the following month. Now, if you are already an eBay top rated seller there are four criteria you need to meet for each listing to have the gold eBay service icon appear. First is you need to offer free shipping however, you do not need to offer the free shipping everywhere. For instance, if you are located in, say, Sydney, Australia you may only choose to offer free shipping in, say, Sydney and Melbourne and say Brisbane If you do this, the gold badge will only appear for buyers located in those three cities. For everybody else located elsewhere, the logo will not appear. Now, next you need to offer same-day or one day handling time. Next, you need to offer an express option express option with a delivery option of one day. Now, express does not just mean Australia Post express post you can also use couriers instead of the postal system. Next you need to offer a minimum return policy of 30 days. Now, if you are top seller, rated and you meet all the criteria which I just discussed, the gold badge will instantly appear on the relevant listings. Another quick point however, it is not mandatory, however you should also upload tracking numbers within one business day. This protects you from being able to receive defect scores for late shipping. Now, it is important to realise that the eBay premium service badge is listing specific. By that, I mean it will only show on your listings that meet the criteria. You might have 2 or 2000 plus listings however it will only show on the listings which meet all the criteria. That’s all for this week No matter where you’re watching this, whether it’s on Facebook, or on my YouTube channel, or on my blog NeilWaterhouse.com, please scroll on down and leave a comment, if you know somebody who might find this video useful, please give me a share. Until next week guys, list more, sell more, this is Neil Waterhouse

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