eBay | Why adding subtitles makes your listings stand out | Listing Optimisation ep 2 UK
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eBay | Why adding subtitles makes your listings stand out | Listing Optimisation ep 2 UK

If you sell in eBay categories or sub-categories with a lot of competition, including a subtitle could help your listing to stand out. Here’s why… For some types of products, it’s usual to see additional information in the subtitles. Subtitles give you extra space where you can ‘sell’ your product. Shoppers see it under your title when they visit your listing. If they’re browsing on a desktop, they also see it on search results pages. Many people use it to show extra information about the product. Others use it to advertise free postage, that they’re a UK based seller or anything else they think matters to customers. Adding a subtitle is a listing upgrade. So, there is an extra fee to pay if you decide to use one. Check your eBay Shop subscription level because a listing upgrade credit may be available. It’s worth checking other listings in your category or sub-category to see whether your competitors are using them. If they are, it could be time to consider adding subtitles to your listings. Find out when new tips are published. Subscribe to our channel on YouTube and click the bell icon to enable notifications. YouTube’ll let you know as soon as new videos are available.


  • Young Entrepreneur

    Can we get opted back in please? I accidentally clicked the link to go back to the old version and we prefer the new version even though we can't archive multiple orders at once on it.
    Please Ebay Please i contacted support multiple times but they don't know what i'm talking about Please help .

  • N Ha

    Just checked our eBay shop and the charge to add a Subtitle is an extra £1.20 per item. Is this correct??? It's a non starter??!!

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