Echo Loop hands-on: Amazon’s smart ring
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Echo Loop hands-on: Amazon’s smart ring

– Hey everybody I’m here again
at Amazon’s Hardware Event, and I have on my finger
this big, ol’ thing here which is the Amazon Echo Loop. It is Alexa in a little,
tiny, ring on your finger. And if you look at it here it’s titanium, it has a brushed,
diamond-like finish on it. I think it looks okay, but I also have a wedding
ring that’s brushed metal, so there you go. It’s sort of like a
really nerdy, class ring if you think about it. Now, this looks pretty big, but it’s actually the extra large size. It also comes in large, medium, and small, and they will send you
some plastic demo rings to see if it fits you. All that aside, the point
is that this is Alexa. And the way it works is there’s a little button on the inside, and when you tap it, you
feel a little vibration that tells you that Alexa’s listening and you ask it a question. And then you hold it up to your ear, and she speaks back to you. And to use it, you really
kind of want to be like (mumbles) and then you listen to it. It’s not like you got it down
here and you just talk to it. It really is sort of
like whispering to Alexa. This thing can do a few other things. You can set a favorite contact in the app and if you double tap the button, it will actually call it and
you take the call on your ring. I think that Alexa sounds a
little bit tin-y on this ring, so I wouldn’t recommend having
a long call on this ring. Probably wouldn’t recommend
having a long call either because we don’t know if
the battery would stand up to something super long. Amazon says that it lasts about a day with intermittent use throughout the day, but if you were just taking a long call it would probably die eventually. The ring will also give you notifications, and you know it’s going to all over, it’ll just be a vibration, you can’t customize the
vibration per notification, but at least you’ll
know you got something, you can go look at your phone. It cost $179.99 eventually, but it has a launch price of $129.99, but it’s only available
in limited quantities. Hey everybody so much for watching. Are you interested in a
ring that has Alexa on it that you can whisper secrets
to your tiny, little, robot? Let me know in the comments, and also keep an eye for lots
more videos from The Verge at the same time.


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