eCommerce Tutorial: How To Do Remarketing by Email
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eCommerce Tutorial: How To Do Remarketing by Email

– Hi there, it’s David from
MisterECommerce and Snapshop, the smartphone app that makes
product photography easy. And I’m answering my user’s question today about remarketing by email. There’s a lot of ways you can do that. First there’s the abandoned cart emailing that you could do. If you want to have good examples of that, go on, it’s a guide that has
the Shopify web store, and his abandoned cart
emails are really incredible. You can also use like other comments on this thread have said. You can also use MailChimp automation. For that you have to go
in the goal tracking. So it will allow you to send an email a day after somebody visited one or many of your pages on your website. And there’s another
thing you could look at. It’s called Shoelace. It’s the Shopify app, Shoelace. S-H-O-E-L-A-C-E dot com. It’s an app that will allow you to have retargeting on autopilot. So retargeting on email, Facebook, and other channels like that. So thanks for watching. Please share this video to
other E-Commerce retailers that might need help
for remarketing by email or other stuff like that. Please visit our website It’s the smart phone app that makes product photography easy. Have a great day.

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