Fidget Spinner From Amazon & Flipkart. INDIA.
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Fidget Spinner From Amazon & Flipkart. INDIA.

Hello Friends Welcome to RD Tube My name is Rohan And today I’m going to tell you about Fidget Spinner Which is very Popular nowadays Friends,Two weeks back i had purchased Three fidget spinners One from Amazon, One from flipkart and one from a local shop So, from two weeks i’m using them and today i will describe what changes take place in them so let’s start Friends, Fidget spinner is a toy that relieves stress and helps to concentrate We have to hold it in this way And spin like this Fidget spinner was invented in 1990’s and became popular in 2017 This chart is based on it’s popularity from Jan 2017 to May 2017 So friends these are my Fidget spinners This one i bought from flipkart for 130 Rupees Its completely made up of Metal only it’s caps are made from plastic Friends, This spinner looks different in reality when compared with the picture Some changes in this spinners are the color of it’s rings is coming out which result in Rusting of these rings This second spinner i bought from Amazon for 170 rupees This one is also made from metal but got a plastic covering It’s caps are made from plastic This one is exactly same as shown in the picture There are no changes in this spinner so if you are thinking to buy a fidget spinner, this one is the best This third one i bought from a local shop for 250 rupees This one looks attractive because of its golden color but it’s color is coming out from it’s sides And it’s rings have started rusting Link given in Description


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