• Anne Marie Malmquist

    Tara thank you for showing the temper tantrum with Shay and talking about it. I have been watching your videos for a while now and I love them but I just started questioning how your 2 year old behaves so much better than mine. My daughter is the exact same age as Shay and she has meltdowns on her way home from daycare probably 3-4 times a week & doesn’t want to come inside either. I would watch your videos and I’m like “how does Shay seem so well behaved ALL the time?!” And I questioned if my daughter was behind! It’s crazy how we do that as parents. Thanks for showing real life! 🙂


    Oh man, Yes.
    I actually only feel stressed when he’s home.
    I don’t feel that way when it’s just me and the kids.

  • Journey to Goddess

    I've been having SUCH a hard time transitioning to having 2 kids…my 2 year old son seems to be having a tough time too because his tantrums have increased SIGNIFICANTLY since my 1 month old daughter's been home 😭 This vlog and you opening up to us might have been tough for you to post but I appreciate it sooo much at a time like this when I've been feeling so alone, lost, like things will never reach a "perfect" routine in my household…now I know I just have to enjoy the NEAR-perfect moments, not full days cause I sure was fooled…I thought your girls were angels 24/7!! I thought I was doing something very wrong with his upbringing 😅

  • papaapple93

    Tara you are such a fantastic and marvelous mother to the sweetest children on the planet. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful vlog as all your vlogs are amazing and you’re so inspirational

  • Dalar Zahrabi

    This is one of the best and most realistic vlogs I’ve seen lately. You are so right, it’s almost like it’s more work when they are home. You are a badass.

  • Reem Ali

    يعجبني هدوءك عندما يبكي أطفالك على عكسي ، أعتقد أنتي أم أفضل مني بكثير رغم أني زوجي يساعدني بالكثير داخل المنزل 😊🌸🍃💙💚

  • cristtina pontes

    totaly understand the same for me. mom of 2 and puppy and i will get everything done when I am alone with kids 😉

  • mayar ebead

    I love u so much Tara , and I hope you see my comment ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • heartfull92

    Haven’t watched in a while but congrats on the new baby and puppy. Just a question: Is the harness supposed to be that way? It seems I’ll-fitting and looks uncomfortable for the pup.

  • syeda fatima

    Hey I like watching your vlogs 🤩 they’re so motivating 👍🏻 can you name which vitamins are you giving to your daughter ?

  • Kelly sumey

    I don't know how you do it because you are the best!! And how do you stand all three kids and the puppy when Adam isn't home to help you. And I have no idea how you get everything done from the time the kids and Chloe get up till you go to bed for the night. And I have no idea how you get everything in order when one of the kids is having a tantrum during the day.

  • Juani Vargas

    Girl, I get you same here when my husband doesn't work I get mad if he doesnt help me around the house lol and most the time I dont finish everything so your not alone

  • bee bee boo

    M i only the one.. Who sometimes just feel extreme lazy n doesn't do dishes on time😭😭😭 seeing Tara i feel like m not a gud mom not a gud homemaker.. Is anyone like me?? 😭😭

  • Bright side

    أنا لا أعرف من سيقرأ تعليقي ولكن ل

    الله يفرج همك إذا اشتركتو وكتبتو تم 😍😘

    وشوفو محتويات القناة ✨✨

  • Jodie Summers

    As Chloe gets older and taller you should look in to an elevated bowl for her so along the line she doesn’t have any neck issues. I learned that the hard way with my chocolate Labrador.Just my opinion but it’ll be a good thing to think about💕

  • sas2791

    I completely understand when you say it’s better without hubby. I feel like the kids act differently with my husband and when it’s just me things go more smoothly. But you’re doing such a great job keep up the great work.

  • Mona Al Shami

    You have great taste in choosing your music , I totally relate to you about if your spouse at home , and you are a great mama .

  • Samantha Kirk

    Yes I am exactly like you on doing it all on my own! It’s like I want it done a certain way at a certain time and when my husband is home it’s always so hard to get stuff done! He always thinks it’s easier and sometimes it is but for the most part, the house is more of a wreck and I can’t get in my zone! I like being able to work alone so I completely agree with you

  • Amanda Rice

    Would love if you share your girls favorite foods n foods that are hard to get them to eat favorite snacks or dinners "what they eat in a day" type thing and also if you have a sound machine in their rooms or tips tricks on how you do a bedtime routine thank you for being so real love your channel and I am a fellow mom who struggles with getting it all done especially when my husband is home and mabey doesn't help as I expect thank you this video gave me some mommy motivation…ps also your son is absolutely adorable

  • katrina Scolpini

    Have you even taken the girls to the library? Our library gives the kids there own library cards an the kids think it’s The coolest thing. Also with the meltdown that’s a private thing. An who ever judges you shouldn’t

  • Brittany Rachelle

    Hi there! My name is Brittany and I just started my channel. I have 3 boys yes 3 little men lol! I’m nursing my youngest too and it can get pretty crazy here too but also a lot of fun! Love your channel your a great mom!


    هلو تاره احبكي انتم عائلة جميلة ومشوقة احسنت النشر روووووووعه مااحلاكي ام حيدر العراق 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏✋✋✋✋🥳🤗☺️😚👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🤹‍♂️💏💑😄💚⚘🌺🌹😘😍⚘⚘⚘⚘🌺🌺🌹🌹💚😆😂🤣😄😅😘🤗🤩🥰😚☺️😎

  • Michelle Rounsville

    I 1000% know what you are talking about! I am the EXACT SAME WAY! I swear they throw everything off when they are home lol. Yet when they are away, we want them home then when they are home, we need them to leave! lol

  • christina blaine

    So I know that this video was made 3 days ago but I was on fb and saw something that might help all the commenters and mom's haha

  • Madeline Morales

    Your videos are so calming. You remind me to take it easy and be calm in motherhood ❤

    ps. I totally get how you feel when you mentioned Adam getting back to his normal routine. I feel the same way!!

  • Cassandra Funk

    I can completely understand what you saying with the hubby being home. When our 3rd baby was born he was in a different state so it was just me 24/7 and I got everything done plus some. Now we had our 4th born and he works overnight shifts 5 days a week and sleeps during the day so it just me and I get wayyy more done than when he has days off. We deff feel empowered and put our supermom capes on. Great job momma.

  • Nisa 813

    I know adults who have meltdowns. 😒 you are home getting three little ones to go outside every morning you do what you have too.

  • Stephanie Salan

    finally! I really implore you to make more videos like this: where you actually show some of the struggles of having a toddler. usually we dont see any of this and its just not at all relatable. I think we get so much more out of seeing the reality, how you deal with it, and feeling like we are not alone. these mommy vloggers who show nothing but their perfect life with their perfect kids is kind of unhealthy to compare yourself to.

  • Monika Martin

    Today was this kinda day for us! Perfect day to watch and see it’s rough for all of us mamas sometimes and we’re all winging it! 💕

  • Gabby

    I love my husband but when he’s home and not on the boat he’s in my way and my anxiety and motivation are like 😒 who are you and why are you here lol but nicely put

  • Gabby

    I love my husband but when he’s home and not on the boat he’s in my way and my anxiety and motivation are like 😒 who are you and why are you here lol but nicely put

  • karma saleh

    انا لست جيدة في كتابة الانجليزيه لهذا سأكتب لكي بلعربي انا من الشرق الأوسط فأنتي ام مثاليه احيكي ولا تستلمي ثابري فانا احيانا ينفذ صبري من اطفالي ولكن لابد الام تكون صبورة جدا

  • Veronica Smith

    Dog harness looks like it's on wrong. Try putting the metal rings on top between her shoulders . I have a similar harness and its confusing but that should work !

  • Hilde Moonen

    Goodmorning Tara 😍. Can I ask you something please? I really love your pink slippers you often use at your beautiful home and I want to know if it maybe is possible to link them please? I know you have linked them before but I do not know anymore witch video that was…thank you so very much 😘😘😘

  • Xoxo, Rachel

    I love your videos! You're such a great and patient mama! Btw, your diaper bag is adorable! ❤

    ♡♡♡ I'm a small YouTuber 🍁👻
    I upload every Sunday and Tuesday!

  • Stacie Stidham

    Your very real something we just don’t see much anymore. This is your outlet if you reach for the camera to film your emotions and your trials your reaching out for support and we’re here for you to cry and vent because us mothers that have been there understand and have been in your shoes enough to sympathise. ((Hugs)) your doing the hardest most important job ever❤️

  • Priscilla Sanchez

    Your such a great momma. Keep it up girl. Love the girls and Grayson so much. Love seeing yalls days. I totally get why you don’t share the meltdowns but don’t feel like your blasting their “bad” behavior. Who cares if and when they have a tantrum. Your not perfect nor do you try to be. Your just like every other beautiful hard working momma. So proud of the mom you are Tara. Your such an inspiration love. God bless your entire family.

  • Priscilla Sanchez

    I have that puzzle for my son and he loves it! He’s 3yo autistic nonverbal but he absolutely loves this puzzle and some many more.

  • sister0105

    Who cares if your daughter has a meltdown? Means she is normal🤗 also makes me feel like it’s not just my kid!! But I get it, they need some privacy.

  • Francesca Andrawes

    You are my MOM HERO 😍 I only have 2 kids and I am a constant mess 😢 youf vlogs are SO motivating ❤ you are a huge inspiration to me ❤ keep going mama 😚 oh and btw I do feel the same when my husband is home…I find my alone routine more structured 😅 lots of love 😘

  • Nicole V

    I totally 100% agree with not blasting your children online, but these “mom vlogs” and instagram accounts etc. are sometimes really unrealistic and make us regular moms feel like our real lives are a mess, it’s misleading. Although I do enjoy watching sometimes I just can’t help but feel like I’m just watching a show.

  • MacKenzie Clark

    I feel the exact same way, my husband has been home for a couple of months and goes back to work Monday and I can NOT WAIT to have my normal back!!!!!!

  • showtimesynergy

    oh my gosh! what you said about your husband being home is so true! For me, I find that on weekends it's crazier because he's home, but when we get into the week, I do much better!

  • Push Mak B

    Grayson looks so much like Adam, and he is so adorable and sweet.

    ❤️❤️❤️ all the way from 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦!

  • Sarah Beattie

    Life with 3 – I also have 3 and it's super busy and chaotic but I wouldn't trade it for anything. your kids are gorgeous!

  • Ritu Yadav

    Hey I'm your big fan n your family. My daughter is six year's old n she every time watching your videos. She saying mama wahata lovely family she like your famliy

  • Paige Young

    Yes, I agree with how you describe having hubby home versus when he’s at work. When you are expecting them to help and they don’t completely meet your expectations, it can be frustrating. It’s not even like they’re doing anything wrong. It must be a SAHM thing..

  • Lisa Edwards

    You are rocking being a mama of 3 babe!!! I saw you using It cosmetics…love?! Also I feel the same way when my hubby is home too! It’s like you have this routine down and as much as you love them home it kinda throws it off 🤣🤣 have a good week! Xo

  • Alicia Clevenger

    I don't know if I'm just seeing things or not but is the puppy's harness on the wrong way? I though the leash clips goes on the their back between the shoulder blades.

  • الحمدلله استغفرالله

    You are a perfect mother and good will be proud of your children when they grow up being Christy your life for them … you are a wonderful example and I wish you success and happiness also thank you from the heart because you facilitated us video in Arabic we love you from Saudi Arabia we love you

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