Flipkart aur Amazon ne Dukandar k Pet Pe Maari Laat? | FDI in Retail
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Flipkart aur Amazon ne Dukandar k Pet Pe Maari Laat? | FDI in Retail

Hello friends my name is Sahil Khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we gonna to talk about FDI in retail. first of all let’s understand what is FDI? FDI full form is Foreign Direct Investment so if foreign direct investment comes under retail sector then what will happen let’s understand FDI properly if I wanna to do a business and it requires capital,so from where I would get I can ask my friend,banks or may be I could make my business public sector and ask the public for the capital or may be in different way I can ask for money If I receive capital from outside of the country so that is FDI that means we invested money directly from foreign this is Foreign Direct Investment so in retail sector if we get FDI then what will happen all the road side shops let’s suppose they are doing normal business for their need and if a big company enters in market like walmart with 100% FDI means whatever money do they have will be they gonna to invest in India to gain a market share so they will open there store everywhere and will tend to increase there popularity everywhere due to this all people will buy from there and the rest all the small stores will die due to no customer arrival because walmart will be selling with a better price margin margin means if you are buying a cold drink for example and the small store are selling at Rs 60 and in walmart you will be getting at Rs 50 then why you will not go there due to this all the small shopes story will eventually end and in our country there is a lot of small shopes are availabe there eventully lose there jobs due to this there is a hole lot of problems are going on FDI what people are saying that if FDI will come in India then it will invent British Raj all the foreign will invent in India and we will be just playing like a puppet before them so logically the one whose business modal is good will tend to run better this is wrong thinking about this in our country Big Bazaar is also there Big Bazaar too is doing the same thing big bazaar is from our country,but no one questions them now we take a FDI logic I wanna to buy a mobile phone but in our country that level and of that price that phone isn’t available foe example so what we do is we open a company in our country so now from where we gonna to receive money and government too is not providing to us. so here suppose a company enters MI and build a company with 100% FDI means invest as much you can no problem so they will employ people of our country as outsiders will require more amandities to live this will tend to rise in there expances so what will you do,you employ people near to you,that will decrease their expenses and ultimately your employment will increase the small stores whose jobs are declining here they are getting ok let’s talk another tropic let’s assume in our country there is no money,you know our country is deficit economy deficit economy means we have a more expenses and less is the income this is deficit economy,so if we have a deficit economy so every year we are going under a loss and if we invest in there then ultimately we will be in the loss if a company is surplus,a country where there is a lot of money is there and if they comes in our country then and installs a factory,then what will happen,the demand will tend to rise and the MI phones will too be sold out of the country it’s not like it will be sold only on india and do this it may become a hub for the production all the big companies may started to come in india and start to produce here with the production indirectly people like us will get the jobs here demand will tend to rise after we will be a market leader we say that china is the king china is the king of production because china is the production hub government invested there but our government does not have that much to invest in production so what government is think we receive money via FDI so they will invest in india and we will utilize it to do anything now to will be knowing do FDI retail is good for us not not so what government did is they said to investor to come with 100% FDI in india with a single product line means a company which is selling only one product so you can come here and invest using 100% FDI you won’t be selling different brands in retail FDI is 51% only and if you want more than that then you need to follow some legal process which is right now leave it but 100% if you want then you need to focus on single brand and that brand must be same throw out the world like in our country why they did this take for examples sifora any X brand this X brand is very successful in US and now it comes in India with 100% FDI so it will destroy our market take ideally,whatever may be the company which is working on a single brand or single retail channel that will differentiate or thay do cost leadership let me understand if you don’t remember differentiate or cost leadership then differentiate means we provide a thing which is completely different in the market and for that we will charge money accordingly foe example iphone after differentiate there is cost leadership cost leadership means I will provide a service which is given by all service provider but I will be providing on less price like MI is doing like real meone is doing so you tall me if a company is coming to India with single FDI,single brand so will they do differentiation or cost leadership if they will do cost leadership then it will fail you have to open a big store and many more and will be selling one type of brand which may be not profitable,so ideally things that are going you took differentiation company with this there would be a good business environment for us all will think that this country is nice,here we can invest FDI so for outside we will be receiving more investment that same thing was going on when Modi ji became prime minister that I will bring FDI in this and that till now we are hearing it and no action,if it comes then there will be a huge transformation in our country and its logicall,we won’t get money hand on hand,it takes time.That’s way they are saying we will implement next year next year..till next year we has a hope let’s assume I am a company ans I have a lot of money and I invested in India,so next year if other government comes in then my all investment may get destroy the new government would say we didn’t mentioned 100% FDI scheme so go from here so what do they do is they implement the current rules and the next time your government comes in we will give the money to the government so that we too could earn some profit so this is the logic so you tell me is FDI is good bad or it would bring British Raj will we become poor or will our country will become rich or will the small store will end up or will increase in their profit or maybe walmart will employ the small store guys for the same salary because they have a experience they do know about market, no one knows it’s for example that it may happen we don’t know what walmart will do if we take under 100% FDI for example sp with this our video ends here,hope you liked the video I used to get a lot of comment for this,so I made a video as per your request bye good night,good morning whenever you are watching the video.


  • Avinash Jain

    FDI is not beneficiary for India. It's means FDI aaya to all business man out of India ke….. Or all servent India ke ……. Acha hota aap yadi India ke logo ko business tips do taki voo apna brand foreign country me chla sake………

  • Anindya Chatterjee

    51% bhi nhi hona chaiye, 25-30% Tak thik Hai. investment bhi aayega aur deshi ownership bhi rahega. saman 70% deshi small & medium scale production company(of Desi owner) hona chahiye un retailer ke paas. & the most important thing -100% FDI in food processing must be reduced to 25-30% only. tab badhega economy in real sense ~

  • pulkit gupta

    Sir lekin isse desh ka paisa bahar jaata hai aur jab ye companies jayada ho jayengi toh gdp pe bhi affect padega iska.

  • Tanuj Jain

    100% Fdi Nhi ani chahiye kyoki bahr ki companies itni bdi he ki vo india me thoda boht production ho rha he vo bhi khtm ho jayega
    Walmart world ki sbse bdi retail company he vo itna saste me maal le ayegi ki kirana stores valo ko dhnda bnd krna hoga us ek company ki investment ke liye lakho logo pr frk pdega

  • kuldeep Choudhary

    FDI kitne logo ko rozgar dega 1000,2000,5000,10000 ya 20000 lekin ye dekho kitne log berozgar honge isse, lakho dukan walo ki rozi roti chin jaiyegi.

  • Himanshu Bhati

    The companies in US gets loan at very less interest rate like 4-6 % but in India u cannot think of getting the business loan at such rate.
    For the time being, FDI in MANUFACTURING sector is needed in order to counter trade deficit, eventually it will also lead to some Indians to setup the Manufacturing units.
    A country becomes stronger with indigenous companies not with foreign help.

    Kind regards

  • Rahul Pahuja

    Liked all your videos but Bhai tumhari logical baat k kaaran dukandaar naukar banjayega aur kabhi aagey nahi bad payega

  • Tahir Husain

    FDI Mai job krne se Acha hai ke apni shop khol lo full freedom hogi koi boss ka pressure nhi hoga or agar FDI Mai job kroge toh salary hogi maximum 8000rs bs or Naukar rahoge FDI ke or boss ka pressure b hoga isse zyada toh apni shop se kama loge

  • मोदी चोर है

    मोदी वर्किंग फोर अडानी, अम्बानी एंड वालमार्ट।

  • greatidea11

    Actually the title of the video is misleading. FDI is very much beneficial to India as a country and it's a great strategy by Modi ji and previous governments. As you said, foreign companies invest their own funds, so they own the risk of their business success or failure. Also when they compete with local players, they will want to reduce the competitors, and in doing so they buy the local Indian companies either 100% or a major share, again increasing incoming funds to the country and to local businesses. This also helps in appreciating the Ruppee's value against respective foreign country's currencies.

  • Admiral Blu

    You missed a very important..
    You always care about some ineffecient shopkeepers without thinking that millions of people will get their groceries cheaper everyday which will add up to a massive savings for middle class..
    Yes a few will loose their job but over all gains will be much higher. Many of their products which are unavailable in local store can be ordered online directly, increasing tax collection..

  • Aditya Apte

    Bhai FDI ki vakalat karne wale sirf supply / operations or efficiency ki baat karte hain. Are bhai par koi yeh kyun nahi samjhta ki agar aaj ke hamare existing retail market ka jo bhi x size hain, woh relatively inelastic hain. Ab usimein hissa banane badi macchliyan ayegi, to definitely hamari existing aggrigate business par bura hi asar padne vala hain. Aur dusari cheez FDI ka motive kya hoga? Koi difference ke liye kyun India mein invest karega? Jo bhi outsourcing (kaam ya investment both) hamesha cost cutting basis pe hi hoti ayi hain. China bhi global market cost cutting basis par hi penetrate kar paya tha…. Ab China ki aaj ki stagnency ka raaz usi mein hain.

  • Vishal Malik

    Bhai 10 crores lagayege to 20 crores leke bhi jayege India se… Bharat ko fir se Gulam/Naukar bana dege… Paisa sirf aate hue hi accha lagta hai…


    I always Try to Follow Some of your rules but We are on Flipkart & Amazon. Flipkart ko dubne me jyada samay nahi lagega agar COD band ho jaye to..

  • Heet Vora

    Sirji, aap ground level pe aake dekho , market ki halat bahot hi kharab hai. I am in business of garments abhi Gujarat mein navratri hai ,hamari season kehlati this before 4 years but abhi koi aata hi nai hai . Pata nai chal ra hai Kya hua hai . I think this is all because e-commerce and giant malls.

  • SharmaG amazing facts

    100 %fdi retail मे बहुत खतरनाक ह

    लेकिन manufacturing मे बहुत बढ़िया ह

  • Sanju FullMovie

    Acchi hei, India govt. neto business ke liye bara invest nehi deta, ye sab company bohot invest krke company ko khara kr dete hei

  • Tutun Shaw

    FDI ayaga to manufacture sactor PE ayye…aur use becha jai normal chain businesses k uper…taki dukan dar VI sahi rahe aur manufacture vi ho..

  • Md Niyaz Hussain

    Bc fdi sirf employee banne ke liye hai dusre country ke gulam banne ke liye hai. Lekin mere jaise soch rakhne wale insaan kabhi fdi ko support nahi karega. Kyun ke mei apne aap me boss hun. Kisi ki gulami mujhe bardast nahii…

  • Info india

    hamra govt chutiya hai, india me manufacturing ko badana chaiye startup ko promote and govt se help aana chaiye jaisa us china me hota hai , aur hamare chor govt help karna to dur uopar se dalal neta log ghus mangata hai , ghanta kuch hoga india me, rajnikant ke boss movie jaisa


    humare government ke pass statue of unity ke liye paisa h…vijay malya,adani,jaise bade raeeso ko loan dene ke liye paisa h lekin yaha ke logo ko dene ke liye paisa nahi h..great..

  • Kunal Gaurhar

    Fdi may be bad for us… since it kills the local innovation and entrepreneurship…..why are we always dependent on fdi for more jobs…we can do stuffs on our own..

  • Yusuf Shaikh

    Sahil bhai..Jab sab kuch Online bikne lageka toh desh ke sare shopkipper ko apna business chodkar Job krni padegi ..aise karke sare shop band ho jayenge. ..

  • mayur sasane

    Fdi is not good for our country bcz of this indian businessman try to business but MNCs are kill there business and money goes out of india

  • Vikas Chauhan

    Wrong decision bhai mere ek to rupee low chal rha hai…or offline wale bahut lootey hain, aisa karne se b kuch nh hone wala saara bojj aam admi par he aata hai. or malya jase log or Jin logo ka loan maff hota udhar to yr kuch nh kar Patti ye Govt. Phr inko aam log he dikhty hai lootne k liye.

  • B.P.Bhatta

    First to India k market kharap karne k liye wo log saste mai dega . But after some period of time jab India mai sab retail shop bandh hoga tab wo log apna monopoly suru karega .

  • ansari naved akhtar

    O bhai paagal ho kya kya bewakoof bana rai ho app is fdi k ane se hamara desh k sare bhai bahan loog naukar he banege or jo baat ki h apne k hume jobs milege agr me apko batadu to job b wahe milege jisme apko earning utne hogi jisse bs app apna pet kaat maat kar bhar sakoo or jo investment yaha hogi osse onhe profit hoga jo hamare country ki economy h or b affected ho jayege so bhai brain wash nai karoo public ka jab ki jo earning kar rai h jo fund rotatae ho raha h coubtry ka country me vo b band ho jayega sab beroojgaar or ho jayenge so plzz dont b brain wash of all are

  • Tech Jagran

    To bhai apne waalon ko kisne roka hai online sell karne ke liye.. Jab hum log jaate hain dukandaaron ke paas ki apni website banwa lo to unke jawab bade ajeeb hote hain.. Bhai… Ye apne wale khud badalne ko taiyaar nhi hain..

  • fashionista

    India ke eik diwali ke 10 rs ki light bhi chaina se late hai.kya ukhar lega humre desh ke yougstar pata nai.koshish v nahi hai or na business karneka achha mahol

  • ashish kriplani

    अमेजॉन की वजह से कितने लोगों को भारत में नौकरी मिली?

    पर उसकी वजह से कितने व्यापारी बेरोजगार बनते जा रहे हैं?

    Amazon छोटे दुकानदार से कम रेट में माल बेच रहा है जो छोटे दुकानदार को जो रेट में आता है उससे भी कम इससे छोटे दुकानदार वाले बेरोजगार बनते जा रहे हैं।

    अभी छोटे दुकानदार जैसे कि इलेक्ट्रॉनिक चीज पर करोड़ों व्यापारी बेरोजगार बनते जा रहे हैं उतनी अमेजॉन जॉब क्रिएट कर पाया है????

  • Shivam Rohilla

    These giants had destroyed small retailer in their country also, but due to their economy, minimum wages , they sustained.
    In india with high population, it will be not pleasent.

  • Aditya Patil

    Guys Humare yaha ke chote businessmen ki soch hey ki chotasa karobar laga liya chaar paise kama lenge vo upne bussines ko apne tk hi simit rakh letehe or Kuch nahi
    Vahi China ki baat kre to vo Bohot jyada pemaneme pdroducts build kr patehe

  • Omprakash Gupta

    Maza aayega usne takar lene me aane do. Reliance wala bhi flipkart,amazon ,ko khatm karne ki koshish me lga hai.

    Ab dekhna ye hai ki reliance kya karti hai.

  • games king

    भाई पब्लिक सेंटर कंम्पनी बनाने के लिए लाइसेंस कैसे बनवाए

  • nasik hossain

    Bro desh golam ho jaye ga
    O bidesi log paise k aleba kuch samajta ta nehi jada jan kari k lia rajiv dixit ji k video deklo


    is video ko dekh kar aur esa lag rha hai ki ab to digital online business hi krna hai aur dusre desh me bhi gusna hai

  • Arvind kumar

    agar 1 shopkeeper 10th pass hai, ur vo abhi earn kar raha hai 20k – 25k, to kaun se company 10th pass ko itna degi..ur vo shopkeeper apni shop ka malik to hga but company me nokar bankr rahega

  • samidha singh

    can you please tell me where you explained about differentiation in products. I want to rewatch that vdo.

  • ashish kriplani

    singel brand fdi sahi hai..baki multi brand fdi ya retail me fdi sahi nahi hai sahil bhai

    kyuki compny sirf chand logo ko noukri degi..jaise lakho ko naukri degi par karodo vyapari berozgar ho jayege..

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