• Cervere Hush

    Steal Deals get updated. The video shows the updated deals at 10:00 A.M this happened by 10:03. The deals page you saw in the video is at 10:13 only (When the recording is done)

  • Rahul Ghanate

    The StealDeals page doesn't get update quickly, but the product page shows outofstock.
    Their servers are busy selling all products, and the OfferPage is not updated that quickly.
    I guess those items are sold within 1-2 minutes.

  • Dheeraj Mohan

    I had a more worse situation I had woke up at 7 waiting for the billion day anxiously the moment they opened it i went straight at the rs 900 lumia offer I finished the checkout by 8:02 i even saw the order placed page in my app but when i saw my orders list its gone there was nothing 8:02 too late come on guys now tell for more info got to mcdhee.blogspot.in its me who has written this letter. I felt very unhappy with it

  • bonny72

    I managed to get tablet for Rs. 99 in to my kart at morning 8.03am but in few seconds it was automatically removed itself. I am a regular buyer of flipkart, very strange

  • The Sage Mind

    Flipkart is shi*t of dam*n. Bokacho+da flipkart. kutt:a jakhon kichu dite parbi na, takhaon fake jinis sajie rakhis kano?

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