Flipkart Mobile Hackday

hi welcome to the kickoff video for the mobile hack day, and since this is a mobile hack day, we are shooting it using a mobile we’re gonna talk to the past years winners and see what their experience was in the hackday how they went about with an idea and the hack relax, we’re not gonna have you listen to
everybody we just have one person talking to you
about his experience last year Hi, my name is Dipanjan. I participated in last year hackathon and … we won the most innovative hack so, about how to get ideas; one of the things we tried was building new interactions to existing systems for e.g, our thing was called “minority report”, what we did was there was a lot data right, to navigate but we didnt have anything which did not involved a keyboard or a mouse. So what we did was, we built a system with something called a Leap motion controller which allows you to use your hand gestures to navigate through data that was essentially “minority report” for you what we understood from the start was do not build the world out in 24 hours, so just start with thinking about what the demo will be like and just build components that are required explicitly for the demo and dont build anything more than that right and just remember that proof of concepts need not be feature complete. They can just give an essence of what your are trying to build. And if possible, get feedback early. go to your friends and tell that this is what I am building, show them what you have built so far, and just tell them ask them for more feedback you know. And incorporate it as soon a possible. It will lead to a better hack, definitely. So, on my experience, it was an immense amount of condensed fun. I have not had so much fun in such a short time. We exceeded our expectations blatantly I would say. I had no idea that we could build so much out in such short span of time and was really great fun being able to that and delivering on what you thought you could and also the next days sleep, the ware hunt sleep is just brilliant you know , you wake up absolutely refreshed, so to end I would just like to say just participate and everything else probably fall into place

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