Flipkart Plus VS Amazon Prime  |  Explained in Tamil
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Flipkart Plus VS Amazon Prime | Explained in Tamil

Welcome to Wise Explain In this video I’m gonna talk about Flipkart Plus – A competitor for Amazon Prime FLIPKART PLUS Lets See about Amazon Prime first Perk of Amazon Prime User: If you are Amazon Prime User Imagine that You are Ordering Phone or watch or some stuff Normally you will get in 3 or 4 Business days But if you are an amazon prime user You will get it within HOURS like 3 or 4 hrs. it will be delivered In some ciities there is express delivery like it will be delivered in 2 hrs So this will be only for prime users Other than this There is Amazon Music Amazon Prime. You can see Movies , Series of all languages. Other than that. There are many Exclusive contents available for Prime Video Many Exclusive Contents like English Series and Movies etc. Many Tamil Movies Like Kaala are also available now a days. You can watch those So what should you do to become a AMAZON PRIME USER? Pay the Subscription fees Starting from 129/month If you Pay this amount You will be an AMAZON PRIME USER Now What is FLIPKART PLUS? It’s similar to Amazon Prime But Unlike prime There is different procedure to become a FLIPKART PLUS user. There is small and easy Procedure for that You have to Earn 50 Credits If you do , You will Become a FLIPKART PLUS user So how to earn?? For Every 250 Rs Equivalent items you are buying , you will get 1 credit If its 500 you will get 2 credits and so on If you continue to earn in the same manner and Get 50 credits Then you can become FLIPKART PLUS There is an Small Restriction in it You cannot get 50 credits in a single attempt by Buying an item for 12500 Only 10 Credits can be earned in a single transaction That is. If you buy an item for Rs 2500. You will get 10 credits Suppose you buy for Rs 3000, you wont get 12 credits. You will get only 10 credits If you want to become a flipkart plus user soon. Buy Rs 2500 equivalent items for 10 times. You will get 50 Credits So What are the Perks of FLIPKART PLUS user??? Flipkart Plus users will be given preference over others. Like Faster Delivery and other than that Preference during offer periods Some Stocks will be reserved for flipkart plus users. Like “FLIPKART PLUS users” only So you will be having an edge over others And like Prime Video Flipkart dont have any Video App So they join with HotStar 1 Yr Free PREMIUM Content HotStar has also exclusive Series and Movies content You can Become Zomato Gold user In these you can get free vouchers whenever you want Amazon Prime has its strong hold in India since 2016. So Let’s wait and see How Flipkart Plus gives competition Thanks for Watching.


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