Flipkart !!! WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY FROM FLIPKART ‘s Seller ( Name in the video ) #Ei_Manipuri_E
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Flipkart !!! WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY FROM FLIPKART ‘s Seller ( Name in the video ) #Ei_Manipuri_E

Hi ! Everyone I have been waiting for this product for such a long time, Abunao has also done a vlog on this product earlier the product delivered at that time wasn’t working, so i have requested for replacement, through Flipkart’s customer service after communicating customer care, they have finally made the replacement now lets find out if the product they have sent is working or not !!!! the packaging is not up to the mark now lets open this , using my Dad’s Fav. knife whenever i buy product online , I video record them at the time of unboxing asI have seen many fraud delivery cases, and recording during unboxing is always helpful as proof Inside the box they have some paper works offer or some advertisement from Myntra hmm , the product sent earlier were also like this and the 1st product they have sent wasn’t working This packaging style isn’t same with the one they have sent earlier feels like the product sent earlier was far better ( with respect to box quality ) now lets keep the box aside see the quality on the box this looks like a used product the seal wasn’t open , lets open it and find out what’s inside now lets look at its cover gopro hero 2018, 10 Mp , video recording at 1080 60p, 10 meter water resistance the covers shows some details about the product actual Price of the product is Rs. 18,000/- but i bought it for Rs. 8999/- (during offer ) I bought it, thinking that the product is cheap and good but i knew now, why it is cheap lets hope this one works fine i think the battery might not be charged , lets see if it has some charge or not lets leave the box aside and focus on the product lets find out whats inside this here are some paper works sticker manually see, only plastic cover!! whats this for ? USB cable for charging the battery should be within the plastic cover usually for new product but its not so in this case anyway lets find out if the gopro is working on not these are the different types of mount I’m disappointed with Flipkart and I’m not going to order anything from them anymore In order to remove the gopro from the mount we need to open the rubber as shown in the video move the rubber upward , press the plastic part next to the rubber and slide it forward gopro looks like this without the mount yeah this is GoPro Hero 2018
time to remove the case cover this is how it is removed now push the gopro backward no adapter were provided with the gopro for charging so we need to make an arrangement for the adapter its always advisable to use a compatible adapter with the gopro battery this is how the battery is inserted this seems like a faulty product the battery slot is some what distorted very disappointed we need to insert a memory card to start/turn on the gopro this is how the memory card is inserted i got a feeling that this product is also a faulty piece now lets insert the battery some indication light should show up while we install the battery but its not showing in this case now lets turn it on hmmmm not working they sent me a defective piece i’ll share the seller’s name now name of the seller is TechConnect retail Private Ltd. now lets try charging the product lets see if it works after charging this is a compatible adapter 5.2 volt this is how it is charged this light should show every time when the battery isn’t full but it is not so in my case this was the same problem i have encountered earlier


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