Flute Expert explains why a $70 AMAZON flute is good and not

Hi, it’s Amelie. Today we’re going to do a follow-up video on the $70 flute by Eastar. It’s available on Amazon. And we have read a lot of comments (comments popping)
and questions about the flute, and we’re gonna address a couple of issues that people were wondering about. (melancholy music with flute) So the first thing is, people were wondering,
who is this flute for? So I think this flute is for
people who want to start, people of any age who
want to start the flute, but don’t necessarily want to
invest a lot in a first flute because flutes are pretty expensive, and so that can be a good
flute for those people. I think it’s great that
we have that availability of a $70 flute or $90
flute in the case of, they have another model
that has open holes, and this model is $90, and so those two are very inexpensive, and it allows people
to have access to music with a smaller budget. And I think it’s great
’cause it should be available for everyone to play an instrument, especially the flute
’cause I love the flute! So, (laughs) that’s who it should be for. Also, it could be a second flute for people who play
outdoors for some events, and don’t want to bring
their other flute outdoors, so that could be also an option. So some people were
wondering why the two flutes didn’t sound so different from each other, and I think it’s because
professional flutists can make pretty much any flute sound good, because we know how to compensate, and we notice right away
which note is a bit more weak, and then we’ll put a bit
more energy on that note. I don’t have to do that with my flute, so this flute is worth $70. My flute is worth approximately $9,000, so on my flute, I don’t have
to compensate for anything. Every note sounds good and
every note comes out easily. On this flute, there’s little leaks. We took care of a couple of
leaks with the screwdriver, but there’s still little
leaks, and I have to compensate when I play,
(bells chime) but I still can make it sound good. But even though it’s not a perfect flute, obviously, because of the price, it’s still playable, and
it’s still functioning. So for the same reason
I expressed earlier, it’s still a good choice for some people. Now I’m going to play a little excerpt both on this flute and on my flute, and we can compare both. (flute music) Now I will play something
faster and detached, ’cause the first excerpt
I did was legato and slow, so now I’ll start with the Eastar flute. And I’ll just play a G major scale. (flute music) I’ll stop here, and then with my flute. (flute music) So now that you’ve heard both examples, let me know in the
comments what you thought, of what were the differences. For me, the big difference
is in the amount of effort I have to put to get
the result that I want. Some people also wondered how
long this flute will last. I’m not sure exactly, ’cause
I’ve had it for one month only. What I think is that it’s not worth bringing to a repair shop, because the repair will probably cost more than the flute itself. It’s probably not worth replacing the pads once they’re worn out, so
once your pads are worn out, or it doesn’t play well anymore, I think that the life
of that flute is over. It will depend on how much you play on it, how well you take care of it, if you leave water getting to the pads, it will not be good for as
long as if you make sure it stays dry and and you
take good care of it. One thing that could be
interesting to do once the flute is worn out would
be to tear it down yourself, learn about the anatomy of the flute, maybe replace the pads yourself. It could be a good learning experience. So in summary, this flute
is not a great flute, but it’s playable. Don’t expect too much
from a flute that is $70, but it’s good for people who want to see if they like the flute, and discover it and don’t
want to spend too much. And you can find all the information about where you can buy the
flute in the description below. Also, this flute was very
popular after our first video, so a lot of people had to buy
the other model that is $90, and has open holes, so the
only difference is that the holes here are open and
you put your fingers over it. If you have difficulty closing them, you can put little plugs, and usually those flutes
are a bit more advanced but we assume that it’s
pretty much the same mechanism and everything else is the
same on those two models. (melancholy music)
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