Flutter for the Impatient – 2 – Configure Android Studio IDE
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Flutter for the Impatient – 2 – Configure Android Studio IDE

Open Android Studio, click on the
configure>plugins. we want to install the Flutter plugin. Browse repositories, search for Flutter. Click on install. And …
We also want to install Dart plugin, so, yes. Close, OK, restart the Android Studio now we have the Flutter plugin
installed for the Android Studio. You have the option to start a new Flutter
project. Click on that. Choose Flutter application.
Next. Leave the project name
as default. You will have to provide the Flutter SDK path, which should be the folder contains the flattered bin folder like this Specify your project
location Next, specify your company domain. Finish. The Android studio will
create a new project for us. To run the Flutter application we need to specify a target device. Let’s use the iOS simulator. After the
simulator starts up, you can click run to compile and install the application on the simulator. All right, here is our first application!

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