Fulfillment by Amazon: Small and Light
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Fulfillment by Amazon: Small and Light

– We’ve gone over the standard Fulfillment by Amazon program, but did you know there’s
another FBA program for Amazon sellers? FBA Small and Light offers
a fulfillment option for smaller, lighter
and lower-priced ASINs compared to the standard FBA in most seller fulfillment methods. Let’s dig in. The Small and Light Program
offers all Amazon customers regardless of prime membership
free standard shipping on eligible products
to anywhere in the US. The program has been designed
to reduce the cost of fulfilling your fast-moving
small and light products to allow you to pass those
savings on to customers. But, how is it different
from standard FBA? First, as the name implies, the items that are
going to be the best fit for the Small and Light Program
are, well, small and light. The program is only
open to qualified ASINs that meet our eligibility criteria which typically weigh less than one pound, are priced less than $10, and have dimensions less than or equal to 16 by 9 by 4 inches. Second, the Small and Light
Program requires that all participating units be
packaged and prepped by sellers according to the FBA Small
and Light prep requirements that are different from the
standard FBA requirements. All same-ASIN units within a shipping box must be bundled together
using a clear plastic bag, manufacturer/seller case pack or other means of grouping
your same-ASIN units together. On the outside of each
same-ASIN bag or pack, the total quantity of sellable units must be clearly labeled. Also, each individual sellable unit must have a scannable UPC
or EAN manufacturer barcode. If no barcode is available, then an Amazon barcode must be printed during the shipment creation process and applied to the unit. Third, Small and Light fulfilled
units have different fees from the FBA fulfillment
fees outside the program. To get started, if you
have products that meet all of the requirements listed above, you may enroll your products by visiting the product enrollment page. On this page, you’ll
download the template file, fill in the information for the products you’d like to submit and save the file as a text tab delimited file or .txt and upload the file here. The time that it takes to process depends on the size of the file, but you can monitor
the status on this page by clicking refresh for updates. Once available, view the
processing reports here, which we recommend copying
and pasting into Excel for easy viewing. This report will outline
if there are any errors and if there’s a remedy to fix it. Once your merchant SKUs
are successfully uploaded into the program, you can
create an inbound shipment in the Manage Inventory
page in Seller Central. Select your Small and Light MSKUs and use the drop down menu
to convert the listings to change to Fulfilled by Amazon. Then, follow the prompts to
send and replenish inventory and follow the ship and creation workflow through Seller Central. And that about covers an overview of the FBA Light and Light Program and how you can get started. Remember to review the program’s
specific prep requirements and check the Seller Central
help page for more details.


  • RustyNotesTV

    I go denied because I hade more than 30 units in stock for my msku. They said I had to reapply when I have max 30 units. Weird.

  • Queen Green

    There is some updated information, eligible products can be $15 or less, 16x9x4 inches or less, and less than a pound (15oz). And you must send in 25 units or more for each ASIN.

    I didn't know about this program until I was creating a new listing and the recommended one of my products for it smh.

    I tried converting my old listings but I can't, the ASIN's of established listings must have a certain sale volume. And I kept getting an error message when trying to upload the spreadsheet for the template they have sellers download.

    Save yourself some time. Your best bet is to create an entirely new listing if your products meet those requirements. There are new updated videos from YouTubers on this topic. Happy selling 🙂

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