George Zimmerman Sells “Painting” On EBay
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George Zimmerman Sells “Painting” On EBay

charges against george Zimmerman made by
his girlfriend have been dropped you decided not to pursue charges against
him in it is messed it violence dispute up and now since he’s a free man again
he is able to sell some of his artwork Road his armored a little ironic and we’ll
tell you why just a second apparently I he has it created a piece of art he says
that the painting I don’t know doesn’t really look like a painting to me but it
says God one nation with Liberty and justice for all mmm you know what good are you about
that you see the clever thing the he did one nation under God got is about 18 up she has ever meant I didn’t see that
coming slighted yeah and I of course the
scariest part of all this is a number you’re seeing on the right hand
side of the screen oh that’s nothing guys I’m the last time that I checked there
were seven bids and the highest bid with 212 thousand dollars I sure hope to god
somebody’s fucking with a I mean you really gonna give two hundred
twelve thousand miles assures them in for his dumbass painting well I mean if you do you have a common
I no you know before his money are easily
separated right this is the who’s going to separate you
from your two hundred twelve thousand dollars I hope it’s a pretty bad man so now
there’s a little bit of controversy about the originality about piece of
work I leave yet while I thought he was a
real original artist so %uh someone by the name Raven
rainfall that sir Handel online contacted media in said you know that plied looks very similar
to a stock image on Shutterstock so if you can slot look i
mean it’s the exact same flag same fold in everything I’m so people
are wondering whether or not this is at the goal and in order to comment on
this we brought on our resident artist Ali who will tell us what he thinks about
the PISA bar is original is this something that’s frowned upon
and does not look like a painting to you does not like him it looks like a
Photoshop photo by the name opposed to rise actually so how does that work so you
take an image in any you select a filter and as one thought
to where it pretty much breaks down the image
into a few colors mean and thats obviously with his to me so you don’t actually painted it is
anything he projected onto something you may be paying into it but to me it looks
like of Photoshop and maybe like a Kinkos can
disorder or something a Wow but that would be
really weird absent was unethical like that yeah I but you know if it’s a real offer you wanna pay 212,000 for Zimmerman
original and it turns out it’s not even original
well believe me I couldn’t feel better about
that I feel bad it is quoted 0 but I feel good that is leaving your aunts cuz your total idiot what what convinces
people to spend that kind of money on something that george Zimmerman is
created because they’re actual die-hard fans or is it because they think I even
though this guy’s a clown this might be worth something in the future what’s the the mentality behind me. you African home in most states with that
kinda money yet no you make a good point your sig very good
chance to somebody thinks all like if this is like having a
painting from Hitler or something Ryan and their to twenty years from now this
will be worth a lot no wall he doesn’t have worldwide ramifications he’s just an knucklehead here in the
States he was a big story right but its he didn’t create Stand
Your Ground laws he’s not the one that made the decision
not to arrest them you see what i’m saying is just a bigger is a at most the symbol he he’s not the
actual problem you’re misunderstanding the whole thing
and if you think like oh my god Zimmerman touched it so it’s gonna be worth a lot
you have a rude awakening when later your 212,000 painter is said
to be worth about 12 boxy at which will be great you
know sorry yeah by the way just one final thing
about this I used to be disgusted with the fact that he acted as
though he was some sort of celebrity after what he had done but now I feel bad because society has
made him a celebrity right people are reinforcing the notion
that he’s a celebrity and if they’re reinforcing is gonna
continue believing it’s disgusting


  • Deadbeliefs

    With all that money, he should start a neighbourhood watch company who puts up their own checkpoints around the blocks and stops 'suspected criminals'. Considering it's winter, everyone with a jacket or blanket hoodie is said to be dangerous, they now know to use candy and iced tea to stay under the radar, but the zim-zam won't be fooled, oh no.
    I really, sincerely hope not a single person thought that was a legitimate comment, I'm just putting my own silly spin on something that has gotten too much publicity already.
    Go back to the teachers doing porn of spaghetti monsters or whatever, no one wants to hear about this goof.

  • purpandorange

    is TYT ever going to stop sucking Treyvon's dick? Zimmerman is a puppy compared to some of the monsters mentioned on this show yet they constantly ride his dick. This is so annoying I came to TYT to get away from news like this. 

  • espyTV

    Honestly this really isn't news, as much as I like TYT because they make fun of stupid people, this isn't worth knowing about…but with that money he might be trying  to leave the country.

  • Alec Schulz

    White men sometimes kill white men.  Black men sometimes kill Black men.  Black men sometimes kill white men.  I have never seen these cases make national news; yet, in the case of ONE white man killing a black man, all of the sudden it is national news worthy and is deemed racist.  Was Zimmerman a racist?  It is very well possible that he was, but nobody knows and Nobody can prove that.  If Trayvon killed Zimmerman, I guarantee that nobody would know about it.  Its time we stop looking for chances to call people racist.  Zimmerman may have seriously thought he was going to die, who are all of you to say that he is a liar and a racist.  You don't know him, you don't know what happened.   Can you honestly say that you aren't racist if you judged Zimmerman before looking at any facts, I would say that is very racist.  It's time that we as Americans grow up and get past this judgmental era.

  • blindedby2monkeys

    look at what this piece of garbage answered to a question from a retarded zimmerman supporter –
    What is the medium; oil or acrylic? Thanks
    Thanks for your question, The paint was donated to me by a great friend (J.S.), as far as I know it is regular household latex paint. I know its not the fanciest, but it is what we had and I needed to put these visions onto the blank canvas as soon as possible. Your friend, GZ @therealGeorgeZ"

    "to put these visions onto the blank canvas"…uhhh, sure you putrid fat fuck..

  • Kai Tale

    Even if Zimmerman was tracking Trayvon, if Trayvon then literally jumps out in the dark rain and punches him and gets him on the ground and is smashing Zimmermans head into the ground because well just judging by his looks (not his race – just facial expressions, body language and actual face to an extent) he seems like a bad person – a little thug – most people are shit – just read the youtube comments/just generally. George is alright. He's a vigilante.

    There was a vigilante (neighbourghood patrol) and a kind of ordinary kind of thugish guy and it was a self defense situation. Racism aint to do with it. When you're on the phone with the police you give general identification, stuff like 'i'm in a blue car, there's a big sign, 'name the road', etc and you just fucking name the race of the people around. It's pretty damn disgusting that in the name of political correctness and the news reporters (bandwagoning – it's literally like fucking mafia scum in real life) someone was almost not allowed to defend themselves; literally if you're getting your head fucking smashed into concrete it's apparently not self defense to use your gun… what do you have to be like put in a fucking Saw situation for any use of force to be considered self defense.

    At the end of the day you're all just sheeple for being politically correct to the point you'd have prefered George Zimmerman to get his head smashed into the ground   just for being a neighbourhood watch guy and tracking Trayvon. What's worse. Tracking someone or being jumped by them and head smashed into concrete whilst you lie on your back. And which of the two cases would you say one is more allowed to use force; when you're being followed or when you're on your back having the sensation of blood coming out of your head as it's repeatedly thumping against the ground which is concrete. Btw if there was any racism it's two way; george for perhaps profiling and Trayvon for perhaps jumping; if he was being tracked by a black guy would he have jumped him – see there were perhaps assumption on both sides but regardless the fact is following someone is way less violent than actually jumping them and trying to fucking bear handed beat them shitless and for the last time agaid head smashed into the concrete ground.

  • videobeat09

    First, that's not just posterize although he may have done it before he painted over, the shapes don't match completely. Secondly, no ethical problem in my book, those stock images are rights-managed so if you pay for them you can do whatever you want and don't have to credit anyone. Finally, I'm pretty sure those eBay bids are from trolls to spoil his sale, but there are people that stupid in the US so who knows…

  • Vulcaneer900

    Well.. Martin's parents are rich now after what he did.
    They painted a picture of him as a little 12yr. old Angel.
    And you guys bought it.
    So how's that different.?

  • Matt Deeley

    The guy has been found not guilty. That means he is a free human being by all rights, and he can do whatever he wants, even sell paintings. Maybe it's time TYT stopped bitching about him, and covered more pressing issues such as the fact we are all being robbed and fucked over by oil companies, banks and arms manufacturers every day thanks to a little help by the worlds governments. Fucking hell, do all you people have the IQ of a shoe or something?

  • The Dogon Society

    ahaha,these peckkkerwoods are some sick motherfuckas. paid him that much not because his painting is a masterpiece,but because he killed a black teen and got away with it

  • Hannah Han

    I think I get it…O.J. sold art or something like that. Now Zimmerman sells art!
    Evil wins and racism stays in the lead. What a great way to make people argue all over again!

  • InuKun2008

    Oh, it gets better folks. In the Q&A section of his auction, you find this:

    We all think a lot of you Zimm and hope the best for you!I may bid on your painting at the last min.How will you ship the picture,can it be picked up local?I would be driving from Arkansas
    The price it is at now has well exceeded my $.99 minimum; therefore, whoever wins within the Continental United States, will receive this painting delivered by me personally. Your friend"

    So now it seems that the buyer will have George show up at their doorstep to hand them the painting.

  • sandy gomez

    Zimmerman is a con and has always been, you have to be stupid to think his crap is going to be worth anything . I think this is nothing but a joke why are some people still think this guy is so innocent? You got to be out of your mind. See him for what he is a cold blooded murderer don't make him a celebrity get real. I would not give him a damn penny,i personally think this guy is trying to pull some kind of scam.

  • SuperIrishbacon

    For some one disgusted about how this figure has become a celebrity, you certainly spend a lot of time putting him in the spot light.

  • MMAFighter38

    Whether you support him or not, he's entitled to sell whatever he likes. The same way OJ capitalized on his ex-wife's murder by writing a book, telling how he butchered Nichole & Ron. I can't believe TYTurds are making a fuckin' story out of this.

  • brenda lopez

    Hope it brings bad luck and misery to the home where it sits. Haunted evil piece of shit painting. I would shred that piece of shit with him holding it.

  • GekoHayate

    If you look at the stars they aren't the exact same shape or in the exact same placement…

    And if you find a different image (a larger one, come on TYT you can't see shit with the photo you provided) it does look like there are visible brush strokes everywhere on that canvas.

    He probably used the image as a reference, in fact with absolute certainty it looks like he used it as a reference, but come on…

    Did your "resident art expert" only take a semester of photoshop for an elective?

    And how the hell did this story become news worthy?  I didn't realize I accidentally clicked an MSN fluff piec… I mean front page article.

  • Xalgucennia

    Honestly seems excessive, but not surprising, there are plenty of people on the conservative side of politics who view Zimmerman as a hero. either as someone who scored a victory for gun rights,  someone who managed who killed a black kid who they thought were up to no good, or simply someone who managed to annoy liberals a lot. The amount of money it costs it almost a non issue as there are plenty wealthy conservatives in the infamous "one percent".

    Anyone who spends $200+K on a painting by an amateur/unknown artist clearly does not view the money as a significant amount, and is probably buying it either for personal/sentimental reasons or as a way to reward/encourage Zimmerman or make sure he is looked after

  • jerimiah johnston

    someone please kill this fucker i am sick of hearing about him george come to alabama and i will put you out of your misery you little bitch

  • Brett Matthews

    How they let this man go from killing a young black man that was defending his self  on his way back home from the store.IT IS A DAM SHAME

  • Ricky L

    The person who bought this painting is going to hell. The money Zimmerman gets for this painting is covered in the blood of trayvon Martin.

  • 101andrewj

    guy shoots a kid to death and gets famous for it, then he takes a image off the internet and throws some words on it prints it out and sells it for a quarter million dollars…

  • razzle nipper

    You people are so unsophisticated. Don't you realize how difficult (and sticky!) it is to paint with melted Wildberry Skittles?

  • dg

    i have watched a few videos of these people.  can anyone else see the hate in this womans eyes to anyone that disagrees with her???  she has even said email us with compliments not critiques.   jokes.  onto johnny depp.

  • WasatchFrontMan

    There you go again media stalking Zimmerman.  Please, get over it.  Kudos for the update explaining the domestic violence charges were dropped, but you left out the part about the charges being a false accusation.  Agreed that the paining looks fake, but worse things have been auctioned on e-bay.  BTW, TYT has been instrumental in canonizing Zimmerman by keeping him in the spotlight.  Being in the media you know that there is no such thing as bad publicity – and you just keep publicizing the guy.  Good job TYT.

  • antibullshit

    What a piece of shit this Zimmerman is. He's using his fame, which is based on the fact that he killed an innocent kid, (not to mention all the emotional pain this tragedy caused the family of the deceased). Again, he's using his 'fame' as a platform to make more money (his art isn't that good). Only an unscrupulous piece of trash (Zimmerman) would try to cash in on a tragedy. 

  • Eric Wells

    To me, it seems that The Young Turks are acting a little bit butt hurt over this "painting" by George.  Sounds like they seem a bit jealous due to the amount its going for on Ebay.  Also, if its a stock image on a website, its available for public use, etc.  That is why it just seems like these guys are just butt hurt in regards to this and its not really news at all

  • N. Zhiv

    Sorry, Georgie.  Every eff up you'll make will be checked and verified.  He's going to get sued.  That's copywritten image, reminds me of that lawsuit by that guy who took a getty image photo off the internet and made the "HOPE" poster for Obama back in 2008.

  • symmetry08

    Look like Russia have to go thru another circle of degradation before it will come up again. But by that time new "perestroyka" country will need long catch up to do and it bring new era of breaking apart again. Who will suffer? Usually idle commoners who had ignored participations for betterment for their future.

  • Dennis Esposti

    George's artistic talent is, for lack of a better word, plagiaristic, which makes George, for lack of a better word, a fraud and anyone who makes a legitimate bid for his painting, for lack of a better word, a sucker.

  • Dennis Esposti

    Compared to George's, Jodi Arias's artwork is, for lack of a better word, original.  Its quality is, for lack of a better word, superior..  Its selling price is, for lack of a better word, reasonable. 

  • Richard Couillard

    Its not original, its shit, the reason to buy is shit, seeing Zimmerman in the news after the trial is shit, I am just sick of seeing his name.

  • Kevin Carey

    I don't know I think Anna secretly digs the Zim. I bet she has to change certain articles of clothing everytime they mention his name.

  • Nomad r.

    Lol seriously even after the court case people just can't admit anything could of happened. And we really dont know what happened. That is the truth. Zimmermann can do what he wants because we dont know

  • Catwoman501

    maybe it is some right wing corporate type buying this so Zimmerman can support himself…..who else would spend that kind of money on something you could manufacture yourself….

  • frostmagemarii

    Don't get me wrong, i'm as upset about the other thing Zimmerman's been involved in; However, he was found not-guilty by the legal process in the United States but unless you're going to go vigilante on the guy (which is just throwing away the justice portion of the legal process), his story is done.

    This is TYT trying to beat a dead horse and not actually doing any sort of journalism.

  • longtime beachbum

    the person that pays for the art from this crap basturd is a true "SUCKER", and I bet your money is wasted, because it only makes a crap basturd rich, my self I'd spit on the crap basturd zimmerman, he is a murderer, and should die badly!

  • Trippy Toad

    See if i had that kind of money to waste i would buy a home for someone yet i never see or hear of stories like that guess you got to be evil to be rich.

  • B

    So what! He painted a picture and sold it at an outrageous price.

    If you don't want it, then don't buy it. It's simple really. 

  • llVIU

    smart guy, using his fame to gain money… and you fucktards are butthurt… over what??? you idiots are only contributing to his fame

  • Michael Madrid

    Wow!  I've been an artist all my life and have NEVER sold a painting for that price.  

    Of course, I've never killed a Black teenager armed with ice tea and Skittles either.  

    I hope whoever bought this painting holds onto it.  It could be worth more when Zimmerman either commits suicide or is killed by police.  

  • Kevin Carey

    theres a million STOCK IMAGES of American flags on the internet. Stock images are there to used! so who cares if George used a pre-existing image he wouldn't be the first lol

  • constitutional libertarian

    lol you can buy a home in most states for 200k facepalm… you can buy a home in every state for that price even hawaii it wouldnt be a big home like a 200k house in say arkansas that could be like 5k sq feet but still 200k can buy a small home in hawaii and definitely every state

  • Skyler Sands

    okay so she's talking about how disgusting it is that society is making Zimmerman a Celebrity, but isn't covering this stupid story in the first place also contributing to that? the media is weird man.   

  • Richard's World Traveler

    The true bidders would have way more money than you guys, me, or most of the viewers here. I'm sure people aren't spending their whole life savings on this.
    The most the super rich bidders are thinking is it is a rarity. It would look very odd and give usual bragging rights to have a painting from him. But I'm sure if most of us had the amount of money like Bill Gates we still wouldn't buy this crap. The highest bidders were probably hedge fund managers or some crap. They can hang it up in their office and brag about it.

  • Ed Smith

    In Florida the State prosecutes domestic abuse even with out the abused consent. So how could his girl friend drop the charges? The law was enacted because many times the abuser "convinces" the abused to not press charges. She could refuse to help them which may or may not lead to them to drop charges but she, the abused, has no say in it.

  • Pixiestickmatch12

    If I was rich enough to waste money on this, I'd buy it, but only so I could send him a custom check with Trayvon Martin on it.

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