GET READY WITH ME | Chit Chat with Winnie Harlow
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GET READY WITH ME | Chit Chat with Winnie Harlow

– Wassup crazies? It’s your girl LaToya
Forever and I’m here with my girl Winnie Harlow. – Better known as Auntie Wi-Wi. – Auntie Wi-Wi, yes,
this is Samia’s godmama. This is my sister, you
know what I’m sayin’? Anyways, in today’s video
Auntie Wi-Wi is gonna beat my face. (mimics punching face) Listen, I’m so excited
because whenever she does her makeup it’s always slaying on these hoes. – The only issue is I have
never done someone else’s makeup before, so this is a first for me like, for real for real. I’m scared but I’m gonna try my best. – Yeah. – And hopefully I don’t
make her look any uglier than she already is. – Oh, shit! – I’m joking, I’m joking. – Just hurry up and put
the makeup on, okay? – We’re working with the
Tarteist Pro Palette, and we’re also working
with the Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette. – All I need is this when
I’m traveling and I’m good. – The, which one? – These two. – These two, and you’re good. – Yeah. – So you’re doing my eyes first. – Yes, I’m gonna start on your eyes. – Why? – Because if there’s any
fallout I can cover that with the concealer and the
foundation in the end. But right now we’re just
gonna go with a base color and I’m using Sandalwood
in the Huda Beauty Palette. – Mm-hmm. – And I’m just gonna
put it all over her lid. – What kind of look
are we going for today? – You know what, whenever
I’m doing makeup I have no idea what I’m doing. It just, comes out. So today, we gonna hope for the best. (laughs) – I barely do my eyeshadow, I just– – Correction, you never do your eyeshadow. – I never do my eyeshadow. – New Year’s we had a party together. – Yeah. – And you were texting
about like what we’re gonna wear, what we’re gonna do,
and she was like I’m gonna try and do my makeup myself. I was like girl you better
like, beat that face and she’s like, “What does that mean?” – No, I looked good, I got
my makeup done that day. – You did. Turn this way for me. – You looked good that night. – Thank you baby. You didn’t do it yourself? – No, I got a makeup artist. – I need you to turn
this way where I can see. – Okay, my bad. This girl like roughin’ me up right now! Wow, you cracked my neck! – So I’m going in with Whimsy,
which is like an orange, rusty color. And I’m gonna use that
to warm up her crease. – (LaToya laughs) – (laughs) Immature. – Warm up that crease, girl. Who taught you how to do makeup? – I really just watched YouTube videos. I even, that’s how I
know you, off of YouTube. – Mm-hmm. – We met at (talking over
each other) meet and greet. – It’s been like what, six years now? – Yeah, it’s been a long time. – It’s been a long time. But I met you at a YouTuber even downtown. And you were like,
“Girl, you a supermodel!” Back when you were so loud. – Yeah, so crazy. Am I crazy? – You are, you’re a psychopath. – But I’m toned– Like I’m not that crazy anymore. – Not at all. – Yeah, I’ve– – You’re wifey, you’re Mommy. I was saying to LaToya
yesterday I hope I can be half the mother that she is to her kids. – Yeah, she wants me to have her kids. Like I cannot be nobody’s
surrogate mother. – We need to start a poll, okay? Guys, I need my kids to be
exactly like Samia and Zayn. I want them to look exactly
like that, they are so gorgeous. I want the exact same kids. – I don’t think I’m popping out any more. – After mine. Finish the sentence, after mine. No finish the sentence, “I
don’t think I’m popping out any more kids, after Winnie’s.” – Period. (both laughing) – So now we’re gonna go
in with a lighter color. I’m gonna use Bae. – Okay. – From Huda Beauty, and I’m
gonna press that onto her lid. Just to create some light on her lid. Now I’m gonna blend that
out with a fluffy brush. Just so there’s no harsh lines. And you guys can see
I’m going pretty quick. – And the reason she’s
going pretty quick is because she’s in a rush. She has a flight to China. – I have to go, guys. – She going to China, bruh. – But you know when you have
family, and you have loved ones you have to make the time to spend time– – Damn right. – See them. – So she’s sitting here beatin’
my face before she leaves. – Yes, because you just
wanna spend quality time with your loved ones, you know? You never know. You have such a short time
on this earth, you know? God forbid anything happens,
you wanna make sure you spend time with your loved ones. So now we’re gonna go
in with some shimmer. We gonna go on top of the
brightness that I already put on her eyes when I put Bae on. Then I’m gonna add some shimmer. Actually, this is my girl’s line. It’s called Crayon Case and
she’s from…where is she from? She’s from somewhere in the
States, I forget where it is. But she made this line
called The Crayon Case and I swear to you they
have the best highlighter. – She always raves about this highlighter. – Yeah, she has the best highlighters. I’m gonna use AnGLOWla on her today. On your eyes, so it’s this
gold color and we just gone press that on. Get you some brightness and
some lightness girl, ooh. How do I look? Dime piece. – Girl, if you gonna marry girl! I might just steal you from
your man girl, you lookin’ good. – You keep swingin’ that way girl? (Yelling) Okay. – So we’ve got the gold on her eyes now. Now that’s done. This is, okay so– Can you feel my leg shaking right now? It’s shaking a little bit. – Yeah, why? – Because I’m about to do the liner. – Oh my god. (both laugh) That’s the worst, I
can’t even do my liner. – I’m scared. I’ve never done somebody
else’s makeup before. – Do you guys suck at eyeliner? Comment below or like the video. Do you suck? Thumbs up. – And if I’m bad at this
guys, please just let this go in one eye and out the other. – Yeah (laughs) – That’s not the same, right? You know what I mean! Are you ready? – Mm-hmm. – Okay, so for this you
can’t laugh because this, I don’t know how to fix this. – Okay, okay, okay, okay. – So cool, ready? – Yeah. (bouncy music) – I’m also gonna go ahead
and line her waterline with this black liner
from MAC called Feline. – Why are we doing this? – We’re doing this so that
the liner on your eyes blends seamlessly. (Winnie laughs) – What the hell, she’s like
poking my eye out, bruh. Don’t give me a black eye. – So my lines aren’t very
straight but it’s okay ’cause we’re gonna pop
the lashes on there. – Yup. – And it’ll be perfectly fine. And that’s one thing I was
telling LaToya, she’s like, “How does everything always look so good?” It’s the lashes, guys. – Most definitely lashes. – You have to wear lashes. Okay, so now we’re done the
eyes for now, I like them. – Mm-hmm. – You look like me. – Yes! My goal in life. – We’re gonna go ahead and– – Yeah, what’s going on? – You wanna buy some more foundation? – Yeah, you wanna buy me some more? – So we’re gonna go ahead and use this foundation right here. She uses Makeup Forever
Ultra HD in color– – Y445. Who is your favorite makeup
artist that’s beat your face? Your favorite look, I should say. – So my favorite look as of
lately was my look for the British Fashion Awards, I love that look. – Let’s post a picture! So who did your makeup? – My girl Letitia in London,
she actually did my makeup. Now we’re done with foundation. We are going to contour her favorite part. – Oh, I love NYX! – Me, too. – Contour stick. – Yeah, it’s really good. It’s very creamy so it blends well. – Mm-hmm. – Okay, so we got some
concealer, and that’s the finished look! – Yay! – No, I can’t let you go
like that girl, I’ve got you. So we’re gonna go with a beauty blender. Actually I should use your beauty blender. Oh well, we already started. Guys, don’t use your makeup
brushes on other people. – Yeah, like Auntie Wi-Wi’s doing on me. – This is no good. Now we gonna contour her
nose, her crooked nose. – Yes, contour my crooked
nose and make it straight. – It’s aight girl, we got you. – How do you feel right
now, about your work? – Good, actually. – You feel good? – Yeah, I feel good. The only makeup I’ve ever done was Trey from For Ya Entertainment. – Oh, yeah. – I did his makeup two years ago. – You did his makeup but have you ever– You haven’t done a woman’s makeup. – A woman’s makeup, yeah exactly. Okay, let me see. I like. Okay, let me blend out this contour now. Get those cheeks chiseled. – Yes Winnie, get it girl. Work them bones. – Okay, now I’m going to set
all this that I just did, I’m going to use this that
LaToya actually put me on, Laura Mercier powder. – Oh my gosh, I love this
translucent powder, it’s amazing. – Time for you to re-up. – I love it, I know. Oh my gosh, what?! – Yeah, it’s almost gone. – Yeah, it is. – I love this powder. I used to use banana powder by
Ben Nye but it’s a little bit too yellow I think. – Yellow, yeah it’s too yellow. I used that too before. – I loved it, but…you know
I actually tried this first inside the setting powder,
but then I came here, I gave it away and then I
started using banana powder. And then I came here and
I forgot my setting powder so you gave me this one
the last time I was here. And I was like, hold up,
what have I been doing? Alright, so while that’s
baking I’m gonna do her brows. – Okay, are you nervous about that? – Nope, you already have a good shape. I don’t have to do a lot. – It’s like, the worst thing
about makeup artists is they never get my eyebrows right. Okay, only one makeup artist has. – Now I’m nervous. – I have to really guide
them into doing my eyebrows, like step-by-step. – Well, we’re not gonna
need any guidance today. – I have to hold the mirror
and I have to show them exactly what they need to do,
and how they need to do it. – I’m so nervous now. (upbeat music) – I wanna look in the mirror,
can I look in the mirror? – Nope. – Why? – No mirror. – What else do we have to do? – I need to highlight. – Highlight, okay. – I’m gonna set your whole face. – Okay, set my face. – Put on mascara. – Mascara, okay. Wait, don’t put mascara on the top. ‘Cause I’m getting my lashes
done tomorrow, okay, yeah. – This is gonna scratch. – Bruh, why does that hurt? Okay, she’s a violent makeup artist. – It’s okay. – What did you just do? – The liner, ’cause your lashes
are so long, hit right down here so I was just taking that off. And because of that I’m also
going to smoke out your under eye a little bit more,
just to blend that out. – Thanks. You really love makeup. Is it like, one of your
passions? Like makeup? Because the way she looks
in the mirror when she’s beating her face, it’s
like she’s really into it. – Concentrated. – I’m so frustrated when I do my makeup, I hate doing my makeup. I do it because I have to,
I have to look presentable, I have to look cute, I have to
beat my face here and there. But when she beats her
face it’s like okay, she wants perfection. And you’re not leaving the
mirror until it’s perfect. – Yeah, because being a model
so many people have done my face, I’m just
highlighting her right now and I’m using Dior Skin
Nude Air Luminizer in 3, mixed with the same one that
I put on her eye before. So I’ve had so many
different people do my makeup and I’ve loved some, I’ve
hated some, but I always want to be able to fix anything
that I see, that I don’t like. ‘Cause I don’t wanna do a red
carpet and not feel confident in my makeup and all that. So I always practice and I make
sure that if I see something that somebody has done I
am able to fix it myself. Let’s see, look at me. Beautiful before, beautiful
after like, you didn’t need anything, you’re just flawless all around. – You see how she’s just lying? – God has blessed you. – This didn’t upgrade my look at all? – God has blessed you. – Thank you, yes I’m
very blessed, hallelujah. – You are very blessed. Blessed and highly favored. – We’re all blessed. – I’m gonna put some highlight
in her inner corners. Pop that! Pop that, let me see you tootsie roll. Let me see. I like it. – Can I have like, a pop on my lips? ‘Cause you know me, I always
do it…I keep it neutral. – Nothing. – I wear gloss and I wear Taupe from MAC. And cork lip liner, that’s all. – I’m just making her
contour a bit deeper. Because we want that
bone structure to pop. (popping sound) So now, pop on the lip. So I’m gonna go in with this liner. – I love that liner. – Called Chestnut by MAC. – Why are you looking at me like that? – No, ’cause I broke it. – Oh. (laughs) – On to the lips, you ready? – No. – Okay. I like it. – (laughs) You’re so dumb. – Has your makeup artist ever done this? – What? – What I’m doing? – Never. – It’s art, I have to get into my work. Your face is my canvas. – This is how she is in
front of the mirror when she beats her face. Oh my god! (both laughing) That’s the closest we’ve ever been. – Put ’em in your grill. – That was so much. – Okay guys, I’m done. – You’re done?! – Yeah. – Oh my gosh, okay
guys, what do you think? Comment below, how did she do
on a scale from one to ten, what do you think? Oh my…I’m such a barbie. – Do you like it? – I’m so gorgeous, I’m so beautiful. Can I say that about myself? – I wish you had lashes on though. – I’m so hot. – I really wish I put lashes on you. – Oh my god, it looks so good! – I really wish you had lashes. – I love it, yeah it’s so pretty. – Obviously I didn’t do
the liner perfect but– – And I love my eyebrows. – Do you?! – Yeah. My life has been made. – I love my eyebrows. – My life has been made. – And I love the lipstick,
although I feel like the lipstick makes me look too
mature, you know what I’m saying? – I feel like it looks like, dressy. – I look like a 45 year old
lawyer, you know? With the– – I think it looks bomb. – I don’t know. – I think you need to go put
some lingerie for Adam now. – Yes, babe, come! – [Winnie] Baby daddy. – [Adam] Did someone say lingerie? – Yes, someone did say lingerie. You want me to put that on
for you daddy I got you, come here look at my
makeup, do you like it? – [Adam] I like it. – Come here, come on screen! – [Adam] Nah. – Nope. – Okay y’all, anyways. – Tell me how I did down below,
let me know if I should quit my career or if I should keep my day job. – Yes. – Let me know. – Thank you so much for
beating my face today. – Of course, any time. Not. – You’re such a bitch. – That’s the first and last. – First and the last, really? Nah. – Yeah, now you can do it yourself. That was my push for you to– – First of all, I didn’t
even learn anything. Oh, actually I learned to
outline your waterline. – Do your waterline. – Yeah, I learned that today. Just little nuggets here
and there, you know. – I know I’m so terrible,
I didn’t tell you anything that I was doing. – No, it’s okay. – That was, this was
worthless, this whole video. – But my face is beat
and I’m about to take some pictures, okay? – At least you can take pictures. – I’m about to slay. Anyways, head on over to
Auntie Wi-Wi’s instagram, follow her, I will leave all
the links to find her in the description box below. Thanks so much for watching,
make sure you subscribe and thumbs up the video. Love you, bye!

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