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This other lady in line,like not even part
of the conversation, she just like whips around like if I had said something super vulgar
or something. Hey guys it’s Amy! So before I get started
I just wanted to thank you guys so much for the overwhelming response I’ve gotten on my
storytime videos, I’ve been getting messages from my friends,my family, from people I haven’t
talked to in years, telling me how much they like my storytime videos. So I guess I’ll
just keep making them. Because if that’s what you guys want to watch then I have so many
storytime videos that I could make, so I’ll just keep making them. So this took place
back in April, and in April there was this new makeup palette that had just come out
but it kept selling out everywhere so I was going to different Sephoras and different
Ultas just trying to find it, ya know. And so I had gone to this one Sephora and I just
walked in, ya know, and I was wearing this Kelly Kapowski shirt because I just really
like this shirt and I wear it way too much. So I go by the cash register area and there’s
this one lady who employee that she’s not really too busy. She’s not with a customer
or anything so I go ahead and ask her, “Hey, um, do you guys have this certain palette
back in stock yet?” So the lady turns around and I guess the first thing she sees is my
Kelly Kapowski shirt. So she’s like, “Do you even know who that is on your shirt?” And
I’m like, “Yeah, it’s Kelly Kapowski,” and she’s like “Well, have you seen the show where
that’s from? Do you even know what show that’s from?” And I’m like “Yeah…it’s from Saved
by the Bell…” And she’s like “Well have you ever seen it?” And I’m like “Yeah! I’ve
seen it , I grew up watching it.” And she’s like “Well how old are you because I’m 34
and this came out when I was in high school?!” And I’m like “Uh… I’m 18” So then this other
lady in line, like not even part of the conversation, she just like whips around like if I had said
something super vulgar or something. And then she’s like “Eighteen! You’re not even grown!”
And I’m like Okay… But what do you usually call it when someone is like not as small
as they used to be?Like what do you want me to say? That’s usually how people phrase it,ya
know. I don’t know what else you want me to say? Like? I just really understand what she
was so upset about. Like did she want me apologize for that the TV networks were playing Saved
by the Bell in the morning when I was in like, elementary school, getting ready for school?
I don’t know what she wanted. So at this point, I’m just like “Okay…” and then I kinda just
like, turn around and leave…because I don’t know how to like assess the situation anymore.
And I just leave. I don’t go home with my palette, I don’t even know if they had it
in stock that day, like the show is on Netflix…Like if you wanted, you could watch the whole thing
from beginning to end. Like it’s accessible,ya know. It’s not like it’s this rare thing.
Like, it’s just so weird. And I don’t know why she had to point out like “I’m Thirty-four!
You’re like half my age!” Like, I’m sorry! But it’s such a weird thing ya know, because
it’s like , Well, I’m sorry lady, have you ever heard of the Beatles? Do you wear Beatles
T-shirts? Because that’s ahead of your time.Do you use electricity?Because that’s from before
your time too! Like, it’s just such a weird thing that some people are like “Ew, you’re
too young to know about that! Blah blah blah” So basically, yeah, that’s the end of my story.
I didn’t really get anything accomplished, but I got lectured, so. Yup. Thank you guys
so much for watching, be sure to give this video a thumbs up and Subscribe if you haven’t
already. That way you get notified every time I post a new storytime video, and I will talk
to you guys later. Bye! So he’s like not even trying to pick me up
anymore, he’s literally just tyring to take my money.


  • fernie.ernie

    That is so odd for people to think that just because they're older they can assume that younger generations couldn't or shouldn't enjoy shows or music that came out before their time. I've had some older ladies quiz me about a Misfits shirt i wore. it was pretty funny to me cause they were drunk. We all just laughed it off in the end after i told them music is for everyone to enjoy regardless of age. I have known people who try to wear shirts of bands or movies they have never seen or bother listening to but i just encourage them to check it out if it's something i think is good.

  • Delisha Rubio

    Hey Amy, it's Delisha! I don't know if you remember me from Middle school but this is the first video I watched of yours and it's so funny, I'm going to subscribe! I didn't even know you were on YouTube!

  • stacy44441

    On behalf of all normal women in their 30's, let me just say, sorry you had to encounter this psycho. Love your shirt!! Hope you found the palette you're looking for by now!

  • Isaela perez

    " do you use electricity becuase thats before your time" haha me and my brother started laughing. Definitely subscribing. ♡ <3

  • Ashlyn Simmons

    I'm 18 and I grew up watching that show too. Every morning before school when I was little I'd watch it as I was eating breakfast!! It was my favorite

  • Diane Maurer

    hmmm..perhaps these women are technology challenged, and are not aware of cable tv, Netflix or online on-demand services where one can watch almost any classic tv show. ?

  • Melody V

    Wow that was such a dumb thing to start an argument about. You're allowed to like whatever the hell you want. Its not her fucking business

  • ThePixievamp

    It is wrong what was said to you. I am a middle aged woman and I always believed everyone deserves to be respected the same regardless of age. What do they think they are better because they are older than you, that's ridiculous. When I was younger I felt a lot of older women disrespected me because of my age. There was nothing wrong with your shirt, they have serious issues. Sorry for your experience, there are a lot ignorant people out there.

  • Kimberley

    What is the matter with people! I would of been such a bitch and reminded her I asked about a palette not for her opinion and she's the employee she answers the questions not asks them! I would end up in jail I would not let anyone talk to me like that I'm sorry you experienced that! Don't let people treat you like that either

  • Phoenix Embersx

    I get the same thing about my KISS and Pink Floyd shirts. People think I don't know who they are. It's like seriously I have their albumns on my phone and I entered my teenage years listening to their music.

  • Elena Chu

    I would of asked her why was she asking me about K _. I'm 52 & have no idea who she is. LOL That story was funny!! 🙂

  • JenG593

    Yikes! I'm 36 yrs old and this came on when I was in grade school! It was on in the 80s. I was like possibly 11 or 12 when this show was on the air! Crazy. I guess you are never too young to enjoy Saved by the Bell!

  • Sound of Jesus

    Beauty customers think they can walk in and step all over your face! It doesn't take much for customers to start foaming at the mouth. My best revenge is withholding my solutions for clearing up their acne scars, acne spots, wrinkles, discolorations. It's funny to let that little witch walk off knowing she's stuck with her jacked up face for many decades??? I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING

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