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– [Zamir] Y’all ain’t coming!
– [Kyle] Y’all aint coming. – Look, you made Samia cry. (child crying) – [Zamir] We’ll be back! – Why are you crying Samia? – [Adam] Samia, it’s okay baby. – [Speaker] Samia, we’ll be back. – What happened?
(child crying) – [Adam] Alright Latoya. I don’t need any sneakers.
– I’m booking my flight. Me and the kids are coming.
– [Zamir] You’re not coming. – [Adam] Can I just go? (upbeat hip hop music) – What is going on hunties and huncles? Hope you’re having a great day. Now that you guys have
calmed down, and you’re done, hopefully done, laughing at me. Latoya decided to record me while I walked into a dirty room, and y’all thought that was
funny on how I reacted. Latoya, come clean your damn room! Stank ass, dirty ass, dirt bucket. So today’s going to be something special, not just for Latoya, but for
all y’all who laughed at me. I got a little something set up today. Y’all might notice, I
got a little Hawaii type of vacation type of attire, and today’s social experiment
is trying to find out how Latoya’s going to act when I tell her I’m going on a vacation. I got my luggage right there. But guess what? Guess who’s coming with me? I got some special guests who are coming to the house shortly. They’re going to be
accompanying me to our vacation. I’m going to say we’re going
to the Dominican Republic, and we’re gonna see how Latoya reacts. I don’t know how- I’ve never been on a vacation by myself. Right, it’s always been with Latoya, so I’d like to know, I wanna experiment how Latoya’s gonna act
when I tell her that, you know what, I’m out. Right? So we’ll see, it should be something. Comment below, and let
me know what you think is gonna happen, how you
think Latoya is gonna react. Maybe she’s not gonna even react, maybe she’s gonna be
happy that I’m leaving, I don’t know until I do this experiment, I won’t know, so that’s why we
doing the social experiment. Alright y’all, guest #1 just strolled in. No
– No. Zimmy, in the building
– In the building! You know, about to go catch this flight. – [Adam] We about to catch this flight. – Gang, gang. Vacation. – [Adam] Yo bro, but
where’s your luggage though? – It’s in the trunk. – [Adam] Oh, okay smart, gotcha. – Actually I don’t. – It’s all good you, can
just say it’s in the trunk. Zayn, go get Samia! Can you come upstairs for a second? Me and Zimmy are talking right now. – Where are you going? – [Zamir] Business, business thing. – Why do you have on that shirt? – [Zamir] It’s our business ting. – It’s a business thing? Okay. – [Adam] Business. – Hey Zayn, Zayn it’s bedtime! – [Adam] Bye Zayn, I miss you, bye. – Say, “Goodnight.” – [Zamir] Goodnight!
– Say bye Uncle Zimmy! – [Adam] Miss you Zayn!
– [Zimmy] Bye! – [Adam] love you baby,
I’ll bring you something. (singing) – You hair’s getting so long. – [Adam] So Samia? – Yeah? – [Adam] I’m going on a
vacation. You see my suitcase? – Balanta? – [Adam} No, I’m going to the Dominican. – But I’m coming?
– [Adam] No, no. – [Zamir] Boys only.
– [Adam] Just me, and my friends only. – And your Mommy? – [Adam] No, Mommy. Mommy’s staying here. – [Zamir] No Mommy, boys only. – [Adam] Only boys, is that okay? – Yeah. – [Zamir] See, you’re cool. – [Adam] Okay, give me a hug. – [Samia] Are you gonna come back? – Hold this, bro. – Momma, are you gonna come back? – Did you call me Momma?
Thank you, I appreciate that. – Are you gonna come back? – Bye, Samia, I’m gonna miss you. – Are you gonna come back? – Soon, yeah. – Okay. – Are you gonna be okay without me? – Yeah. – Are you crying? – No. – Are you crying? Why you crying? – [Zamir] It’s only a vacation Samia. We’ll be back in like a week. – Are you crying really? Why you crying? Don’t cry Samia. – [Zamir] Aww. Look what you did, Adam. (child crying) – Don’t cry. It’s okay,
I’ll be back real soon. Mommy’s here with you. It’s okay, mommy’s here with you. Okay, you can’t, Samia stop crying. Wait, guess who’s coming? You’re about to find out in a minute. He’s coming right now, okay? – Who? – You gotta wait, it’s a surprise. It’s a surprise. – Zimmy? – That’s Zimmy.
– [Zamir] I’m already here! – Someone else is coming. Who
do you think it’s gonna be? – Bra Bra? – No. – Who? – You’re gonna have to wait now. When they knock on the door, you’re gonna open it. Okay? – Is it neighbor? – You’re gonna have to wait and see. They’re coming right now soon. – I don’t want you to go.
Are you gonna come back? – Yes, of course! – Damn, yo. – [Zamir] Look what you did, Adam. – This is getting very sentimental. (laughing) (phone tone) – [Adam] Yo, open the door for him? (doorbell) – My man. (upbeat music) – [Kyle] What’s good, yo?
– [Zamir] It’s good, bro. – Good deal.
– How ya doing, long time! – [Adam] I love your
shirt, I like your shirt. I like your shirt. – You guys ready, like-
– I’m ready. – I’m ready, dawg. – [Adam] Okay, come through, let’s- – You guys got your tickets? – [Adam] Let’s talk about this real quick. – Let’s see what these guys got crackin’. What up everybody? Adam, what’s up man? – [Adam] What’s up, brother? Come on in. – Oh, you grew a beard, I see. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo,
close that door, bro. All right, y’all, Kyle finally here, it’s been a minute. So, yeah, I told Samia that I’m leaving, she started bawling. – [Kyle] Oh no. – Now she’s about to call Latoya. – [Kyle] Pranking your kids now? – [Zamir] I felt bad
cause I held the camera. – So, yo, we’re going to
the Dominican Republic. – [Kyle] I thought it was Hawaii, I got to get the stories straight. – Dominican Republic.
We’re leaving right now. And we’re just gonna con her. – [Kyle] Who’s driving? – [Zamir] Me? – [Kyle} I drove here, and I’ll be Okay. We gonna hop in the car? – [Zamir] Come, Samia. Come! Open. – [Kyle] Hi, Samia. – [Adam] Latoya! Come, baby. – Well, look at what the cat dragged in. – [Kyle] What’s up? – Kyle, I haven’t seen you in so long. But, what, why are you guys matching? – [Kyle] Hi, Samia! – [Adam] Latoya- – Why are you guys matching? – [Adam] I wanted to ask
you if we can get a ride, but we good, Kyle’s gonna drive. We going to the airport, going
to the Dominican Republic. Just for a week, all inclusive. – [Samia] Are you gonna come back? – [Kyle] Yep.
– [Zamir] Yeah. Boys only. – You guys aren’t serious. – [Kyle] Gang, gang.
– [Adam] Suitcase ready. – [Latoya] You guys aren’t
going to no Dominican Republic. – [Adam] So, Samia, so who’s that? – Kyle. – [Latoya] Oh, you remember his name? – Of course, how could she forget? We’re going to the Dominican, though. – For all those who’ve been asking, Kyle is well. – I’m alive.
– [Adam] He’s alive. – [Latoya] He’s alive and well. Where have you been? Let them know. – Been working hard, preparing
for my wedding, you know? – [Adam] Yeah, exactly. – I’m about to go on a
little trip to the DR right now, just relax, you know? – [Adam] Exactly. – [Zamir] I need this.
– I need this. – But, when did you guys plan this? – [Adam] You know, just –
– [Kyle] We’ve been talkin. – [Adam] We’ve been talking. – [Zamir] You’re not on the Whatsapp. – [Kyle] You’re not in the group chat. – Hold on, let me get
something real quick, because we’re goin to the DR,
we need to practice something. Excuse me. – Where you goin? Are you for real? – [Zamir] Don’t be a
cockblocker on our vacation, eh? – But, how he’s just
gonna plan it without me? I need a vacation, too. – [Zamir] It’s a boys only ting. – [Kyle] Who’s gonna watch
the kids when he’s gone? – We’re going.
– [Zamir] Nah. – We’re coming.
– [Zamir] Nah. Boys only. All inclusive.
Rio Hotel. Booked. – How long you guys going for? – [Zamir] Booked and loaded. – Kyle, put her down, we
gotta practice our limbo. – [Kyle] Okay!
– [Zamir] Okay! Oh! You’re a bit too tall there. – [Latoya] You guys are so old you can’t even do the limbo anymore, and you guys have on Hawaiian shirts, you guys are waste.
– [Zamir] Don’t hate! – You guys have on Hawaiian shirts. You guys are dads. – [Zamir] That’s the new style. – I’m a dad. – Zimmy looks like the cool one, what the heck are you guys doing? – He looks like he’s from the DR. – [Kyle] Trust me, he’s
going to be mistaken for. – [Zamir] Looks like
Daddy Yankee out here. – [Adam] Let me practice my limbo. – [Kyle] Let’s see this,
dog, let’s see what you got. (limbo music) – [Zamir] Let me see what you’ve got. Don’t break the back, eh? (laughing) (record scratch) – Yo! How you gonna kick
in my nut like that? – [Kyle] Right before we go on a trip. – You’re not going to no DR. I’m coming! – [Zamir] No, you’re not! – Yes, I am! – [Zamir] Go chill with Dom. – I’m coming. – [Zamir] Go chill with Dom. – I love you. – [Kyle] Oh.
– She cryin. – [Zamir] She’s mad. This guy’s got the luggage and everything. Y’all ain’t comin.
– [Kyle] Y’all ain’t comin. – Look, you made Samia cry. (child crying) – [Zamir] We’ll be back! – Why are you crying Samia? – [Adam] Samia, it’s okay baby. – [Zamir] Samia, we’ll be back. – What happened?
(child cries) – [Adam] Alright Latoya. I don’t need any sneakers.
– I’m booking my flight. Me and the kids are coming.
– [Zamir] You’re not coming. – [Adam] Can I just go? – [Zamir] How you gonna
come as a third wheel? Can’t you see three guys? – [Adam] Yeah.
– [Zamir] No wifes, it rhymes. – Listen, we’re gonna be doing our thing turning up alone.
– [Zamir] Cool. – We don’t need you guys. – [Adam] Samia. – Just to keep an eye. – [Zamir] By the way, I lied.
We’re not at the Rio Hotel. – See ya. – What hotel are you staying at? – [Adam] Don’t worry, alright. Oh! – [Kyle] Bye, Samia. – Bye. – You guys aren’t serious. – [Zamir] We out.
– [Adam] See ya babe, okay. – [Zamir] Got our tickets? – All right y’all, DR, here we come. Only organic natural booties. – Bang. Bang. Meet and greet at DR! – What? Let’s get it! She did not react the way I wanted to. (laughing) Why is she not mad? Fuck. She’s kinda happy I’m leaving. – We gotta take this, we have to go now. – [Latoya] My bags are already packed. – [Zamir] Chill. – I’m coming. One sec,
I’m packing the kids. – [Kyle] It’s just sad at this point. – [Zamir] Chill. – [Adam] Samia, you’re not going. – Yeah, Mommy said yeah. – We’re coming. – [Adam] What? No. Just
chill. None of that. – We’re actually coming. – [Adam] Okay, you know, let’s
get in the car real quick. – You can’t go anywhere with a baby seat. – I actually left my keys inside. You got your keys in your pocket? – Yeah. – [Kyle] Let’s go in your car, bro. – Peace! – The flight is full. I’m sorry, I’m on this. I’m not likin’ the way
this prank is going, bud. Now she wants to join us,
I didn’t sign up for this. – [Latoya] Well I guess
you won’t be needing this. – Oh, my phone. Oh, yeah, I do need that. – [Layota] It’s mine now, bye. – Yo, my phone’s in there, too. – Your phone is there, too? (laughing) We are the worst. – I’m about to go
through your man’s phone. I know this is a joke. How are you guys gonna
leave without phones? – [Adam] Because we’re
taking a shade room break, a social media break, fully. We don’t need it, you can hold onto it. – Alright, I will. – [Adam] Okay. – [Zamir] You can have it. – [Adam] You can have it. Alright. Alright, love you, take care. – [Zamir] Actually, let me get my phone. – [Adam] I’ll send you a postcard – – I’m not giving you you’re phone. – [Zamir] Whatever. – Kyle where’s your
phone? Give me that phone. – [Adam] Take your phone,
I don’t need my phone, you can keep my phone. – [Zamir] I’ll buy a new one in DR. – You sure you can get one? – [Zamir] Hell yeah. – From in DR?
– [Kyle] iPhone 1! – [Zamir] We got American Dollars. – iPhone 1! (laughs) – [Zamir] We got US currency. – [Adam] Ow, Samia, why you punch me? – [Kyle] Let’s hurry up and
go, I got lounge passes. – Yeah.
– [Adam] Oh! Okay. American Express lounge
passes, okay, bye babe. – [Zamir] The flight’s at ten anyway. – [Adam] All right,
I’ll send you a postcard since you have my phone.
– You being serious? – [Adam] Yeah. Ei Yi Yi, Mamicita. Damn, bro, them hips never lied. (laughs) Why so loose, bro? Go, bro, tighten that shit up, bros. That shit is too watery for me. – Y’all don’t know how to Mambo? – [Adam] I’m just gonna
have to tell her now but this is ridiculous right
now. She’s so cool with it. – [Zamir] Why is she
so happy though, Adam? – Dog. – I’d be pissed right now. – If my girl came and
told me she was leaving like to go on a trip without telling me – – With that ass, watch
her book a trip somewhere with the kids. – [Adam] She probably would too, man. – You better stop her right now, before she racks up that credit card. – [Adam] Let me end this right now. – [Zamir] You better stop this. – All right, y’all, I’m gonna end this. – [Latoya] Yeah, we’re going. – [Adam] Zayn, do you remember this guy? – You can’t forget me, what’s up? Zayn’s talking now and stuff, right? – [Latoya] Why do you have
your chest hair out, dude? – Cause this is how they do it in the DR. – [Zamir] He’s got his taco meat out? (laughing) – [Adam] Taco meat out.
– [Latoya] The taco meat. – You gotta let his taco meat breathe, man, you know what I mean? – It’s gonna be breezy out here. – [Latoya] Okay, just give me a second. – [Adam] No, no. – [Kyle] Ahhh, how ya doing? Remember me? – This has completely backfired, y’all. This is the worst social
experiment of all times. – [Latoya] I’m coming. – I’m thinking – look, she said, “yes.” – Like they really, that
ass think they’re goin on vacation, bro. You hear that? – [Adam] Where you goin’, Samia? – Jamaica. – [Group] Jamaica! – [Latoya] How did you guys
plan a vacation without me? – [Kyle] It’s a boys’ trip. – [Latoya] All right, here we go. – [Kyle] It’s a man’s trip, see. – I plan not to vlog anymore, so here, you can have this. – And we’re coming, so hunties, huncles, we’re all going to the DR. – Here, you gotta take your son back. – Actually, we’re gonna be on
the same flight as you. Adam? I’m actually serious, I’m coming. – Change his diaper. Okay, this was a bad social
experiment. Clearly, it failed. – No it didn’t. – Wait, we’re not going to DR? – You all can return your t-shirts. – I own this, bro. – [Latoya] Is that Erica’s shirt, bro? – No-
– Oh! (laughing) – [Latoya] That looks like Erika’s Shirt. That is too funny. – I was not expecting
this reaction from you. – [Latoya] You weren’t
expecting this reaction? Me coming? I’m coming, I’m not playing. I’m always down to take a little trip. – Why are you not mad though? – [Latoya] Why would I be
mad? Because I’m coming. – She doesn’t understand what’s in the DR. – A boy’s trip to DR, all inclusive? – [Latoya] No, because I would be there. – With these three good looking fellas? – [Latoya] I would be there with you guys. – Four. – [Latoya] Lookin’ at all
those DR booties with y’all. – I’m not looking at booties – [Latoya] Wooooo! Good job, Zimmy. – I ain’t doing that. – Well, we’re excited to see Kyle. – [Latoya] Yes! – [Adam] People have
been askin’ about you. Kyle is doin’ really well. – I am, you know, people have
been slidin into my DMs asking where I’ve been from the vlog. I’m good, like working hard. – [Latoya] Yeah, he’s
wearing Hawaiian shirts, yo, wearing Erika’s clothes. Wearing shortie shorts.
– Knees out. – Yo, these are the new thing. – All the hoes are going to be jealous of my thigh tan when we get back. – Straight up, look at
this thigh tan, bro. – Got a new tattoo I guess.
– [Latoya] That is so funny. That’s cute! – Always, always trappin, always nice. Me and Erika got it, we
got it on her birthday because she was like, “I
feel like I’m getting old” and I was like, “Let’s do something you’ve never done before.” I’m like, “What about a tattoo?” And she said, “Yeah” and
I was like, “Oh shit.” I wasn’t really expecting her to say yeah, but I mean, it was good. – [Adam] That’s nice. – [Latoya] Cute, I like it. – So she’s got “Always”, too? – She got the same tattoo, yeah. – [Latoya] That’s nice. – It’s on the other side, yeah. – [Latoya] So wait, I need
to get a tattoo, Adam. Yeah, Dom and Zimmy, Y’all
get matching tattoos? – Why you trying to get us involved? – [Latoya] Yeah, right? – Don’t you try to get us involved. – Wait, wait, wait. What
should our couple tattoo be? Comment below. Also, Dom and
Zimmy, what do y’all think? What do you think? What
should their couple tattoo be? – I don’t think Dom is down for that. – [Latoya] Okay, yeah, so
your failed social experiment, y’all are waste.
– Don’t Hate. – [Latoya] I kinda knew. – Okay.
– Don’t lie. – [Latoya] The stupid Hawaiian shirts, unless you guys would actually wear that to the DR like on the flight. – I would. – That’s what everyone’s wearing in DR. – Yo, do y’all really want
to go somewhere, we’ll go. – We could go. – You know, we could go. – 100% – Like we could really go,
you wanna turn this real? – [Latoya] Let’s turn
it real, yeah. Let’s go. Let’s all go. – Why we all? – There’s no way you’re
going on a trip without me. – [Adam] Tell me that we can’t do it. – You can’t. – [Adam] Where y’all want to go? – You can’t. – [Zamir] You paying?
– [Adam] 100% (laughter) – [Latoya] You paying? – We goin’ for two days. – [Latoya] And I will be there, alright? See ya later, guys, bye guys. Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam,
Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, get your ass inside,
you ain’t goin nowhere. – Who you talkin to? – Why you talkin to my dog like that? – [Latoya] Get your ass inside. I’m gonna put him back in his cage. – What? – [Latoya] Talking to
your dog like that, ha ha! (upbeat hip hop music)


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