Good Ecommerce Conversion Rate? How to Increase Conversion Rate Ecommerce
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Good Ecommerce Conversion Rate? How to Increase Conversion Rate Ecommerce

so when we developed Tea software
customers will come to us and said we are buying traffic from Google but
they’re not buying any and when we would look at their website we knew that the
traffic was real and legitimate but there had a problem on their actual
website so T software we are actually monitoring their every movement so every
pixel they move on the screen we’re actually recording that data into a
database and to you know Big Data and we ended up developing this predictive
analytics that instead of measuring what oolitic smeii end of the sale which is
the conversion we’re measuring the very beginning which is intent we call it
visitor engagement and we compare the behavior from a visitor we know that
they bought something and we take that behavior and we overlap it on the
visitor that did not buy anything ultimately we can see if the visitors
coming in from an advertising campaign are showing intent to buy and we’re also
able to see exactly where on the website they’re falling off if we see that a
visitor is showing intent to buy but they all fall off on page four and five
then four and five is our culprit that we have to solve the problem with and
the first customers that we start working with they had such amazing
results that we were able to increase their conversions within 30 days while
cutting their spend substantially every customer that we’ve signed up on T
software is still our customer

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