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hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel if you’re new here my name is Rachel and I’m a fashion reseller over
on Poshmark so today’s video is gonna be a really quick video this is a goodwill
blue box goodwill has started doing these and they are kind of a mystery box
very similar to a thread up from what I’ve heard so you pay $20 and you get
anywhere from 10 to 12 items it says they can range in price from $4
up to $100 so you really don’t know what you’re getting you do get to pick the
sizes um I got a medium they were out of large and extra large which I would have
preferred but I went with what they had so they do sell out very quickly so I
encourage you to find them over on Instagram they do post what when they
are restocking so what I did is I set an alarm on my phone it alerted me when
they had the restocked boxes up and then I went on there and purchased him um so
they are $20 plus shipping I think I ended up paying about $26 and some
change for this box I have not opened it and it came in just today so it is a
pretty big box like I said 10 to 12 items I do not know what’s gonna be in
here if it’s gonna be tops pants skirts I don’t know they don’t tell you any of
that they don’t tell you brands or anything like that so very curious to
see what comes in this did come from Florida in case you were wondering
and it did ship out really quickly I want to say I ordered this about five
days ago and it just came in today so comes in by FedEx came pretty quickly so
we’re gonna go ahead and hop into this I do apologize for my parents we’re
getting ready to go mudding in the Jeep and so I just kind of threw my hair up
and ready to go okay here’s some paperwork in here thanks for shopping
blue box share your pictures or videos of your blue box on Instagram Facebook
and receive $10 10% off your next order just tag us in your post and use coupon
code ambassador what’s cool so there’s this information okay so yeah here’s the
invoice $19.99 shipping was $6.99 came out too
2698 I do apologize if there’s some background noise my kids are upstairs so
alright so I’m gonna kind of show you what I’m seeing I’m already hmm
I’m already unhappy I see some stained clothing and I see something that looks
like a crib mattress so here’s what I’m seeing I’m just thrown in there Thurs it
doesn’t what they fold it a little bit um okay first thing first and this is
what I see stains on I’m hoping that that comes up on camera there’s like a
pretty heavy stain there it is by Talbot’s or towel box I think it’s
Talbots it’s how you pronounce it but it’s a medium petite so mm probably not
gonna sell very well being that size it is nice it’s a nice material
but that’s stained it looks like I hope it shows up on camera but it does look
like a jean stain or something like that material is 100% cotton all right so
there’s that probably yard so that all right next item okay this is good this
is a Vince Camuto I’ve had a pretty good success with selling this brand on
Poshmark it’s a sleeveless top hopefully I can
kind of show you it is has some ruching here on the side looks to be in good
condition I don’t see any flaws right offhand just feels like polyester yeah
95% polyester um but you know Vince Camuto does pretty well size medium
so I will probably list this for about $25 as usually about what I get for that
brand so even if I sold it for 25 minus the fees I’ll probably make maybe sorry
I’ll probably make maybe $17 on that so that’s not bad oh wow okay so this is
what I saw first of all and in there was this mesh top and that’s what I meant by
it looks like a crib mattress but this is really cool so this is w by worse
and I think it’s the same brand that I have sold before and talked about in
previous a previous video the brand called worth is very expensive it
retails for quite a bit but it doesn’t resell for as much but it is new with
tag um unfortunately it doesn’t have the retail price I might can scan that
barcode and it might pull something up but this is actually really really nice
um heavy duty material it is white be great for a cruise it is very very thick
I’ve talked about worth in my previous videos about how they just have really
good quality this is really super nice it zips up the side I can’t believe it’s
new with tag oh I wish I knew how much this you know retailed it does have a
website so I’ll check the website for comps but it’s a size six I don’t see
any flaws so that is really good depending on this I think I don’t know
for sure but I think W by worth is like they’re cheaper in line but I could be
wrong so don’t quote me on that moving on so that was good
I’ll definitely have to come back on here and let you guys know if it’s sold
so in the comments below I’ll let you know how things are getting sold alright
so here is a purple tank-top has some really pretty beading along the neckline
and it is Michael Michael Kors that’s a good brand as well um sells anywhere
between I don’t know twenty and thirty five I would say so um but I just
noticed that there’s some beading missing so I can either take the beading
off of that entire row because the other row is okay with the beading and maybe
list it that way just that it’s missing the beading there trying to see if
there’s any other flaws but there’s a little leaf or something on it but no it
looks to be in good condition um size medium so that I mean I’ll probably list
it for maybe 20 or 18 and just accept best offer on that one alright next is
something for the winter ooh this is cute
okay so far I that this box has been pretty decent the
sizes have been appropriate for the medium and I have got some good brands
so this is Lucky Brand I do like to sell Lucky Brand it is out of season but this
is super duper cute it’s a long sleeve but it has this ruffle detail at the top
which is so cute and classic and it feels like really great material
it’s probably just cotton but it feels it feels really nice oh no I don’t see a
material tag let me check here yeah I don’t see a material tag it’s very very
very soft I feel like it might have a cashmere blend to it or something it’s
very very soft stretchy I don’t see any flaws so that’s really nice alright so
next okay I hope this isn’t super fancy brand I’ve never seen this brand before
Jean Claude pear lot Pierre lot Rome it seems nice I think it’s a mini dress so
here’s the top it has a clasp there in the front elastic waistband kind of fake
wrap down at the bottom um it doesn’t feel super fancy you know you
can just feel quality it feels very thin but 100% polyester size medium so I’ll
have to look that up if you happen to know this brand please comment below
this is really this would be a really pretty Valentine’s Day or maybe holiday
dress so kind of a occasion dress that’s really pretty a very lightweight alright
next is this Chico’s the ultimate tea size one I assume that means a size 1x
if it’s like torrid I could be wrong though this kind of looks small size one
I don’t know um you guys let me know in the comments below but I’m still gonna
assume that it’s a 1x just based on the style so it’s just kind of your basic
tea lime green it seems to be in good condition I don’t see any flaws on that
that’s good I mean it’s not gonna sell for a lot but that is a okay
all right next is another huh this is nice it’s a sweater and it is by Talbots
sizes medium petite I wonder if this came from the same person maybe it’s
super cute um I would wear this it’s just kind of a basic sweater but it does
have kind of this um you can’t see it on camera but there’s this like like
laser-cut I don’t know there’s like a cutout here in the sweater so this is
really really cute I don’t even see any pilling or anything like that so I will
probably list this um it does have 5% cashmere so that’s a good you know good
seller so I’ll probably list this I might wait until the fall to list that
but that’s nice alright looks like we have three or four more things
alright this I can already tell looks kind of dated all right this is another
Chico’s size one and correct me if I’m wrong about the sizing I’m just assuming
because torrid does the size one thing and it means a 1x but this doesn’t look
like a 1x to me honestly it looks like a large maybe so 3/4 sleeves just has a
really cute print pattern on it here’s the back and I don’t really sell Chico’s
it’s not a brain I typically pick up but this is nice so I may see if my mom can
wear that or I might list it I mean I might try it out next to looks like we
have a lot of sweater type and another Talbots table its size medium this is
super cute actually it’s a cardigan and it has these really pretty studs that
are silver on it it does zip up oh I might keep this this is nice I don’t
think any of them are missing that’s one thing with embellishments you have to
check and make sure there’s nothing missing but long sleeved has a ribbed
sleeve there and it does sit let’s make sure that as it works sorry I’m trying to hurry okay yes it
does zip up this is really cute um this is
really good for anything really any spring a spring wedding or something you
may need a layer or in the winter of course yeah
that’s pretty nice all right looks like two more oh I really like this all right
so this is Ralph Lauren jeans so it’s Lauren Ralph Florence the green label
size medium and it’s this ivory long sleeve I really love this detail here on
the shoulder it only has it on the one side but it also has the patches on the
elbows and it does have the logo here on the bottom of the shirt this is super
duper cute I can’t keep everything but if I could
wear this I might wear it oh it even has a little logo on the zipper so this is
nice I don’t see any stains that’s kind of a thing you have to watch out for
with this color but I don’t even see any armpit stains or anything so that’s
really nice I like that alright last item all right so this is forever 21
medium forever 21 is not a brand I pick up they don’t resell for a lot at all
but this is cute so it’s kind of an oversized tank here’s the top but it’s
extremely flow we here at the bottom kind of a tunic length very large here
at the bottom so this could be a size large you know someone could fit I could
fit in this that’s really cute all right so let’s count the items that’s it one
two all right three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve okay so I
got twelve items so I don’t know how much that makes my price per item but I
think it was a decent box I’d love to hear your guys review um but I would
purchase that again I think that was a really great deal and I will probably do
what it said here the the affiliate program where you can post a picture and
tag them and get 10% off and then maybe order another box so let me know you
I think if you happen to know something about some of those brands that I wasn’t
really sure about comment below I’d love to hear your feedback don’t forget to
hit that subscribe button I’d love to have you and I’m gonna see you guys next
time you

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