Google Ads Agency Tips #4 – How To Work Together?
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Google Ads Agency Tips #4 – How To Work Together?

When you’re choosing which
Google Ads agency to work with an important question to
ask is: how often will they review your campaign and what updates will they make to improve the performance? Because Google Ads is not set and forget and that’s more than
likely why you’re looking for an agency to work
with, and in our opinion the best performance comes
by monitoring the campaign, learning about it over a period of time, and making a lot of
small updates regularly. So the updates might be things like: reviewing which keywords are working and which ones aren’t and
optimizing for the best one, and also monitoring what’s called the search terms report to
make sure you’re only paying for appropriate clicks and
if you’re getting clicks for words that aren’t suitable they can be added as negative keywords. So in our opinion these are just basic week-to-week, day-to-day things that should be done to
improve your campaign. So always ask your agency
how often they’re gonna look at it and how often they make updates, and even I guess what their
strategy is in the longer term for making the most and getting
the best results for you.

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