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T’keyah Bennett welcome back to my channel my name is t’keyah for those of you guys who do not know follow me on my social media if you’re
interested in doing that and also make sure you subscribe I’m tryna get to
40,000 by july first which is my birthday and that would be an amazing gift from you guys to me I would really appreciate it So for this video I wanted to talk about something that’s been hot on the market everyone has been talking about this I
didn’t initially want to review it because I didn’t want to put any heat on my hair but it’s been a couple of months since then and some of you have
definitely been requesting it so I am reviewing the straightening brush and I’m
gonna see if it works on kinky curly coily hair! Not straight hair that’s laid. You know what i’m saying not the easy thing. So I’m going to put this brush to the test let’s jump into the video. Ok so now that I have my hair sectioned this half is detangled and then this 4th is detangled as well I’m going to add my heat protective straightening cream The brush is on 355, whatever. This is what it looks like
before and I stretch my hair. Most of you know that so it’s not blown out it’s just stretched.
I’m terrified to use this! It also comes with a heat protective glove. We got through it! Oh wow oh yeah it’s definitely smoother there’s a huge difference actually I know some people said that the bristles
don’t get hot it’s just the plate but the blue parts on mine are hot so don’t get it
close to your neck. that actually worked pretty well! It’s not bone straight but this is a much easier way. and what I’m doing is pressing my hair
along the bottom plate of the brush So this works very well! I’m surprised I didn’t
think it would work well but the second section was better It’s easy to get this part because you’re
holding this and the hair is taught but once you get to the ends you can’t
hold them and straighten them. Any of the light blue you see is what heats up! Don’t turn it and go down like that so there’s this this
is what you don’t want to do and then there’s just straight on like that. I think you benefit from not burning your hair off. the bristles really evenly disperse the heat
and I feel like this is a better alternative than a flat iron for sure and it’s faster
this is just so much more natural for all of us. It’s a lot more efficient and
we’re more used to using brushes than flat irons. Well depending but I know for
me I’m more used to brushing my hair and detangling it so this whole
motion is very very natural. I know sometimes if your flat iron is too hot or just in general you might smell burnt hair but I don’t with this brush so that’s awesome After I do more sections I’ll show you more. Say if you flat ironed your hair and you want to touch it up you can just brush it straight Alright! As you can see I’ve completely done my whole head! Blessings. There is some texture I will say There is texture to some parts of my roots and of course my ends didn’t get fully straight That’s why I gave it and A not an A+. a day so that’s what we’re looking like and this is honestly how I wear my hair for the most part it doesn’t get it bone straight but
it does a damn good job so if you’re interested definitely pick it up there is a link in
the description box. Subscribe & Share I’d really appreciate it subscribe! Peace


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