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Händlerportrait | Bikefriend | eBay für Händler

For 12 years I was a mother of four and at home most of the time. We moved a lot, so I couldn’t go back to my old job. eBay gave me the opportunity to be more independent from an employer. In the meantime, eBay became my fifth child. I started super small with just few items. At that time I invested 1,000€ into that project. I just wanted to try it out and put the items online. I was very surprised how much customers liked it. I started in our basement in my spare time. After a while, I had to stack the boxes in our corridor. Then we started to clear out and rebuild our basement. At one point, I had so much inventory that I had to move out. I am more than happy that I am not doing it at home anymore. It became a real job, an evolved work. I love colour and the colourful life. I realized very quickly that my target customers love colour as well. That means they like to be colourful on their bikes so I adjusted my inventory to that. It became colourful, because bikers and racing cyclists love it. Of course, when I order something I do not want to get disappointed. I want to unpack it and be super happy that this is exactly what I ordered online. When you do a good job on that as a seller, I think you won.


  • Silvia Frank

    Sehr tolles Video. Kurz und kompakt. Macht mir viel Mut, weiterzumachen. Ich selbst bin auch 3fach-Mama&alleinerziehend&auf dem normalen Arbeitsmarkt habe ich keine wirklich guten Chancen. Deshalb bin auch ich auf die Ebay-Job-Möglichkeit angewiesen. Und es ist wirklich so, wie in diesem Video beschrieben. Bitte mehr solcher Händler -Porträts.Es baut unglaublich auf, Leute zu sehen, die auch diesen Weg gehen. Danke für dieses echt gelungene Video.

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