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good morning you guys Grayson and I just pulled up to his dentist appointment to have his tongue tie checked and to see if we need to get it lasered or not my dentist referred this pediatric dentist to us who is certified in it so I’m interested to see what she has to say and to see if it is bad enough to get lasered and see what they say [Music] then show [Music] okay we just got out of his appointment and come to find out he has a really bad tongue tie and a lip tie so his pediatrician told me that he had a lip tie it’s so funny but he didn’t tell me that or no he told me he had a tongue tie but he did not tell me that he had a lip tie but I’m so glad that you guys told me to get a second opinion because apparently it’s really bad so we’re gonna come back in about a week okay sorry my camera stopped working because my memory card is full so I had to delete some footage but yeah we’re coming back in about a week to have both of them lasered because they specialized in doing that here and apparently it’s like a three week healing process they went over everything with me already so I kind of like know what to expect and they also gave me a recommendation for a lactation consultant so I’m going to reach out to her and get in contact with her and then one that they referred to me apparently meets you here at the appointment but the day of Grayson’s appointment she’ll meet me here and then that way she’ll make sure that he’s latching correctly so the main reason why I want to get his tongue and lip tie revised is because of his latch and I feel like he’s never fully satisfied whenever he’s done nursing so hopefully this will help and I also talked to him a little bit about Bailey too because you guys know she was in speech therapy for about a year from H 2 to 3 and then she graduated we recently a few months ago got her reevaluated in the speech therapist said that she doesn’t qualify for it because she has an insane vocabulary and she talks a ton that’s not the issue it’s pronouncing certain syllables and certain words and I am almost a hundred percent positive that she has either a tongue or lip tie as well and I was just never aware of it at the time because this was like almost five years ago so what he recommend I do for Bailey is have her seen again by a private speech therapist and the only way he will revise her and laser hers if she needs it is it the speech therapist recommends that we have it done so I may start the process with that and see what a speech therapist does and if they would recommend having Bailey’s done I’m sorry he’s starting to get fussy so I’m gonna head out soon but I just wanted to update you I was on that as well because um I thought it was really interesting I just got this stem gem in the mail and I’m so excited to try it it’s from williams-sonoma I’ll link it down below for you guys but I saw a blogger that I follow talked about this in her stories and she was using it and it looks so cool so I’m gonna wash it really quick and then try it out and see how well it works so my kids will not eat strawberries if they have the green stems on them so oh my god that was so easy wow that’s so cool and this is the stem it cuts it out like perfectly I think this was like $5 – oh my gosh that’s amazing you guys license so cool I love this it’s like satisfying – I’m just putting them all on a boring awesome baby [Music] if I won’t be pretty okay the verdict is everyone needs this in their life in their kitchen this thing is so cool definite game-changer in under ten bucks so I will link it below for you guys okay it’s quite a bit later now I was going through some of the comments on my last video you guys have been so helpful over the last couple days with Grayson so I definitely appreciate all the comments and all the feedback that I’m getting on all of my vlogs lately you guys are the best but a lot of you guys were saying that Grayson might have had an allergic reaction to something in my diet and that’s why he has broken out in that rash all over his body and I definitely think he might have the same issue that Shay had when she was a newborn I think she might or I think he might be lactose intolerant and have a milk protein allergy like shaded so if you guys have been following me for a while you know that I switched over to a lactose free formula with her and since I’m exclusively breastfeeding Grayson I think I’m gonna try and cut out dairy and see if his skin starts to clear up but I was doing some research and apparently it takes like two to three weeks for the cow’s milk protein to leave your system so it’s gonna take quite a while for us to be able to figure out if that’s what’s causing the rash on his body and if he in fact has a milk protein allergy like shaded so tomorrow’s gonna be the first day that I try that and see if I can stick to it I’m hoping I can but I consume so much dairy that’s probably like one of my major food groups so it’s gonna be really difficult I’m definitely going to try and I’m also going to take him in to get seen by his pediatrician because his next checkup isn’t for another like two and a half weeks so I want to bring him in so that his pediatrician can look at him and make a recommendation what they think that I should do someone make that appointment tomorrow but I really think that he might have a milk protein allergy so I’m gonna just take that initiative upon myself to start eliminating dairy now and then I want to see if I can get him allergy tested so I don’t know the process on how they do that maybe you guys can help me and let me know like what should expect and how to go about doing that but I think he’s really sensitive skin like I do and we’ve tried changing all of his detergents when we started using dressed before he was born I washed all of his clothes and draft and then we brought a couple swaddles in like a few outfits in my diaper bag to the hospital when he was born and the day that we wrapped him up in the swaddle it was that copper swaddle he started breaking out in a really bad rash and got the worst newborn rash and I don’t know if it was just a newborn rash because he was new to the world or if it was because of the draft so I had like a breakdown in the hospital just because I was like a postpartum mess and just got so sad and like felt so guilty that he was gonna come home and all this stuff was washed and something that didn’t sit well with his skin so on our way home from the hospital Adam and I stopped at Target while I stayed in the car with Grayson and he ran in to get some new detergent right now what we’re using is seventh-generation I forget the exact name of it I responded to a couple of you guys in the comments at my last video of the exact detergent that we’re using but it’s by seventh generation and I came home and had to watch every single last bit of clothing that he owns in seventh generation so I had to do his laundry twice which is is fine but yeah that’s what we’re using right now for his detergent his bath wash I haven’t really changed too much I mean I’ve used two things and then a lot of you guys recommended the tubby Todd so we’ve been using that for almost three days now but I haven’t really been changing that many products with him but I definitely want to see what his beauty of and see if we can get him allergy tested but in the meantime I’m going to start eliminating dairy from my diet and see if that helped him and I actually was not planning on vlogging at all today I was just gonna put up a video on Thursday and Friday instead of Wednesday and Friday because I have not been getting the best sleep the last couple nights Greyson has been up a lot throughout the night so I’ve just been so exhausted in my eyes were like burning all day today and I actually took a nap I woke up from a nap like an hour and a half ago I slept when Greyson slept and it felt really good I was just so exhausted but I just had no desire to pick up the camera today because I’ve just been so beyond tired so I think I’m just gonna end the vlog here thank you guys so much for understanding I know you do I know I don’t even have to explain myself but I will update you guys on Greyson and everything going on with him in the next couple of vlogs please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys very soon [Music] baby let your hair down me a little water baby picking shoes [Music]


  • Ana Crespo

    Are you holding more your baby and not letting him be in that swing for too many hours in an empty room like you were doing?

  • April Lunga

    I agree with you about taking him to the peds my daughter has very very dry skin even now she is 13 she has to keep her skin hydrated with lotions when she was a baby we would have to apply lotion 2-3 times a day I never knew this as a new mom so baby that could help him til you see the ped Dr all 3 of your babies are so cute

  • Ola Bukowiec

    I would definitely recommend bathing the baby less. When I had my son he had a rash too and I’ve been told to bathe him with water only for the first month or so. I’ve also been told that newborns only need a bath once or twice a week. He’s 20 months now and we still give him a bath twice a week unless it’s summertime and he’s muddy and sweaty. We also use aveno baby range as we find it’s the only brand that doesn’t irritate his skin. He also had cows milk protein allergy shen he was a newborn so I do feel for you. Baby no2 is due in 2 months and I’ve decided to cut out any dairy out of my diet already in hopes of lessening the chance of her having an upset tummy. You’re doing a great job ! You should give yourself more credit ! Xoxo 🌸🥰

  • Claire Bringley

    I’m just now catching up on your vlogs, I had my second daughter on July 19th! She also has a tongue tie and has bad skin! My older daughter also has horrible skin and eczema and unfortunately cutting any food out of my diet never helped when I was nursing her, hopefully my newborn has better skin than my oldest! Thanks for keeping us updated ❤️

  • hinerau te tau

    I’ve just had my sons ties lazered. It is a super quick procedure and so worth it! He’s still learning how to feed properly again, but we are getting there and he is so much happier 🧡

  • Christina Slone

    I don’t know if you’ve tried but my baby was same way with extremely sensitive skin actually still is and she’s almost 3. Only thing that would help her is Honest brand products

  • SunnyZ

    Hi Tara, I saw two different Dermatologists and they both recommended the All Free and Clear laundry detergent. I was also using Dreft, but since changing to the All Free and Clear the rash has since resolved and I use it exclusively for the entire household now.

  • Angel Angel

    You re so lovely &cute 😄😄😄 ILove you so much and your sweety girls they are so amazing 💕💕💕good luch for your family …your baby at the same of age of My little son …

  • Adam Adamm

    My son had a lip tie and ectodermal dysplasia and my daughter had a milk allergy and aczzema 😭 we are in palestine and we can't find any medicine or any good profitional doctor's here

    Is there anyone can help my cheldren pleas contact me

  • Esti I

    My sons skin is very very sensitive and he has eczema and very bad allergies ! we use free and clear detergent! Free of fragrance and it has really helped him. And our ped only allowed us to get allergy testing at 9 months old! Also coconut oil seemed to work amamzing on his skin and helped clear his ezcema! Good luck I hope this helps!!

  • Double The Bumps

    So many good things in this vlog and so glad you figured out Greysons tongue tie and Shay I think you said! All the things we have to be aware of with a newborn they are very unpredictable you just never know what's next! My son who's 3 1/2 has issue pronouncing words as well and I had a few pediatrician say he may have tongue tie and lip tie!

  • Chastine Perez

    My son has an allergist they are going to do blood work for his allergy test. Instead of the scratches on his back because he’s so young. But my son is 2 months away from two and the pediatrician barely referred him. My son has an allergy to milk protein as well and so does my 1 month old daughter so it definitely is possible. My daughters allergy is worse than my son so she is on elecare. Because my daughter ended up hospitalized due to her allergy her intestines where inflamed she couldn’t keep anything down. That’s a severe allergic reaction she had it’s scary but as soon as I switched her formula it was like night and day. She’s so much better now.

  • marla

    My son had his tongue clipped first but didnt help so then a little while later we had it lasered. Only thing was hard for us was the stretches that we had to do multiple times a day for 4 weeks so it doesnt reattach itself. His doctor said the mouth heals so fast and if i missed even one of the stretches i had to do it could start to attach. Good luck with grayson!! Im so glad i did it for my son.. being a mother is not easy but so worth it!!

  • Tatyana Munoz

    Tara, you should really try Young Living. its pricey but so worth it.. theres so many chemicals in all the things we use 🙁 YL has a really good Seedlings line for babies and kids!

  • جۣۗہوآنۣۗہةة 'ۦ 'ۦ

    احنة العراقين كلش انحبج واهواية نستفاد من الفيدهات مالج شكرا جزيلا 🌺🌼

  • Emily Keene

    Why do all YouTube moms say their kids milk protein allergy. That is not what it is it baby skin and that’s normal. I think the moms like the attention. No offense Tara you are my fav YouTube mom but I think you only think this because all your friends do it.

  • fdgirl92

    You can do an extra rinse cycle to get the detergent out of the clothes. My son’s skin is super sensitive and I was his clothes twice first with detergent and secondly without

  • Lexy Thomas

    I’ve been commenting on every single one of your videos to tell you that he has a tongue and lip tie and to have it water lasered. I had to get my son’s water lasered. Pediatricians don’t think lip ties even exist. Only pediatric dentists know about them for some reason. I’m so so happy you saw comments and are getting his toes revised. It will HUGELY help your son

  • Our Fam BAM

    Hi Tara,
    My daughter had a dairy allergy at birth, however here in my state they refused to do any allergy testing on her till she was a certain age. I had to take her to a gastroenterologist and pediatric allergist and they decided to do a blood test. They said the scratch tests are more uncomfortable for babies and the blood test is easier and more accurate than the scratch tests. We are dairy free still in my house with her and shes almost 5. If you look there are actually A LOT of products out there to replace dairy and they even taste good too! Chao brand makes regular and cheddar cheese slices that are toufo but still good, hellman's makes a veganise mayo that tastes like the read thing and the there are shredded cheese out there too just to name a few. Good luck!!!!!

  • Ghady Hatem

    My son had milk protein intolerance but with digestive symptoms
    I quit milk and its derivates and noticed the progress since week two
    Its hard at first but u will adapt

  • clara Dos Santos

    I don’t know about the procedure for allergic tests in america but you need to find one which is reconized because a lot of associations do allergic tests to get money and just tell you lies. Anyway I love your family and the birth of Grayson maked me soooo happy ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ella Darst

    Lactose intolerance is caused by missing a lactase enzyme, so lactose (which is a sugar) free milk can still contain milk protein! So if he’s allergic to milk protein you’ll need to go dairy free!

  • Kristina Bradey

    My son was born with a tongue tie and a lip tie. They cut the tongue tie when he was 12 days old in an ENT office and the healing was basically instant. The ENT refused to allow the lip tie to be lasered until after his two front teeth came in when he was 15 months old. He also healed from that really quickly. I can’t imagine three whole weeks for healing, that’s insane!

  • Marisa & Frankievlogs

    You can also see an orthodontist to check her frenum if it is bad he would recommend to laser it! It can cause issues when they’re older like a gap in the front teeth

  • murphy1384

    I have sensative skin & need to use fragrance free, I started using All free & clear for abt 15 yrs & I haven't had any problems. I also use the free&clear fabric softener & Dove fragrance free body wash.

  • kaitlin caldwell

    i can’t use baby dreft on my baby’s clothes because it breaks my skin out so i use the all baby detergent!

  • Monica Whitson

    When I was a baby I had the most sensitive skin ever. My parents had me allergy tested and it showed I was allergic to EVERYTHING (grass, dust, pollen, 20+ trees, dogs, cats). My parents just ensured I was clean, my clothes were clean, and that the ‘allergies’ weren’t affecting me in any other ways such as sleeping, breathing, etc. Im now 21 & have literally no allergies! Not sure how much this helps but it might give a bit of hope! Fingers crossed he grows out of it😊🤞🏻

  • Amy Wankawala

    It looks like Grayson has baby Eczema. My daughter has it since birth. We only use coconut oil and Dove body wash only. When she was 7 months old I took her to dermatologist and he prescribed Triamcinolone which cleared up in like 3 days. It’s the nature of Eczema to flare and go away. So I would suggest coconut oil twice a day for now and when he is older I would take him to the dermatologist.

  • Leslie Lerew

    Hi, a tip I will pass onto you what I learned and it made a difference with strawberries.
    Cleaning them, the dirt that came out! Add them to a bowl of cool water and sit for 10-15 min and rinse. You will see extra light dirt that you normally wouldn’t see just rinsing quickly.
    Also, organic is a must! Especially with all berries!
    ❤️to you and your family😊

  • sara campos

    I know that tired feeling…. 14 weeks old here and still tired 😴 baby girl comfort nurses what seems like all night.

  • Лариса Мишина

    Здравствуйте я с таким просьбой мы собираем помощь и мало имущем семье чем сможете помочь мы всё обращаемся за помощью мы из России у нас страна бедная чем сможете Помогите Вот номер карты можно вещами по адресу Брянская область дятьковский район поселок ивот ул Октябрьская 65 интекс 242650 Каму мишина Лариса Викторовна.! Номер карты 2202200336517535

  • Megan joy

    With my 2nd child I didn't do anything different. I use the same laundry stuff I had been using. If you don't expose him to the different things in products you'll never know what his skin will react too. I firmly believe that if you don't " baby" him it will help you so much! Both of my kids have really bad eczema and that is helped and then buy me not switching my laundry detergent or giving them something with no dyes or anything like that, because their skin will get used to the sensitive formulas and won't be able to use anything else. You don't have to get everything super clean and natural because sometimes that's not good for our bodies. Our bodies need to be exposed to stuff like that to be able to figure out if it's good or bad for us, does that make sense

  • Ashley May

    Unless he is fussy and having mucus poops, I wouldn’t bother with eliminating dairy. They usually outgrow it anyways.
    But definitely if he is uncomfortable or anything of the sort.

    But consider heat rash. It’s dead of summer and Texas heat is no joke. You do seem to keep him swaddled a lot. Maybe use the bamboo swaddles that are breathable. I think nested bean is the one I loved. My son had a heat rash that was mistaken for milk protein sensitivity.
    Good luck with clearing it up!

  • Alyssa Morales

    I worked at an ENT office where we preformed the lip/tongue tie reversal (frenulectomy/fremotomy) and the Sooner it’s done the better! They require almost no healing time and it’s such a quick procedure! Good luck to you guys 💜

  • Ashley Nicole

    My son had his tongue clipped at 4 weeks then found out he had a lip tie too and got that clipped at 4 months it helped so much getting them both done he would have had speech issues. Now he’s 19 months and doing amazing and talking great

  • Thedirtygardenhoe

    Gerber soothe drops in the little tiny glass jar work miracles (short lived but help with fussy moments) ai think you may have them already? They are spendy, $40 for the tiniest jar, but serious magic.

  • Georgia Bee

    You can just give Grayson a bath with just water, they don’t need products 🙂 that could help maybe?
    I really hope you get it sorted ❤️

  • Christina Thorsen

    My son had the same!!! Wish I would have found out sooner. I ended up getting it snipped instead of the laser and personally found it so be a super efficient process and a very fast recovery. Just a suggestion. Either way so happy you found out for little man! Game changer xo You are an awesome momma!

  • Katie Osborne

    My daughter was breaking out in rashes a lot as a new born and I kept thinking it was something in my diet. With my son I had to cut back on dairy because he was sensitive to it . So I assumed maybe the same thing with my daughter but cutting dairy didn’t help, after changing all her products she was using I was at a loss of what to do, it wasn’t until she was 10 months old on Christmas eve we rushed her to the hospital for an allergic reaction after eating egg. A month later we took her to get allergy tested and sure enough she was highly allergic to eggs and nuts.

  • Angela Checs

    My daughter got her tongue tie clipped and it made such a HUGE difference in her breastfeeding! I cried like a baby but she did a 2 second cry and was good! They said ear piercing hurts more than a tongue tie clip! Good luck!!

  • Jamie Yuerek

    Good luck with the non diary diet and breastfeeding! I have a four week old and have been diary free for almost a week now. I feel like he is less gassy and fussy and I hope his other symptoms improve with time. He is also going through a growth spurt and I have been eating a ton of oatmeal and taking fenugreek capsules. I found a vegan oatmeal no bake cookie recipe on Pinterest that I am going to try today!

  • Brooke Loffredo

    My son had about 6 words and we started speech therapy when he was 22 months. He will be 3 in October and he is stopping therapy this month after they evaluated him and said he’s much better now. He has an unlimited vocabulary now! I do worry about when he’s Bailey’s she and has speech trouble but they do need to find 2+ categories to be able to have them get therapy again and my son only has speech. The frenulum may cause trouble with speech which my son’s is short as well as mine and my husband’s! Not enough for surgery though but who knows what will happen in the future!

    Insane vocabulary

  • Ashley Martin

    Try arm and hammer sensitive skin scent free. Early on with my first baby I actually looked at a chart that you can google for safety of detergents and dreft ironically scored low for being a safe and chemical free detergent. Best wishes mama!

  • Jessica Brewer

    My son was born with a tongue tie & they found it during his circumcision. They told me about and took care of it at the same time & they told me that he would heal very quickly bc little babies heal quicker. Idk if this is relevant, but it makes my anxiety go down bc I had never heard of this at all before him. My daughter doesn't have it. Makes me feel better I'm not alone, I was scared I ate something I wasn't supposed to during pregnancy or something (idiot I know 🤣🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️).

  • Cristy Gonzalez

    Hey tara that looked like baby acne my 7 wk old had it just or worst than him. And is lil by lil clearing up.before making decisions call ur dr.

  • Robynn

    That stem gem is my uncle's invention 🙂 Chefn is his company 🙂 so awesome you have one! He has invented many very cool kitchen gadgets!

  • Cory and Kayla Swarmer

    Tide free and clear is a great detergent for sensitive skin and it's great because you can do the whole families laundry at the same time!

  • Breana L

    I removed dairy from my diet when I was breastfeeding my daughter and she developed the allergy. It took a few weeks but noticed a huge difference!! It's not easy and you have to watch out for so many dairy products in things you wouldn't expect but worth it for your baby!! I use All free and clear for my daughter's sensitive skin and it's been great! Highly recommend! I'm in the dental field and worked in pediatrics, the procedure is routine for many doctors and recovery is minimal! I hope all goes well!! Love your vlogs!! ❤️

  • katy higgens

    My son went to get allergy tested it’s the saddest thing they take blood from babies arms and he doesn’t sit still it was so bad

  • Kelly Lynn

    He’s so cute ! I’m shock your dr or practitioner didn’t tell you right after you give birth .. they would’ve done it at the hospital when he first was born

  • Jennifer Culver

    I thought my daughter was allergic to detergent too, but turns out she was breaking out from anything with polyester in it. It's crazy, I know, but I think milk protein allergies have other signs than just skin allergies. Maybe check his clothes, blankets etc and see if they have polyester and try taking anything with it away for a few days and see if that helps too 💙

  • Erica Machado

    If you’re not a big fan of almond milk oat milk is also really good! Lots of yummy coffee creamers and even ice cream and stuff!

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