How Can I FIX BAD INVENTORY and Lost Sales on Amazon?
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How Can I FIX BAD INVENTORY and Lost Sales on Amazon?

well hey there what’s up it’s Scott and
in today’s ask Scott video session we’re gonna be talking all about bad inventory
or inventory that’s damaged or flawed or maybe the manufacturer made a big
mistake and you didn’t know it that’s a big problem what do we do do we just
keep it in there and keep our fingers crossed that no one notices or do we
start getting returns and our listing gets suppressed and now we have to do
something but we’re stuck with like three or four thousand units what do you
do well I’m gonna go ahead and give you my thoughts on that in this video all right cool so Before we jump into
today’s question let me also remind you once again if you have a question that
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sessions all right so go ahead do that alright cool so let’s go ahead and read
the question that came in about the inventory thing alright let’s do that
alright so this message comes in from Trevor and first off hey Scott love
the show I have a product that has accessories and one of the accessories
we are finding is not working correctly in many cases lots of customer service
the manufacturer may help us with a solution but my question is whether you
know of any way to remove the inventory correct the problem with the accessory
and then send it back where would I even start to find someone to do that alright
so this is a problem the cool thing is I just recently had this exact same thing
happen to someone that’s in my inner circle one of my private clients high
level doing really really well but this exact thing happened and I’m
gonna tell you exactly what I told him all right so here’s what happened to him
and then I’ll go ahead and I’ll give you my answer
alright so very similar is he’s had a product which has sold 150 to 200 units
per day of the same product in his brand all right consistently you know even on
the downtime of the year 125 and then on the upside 200-220 as much as that in
one day so it’s a really good seller right so here’s
happened he reordered the product the product got shipped directly in okay
which is another reason why you always want to inspect your product before it’s
shipped into Amazon FBA or your fulfillment service because if you don’t
you don’t have control over that all right this way here they can potentially
find that problem before you have 4,000 units sitting in a warehouse all right
that’s number one inspect the goods alright don’t just take it that it’s
been great in the past and it has for this guy you know my private client he
has probably been selling this for over three years now no problems and now
there’s a problem so what did we what did we decide well number one I said the
listing is suppressed there’s nothing we’re gonna do with that inventory so we
either got to have them destroy it and lose a whole bunch of money or we can
have them send the inventory back yes we are going to spend money to get it back
right but now what we can do is we can figure out if we can repair the product
or at least fix it so this way here we can go ahead and send it back in now in
his case what happened was is let’s just say that there was two different sizes
all right well they were both sent in together and they’re commingled now so
if someone ordered the small they could get the medium or they might get the
small so what we needed to do now is pull all that inventory sort through
what is what and then take all of this stuff that’s the small and send that in
as that okay because now he would have all of the right inventory okay the
problem is who do you get to do this well you could hire a college kid to do
this or a high school kid to do this and just have them do it in your garage have
them do it in your warehouse wherever it is it’s going to be worth your time for
two reasons number one you’re going to get your inventory back in stock a lot
quicker versus waiting for the manufacturer to make a whole nother run
in this case they were going to do a rush for him
but it’s going to be three weeks of the rush and then another week to get it
here even if they err shipped it so we’re talking four weeks in the other
scenario we can have this stuff shipped back maybe get it in a week go through
it in two or three days at least five hundred or a thousand units and
then ship it directly back in right so this way here we have very limited
amount of of downtime now this is only if there’s something that you can fix if
you know that there’s nothing you’re going to do with this product you’re not
going to be able to fix it you might need to bite the bullet and you might
need to destroy it and I hate to say that but that is what would probably
need to be done now if that did happen hopefully you have a good relationship
with your manufacturer and your manufacturer would make good on that
they would credit you whatever it cost you hopefully all right but the
best-case scenario what I would do and this is what I told my private client
and I said listen here’s what we got to do get that stuff yanked today get it
shipped back to your your place of business right in your warehouse get
someone immediately lined up to go through and start sorting through that
stuff box it back up ship it back in you’re talking maybe a week and a half
two weeks you can be back in back in stock okay right now the listing is dead
right so we got to get that inventory back in as soon as possible but the
other thing is make sure make sure that your manufacturer is aware of this and
also make sure that they’re gonna make good on it and make sure that they’re
also going to get it there in a timely manner now because you have been buying
this stuff in the past and they want to keep your business okay so that’s what I
would do that’s what I advise my private client I’m advising you right now if
you’re in this situation but the one thing is if you’re watching this and
this has not happened to you it could happen to you so definitely make sure
that you take all of the steps all of the necessary steps to inspect the goods
over on China side or whatever country you’re shipping it in from or even the
US side make sure that it’s went through a final inspection and it’s passed all
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you soon

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