How I Make Money Reselling on Poshmark
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How I Make Money Reselling on Poshmark

– Hey everybody, welcome back! Okay, so in my Where I’ve Been video, I told you I’ve kind of become
obsessed with reselling. So I resell on Poshmark primarily is the one I’ve gotten really hooked on. Like I really have been
making good money on there. I think I’ve made about two,
$300 in the first couple months and I actually told
(chuckles) my CenturyLink guy the other day, I said, “You
know I can go buy an item “for a dollar and flip it for
20, and I’m doing great right, “and that’s why it’s so addictive.” So I also do a little bit of
eBay, I’ve done some Amazon, but mostly I wanted to
talk about Poshmark today and I wanted to tell you
where I find my stuff and kinda how that works. (upbeat rock music) So when you get started on Poshmark, probably your first best thing
is to purge your own house and what you definitely wanna do is see what things are selling for. That’s really important when you list because you don’t want
to list something for $50 that everyone else is
selling for 20, right? And all you have to do is
search in the Poshmark app. If you’re saying striped
shirt, or whatever, you know, see what that’s going for and it’s very, Poshmark
is very brand focused so it’s gonna be very much by the brand. There’s tons of videos about
what brands are popular and that kinda thing but to begin with, just go with what you have. Now I was gonna talk a
little about sourcing, so where I do my sourcing. I’m in Omaha, like I mentioned, and there’s a store called It’s $5 and everything is $5
on Saturday and Sunday and then throughout the week
it gets progressively cheaper. It’s like two for five on one day, three for five on another day, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera until it’s 10 for five on Fridays. Don’t go on 10 for five day, it’s crap. But if you have a store like this, a clearance kinda store in
your area, watch for Facebook ’cause that’s how I found out
about the one in our area. And when I say this, I
don’t mean Five Below ’cause I’ve tried flipping
from the Five Below stores and I really did not make very good money. Like, got my money back but just barely and that’s a really
important consideration. So when you’re looking at things, you wanna think about shipping, you wanna think about
fees, Poshmark charges 20%. In general on Poshmark, the
buyer will pay the shipping except that occasionally you
can offer a shipping discount to entice them to buy. So look for a clearance store like that. A lot of times you’ll find great stuff. I found a pair of Speedo
swim trunks that I sold for I think $22 and paid $1.50 for. So there’s really a lotta
good options out there. The next place I go,
which is sadly closing is a Dillard’s clearance store. So if you have an outlet of a store, a clearance of Younkers or
Macy’s or Nordstrom Rack or any of those kinda
places, just keep an eye out especially when they have
the really really good sales like we had a 90% off sale and I got crazy cool
stuff to sell on Poshmark. Unfortunately ours is closing but those are good places to look. Now unfortunately the outlets,
the technically outlets, a lot of those places I’m
not finding have great deals. Like I looked at ours, we
have one close in our area, and we have a bunch of, I mean it’s Nike, Under Armour, Coach, uh, (exhales) Vera Bradley,
all sorts of stuff out there. But like when I looked
at how much I’d be paying versus the fees versus
how much I would make. Just make sure that
you’re searching the app to see what those things are selling for because there’s no point if
you’re not gonna make any money. Okay, now your best profit
margins are gonna come from thrift stores and
you really have to dig. So if you’re not the kinda
person who likes to go dig, this may not be the best for you. If you’re not aware, Poshmark
you can sell new or used. I do both, some people’s best, you know, focus on one or the other but I do both because if the profit margin
is good enough, I’ll do it. Now the profit margin with
thrifting is almost always good. But you have to watch out
’cause sometimes you’ll go to a thrift store and
they’re charging five, $6 for something so if you sell it for 10 and then you have three or $4 in fees, you’re not gonna make anything. But I did go to a local thrift store, found some Rock Republic
jeans, bought them for $10, flipped ’em for I believe 60 and then after fees I made 30 or $40. So just make sure you’re
doing your research and checking it out. But the ultimate, if you have
a Goodwill Outlet in your, if you haven’t (chuckles) heard of this, I had not heard of this
until a few months ago. If you have one of these in your area, this is the bomb, this is the key. You pay by the pound. So I’ve gone there three times. One time I paid, and
it, what I end up doing instead of, you know, weighing out and paying how much I
paid, I just divide it and figure out how much I paid per item. So one time I paid $1.15 per item, one time I paid 58 cents per item, and how much I buy depends on how much good merchandise
I’m able to find. Like one time I went and I found a Diane von Furstenberg top,
I found some Toms shoes, I found some great stuff. One time I went there,
I only bought four items ’cause I didn’t find anything
and that was on the weekend. So I really do think that going there during the week is better. You’ll see other resellers on YouTube refer to Goodwill Outlet as the bins and that’s because it’s
just huge bins of stuff that you go through, and they come, and they switch out the merchandise and you can keep looking
and keep finding stuff and sometimes, and you have
to be (chuckling) in a good, like I went the 4th of
July week just recently and it was so packed that I was like, “I don’t have the mindset for this. “I can’t handle this, I’m out.” Like (laughing) couldn’t do it that day, but sometimes you’ll find
really really great stuff, you just have to dig and
you have to look it up and as you go along you’ll
learn the brands that sell, you’ll learn what you’re looking for but that is probably, profit-margin wise, the bins are the best place to find stuff. So I hope this helps. If you wanna get started on
Poshmark, my code is veggieliz. Right now they are doing a double credit so you’ll get $10 on Poshmark whether you’re looking to buy on Poshmark or sell on Poshmark, either
way use my code veggieliz and you’ll get that free credit. I’ll get a credit too,
so I thank you very much. If you just wanna check
out my closet I will, and that’s, I didn’t even
explain that part, booee! What? (hands clapping) So on Poshmark, your store
is called your closet so that’s where all your
stuff that you’re selling is. So if you wanna see what
I’m doing, my closet, I’ll put that link below. If you want more content like
this, please let me know. I’m trying to shake it up on this channel and give people really
what’s gonna help them whether it’s side hustles,
whether it’s lifestyle, whether it’s whatever, anything
that I’m finding myself really passionate about
and I can help people with and have tips about, that’s
kinda what I’m talking about. So if you like reselling
stuff, please let me know. And I will talk to you soon, thanks!

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