How I’ve Grown With My HOUSE PLANT COLLECTION | Plant Tag | breaking news
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How I’ve Grown With My HOUSE PLANT COLLECTION | Plant Tag | breaking news

and so I said why don’t you eat the tomato?
OH WE’RE LIVE. This just in, a tag video has begun in our very own Plant Tube – first we will be hearing from
Erika Schmoop then our team will be reaching out to miss JuJu Succulents and
Betsy Begonia to answer the hot button question of how they have grown with
their house plant collection riveting absolutely riveting over to you schmoopy
thanks Diane if you bring plants into your life you need to develop some
semblance of patience because they won’t produce immediate visual results which
goes against what a lot of people want which is immediate gratification but
what I’ve realized when having plants around me is that it kind of goes along
with that phrase which is like life is more about the journey than it is the
destination I mean it takes a tremendous amount of time and care and energy to
get these guys to flourish and be happy and grow especially indoors because it’s
not natural for plants really did grow indoors so what I always like to say is
don’t cry over spilled soil it’s the same play off of don’t cry over spilled
milk same thing but more pertinent perhaps for me is I don’t drink milk I
drink almond milk in the first place second of all I have a lot of plants
anyways caring for plants is messy you get your hands messy you get your
clothes messy you have to handle both good and bad bugs as well as fertilizer
and manures and I think we both know what is in those and all of those things
combined in a way that sort of forces you to develop an entirely new skillset
that being said things don’t always work out everything on this planet has a good
start and an end date and the same is true with plants too but it can be hard
to lose a plan that you’ve invested so much of yourself into or that you’ve had
for so many years because you essentially develop a history with it I
know like my palm for example I would be crushed if
anything ever happened to it cuz I have like a sentimental attachment
to it similar like what someone could feel towards like you know jewelry or
like a fancy pair of sneakers before I simply saw plants as plants you know
like something until I guess liven up a barren interior as well as you know
something nice for the exterior I’ve always been surrounded by plants I’ve
always had like fruiting plants vegetables some sort of connection with
them but I didn’t really think too much of it now I see it in an entirely
different way where Nick kind of connects everything to create this
beautiful life there are so many plant varieties and it used for a whole wide
array of different purposes is actually kind of shocking that plants aren’t more
popular in our culture today considering how dependent we are on them and how
amazing they are I think it’s so easy to get caught up in plans and to want like
the rarest ones available and to feel like you never have enough and while I
would not complain about having you know a completely floor-to-ceiling indoor
jungle with its own ecosystem I find that it’s also nice to have you know a
more manageable amount of plants I personally have found that slowly adding
plants to your collection allows you to better understand your plants but then
also for you to understand your own limits for like what you can actually
truly take care of because at the end of the day it’s not worth it to add plants
to your collection if you can’t take care of them going at a more controlled
pace allows you to better understand your lighting conditions what kind of
humidity you’re working with as well as what time you’re able to commit to your
plants to make sure that they stay happy and alive I used to be terrified of
spiders and while I’m not about to go jump into a bath full of them I’m now
able to appreciate what they do for my indoor garden so just as some backstory
I grew up in a situation or an environment or surrounded by people who
had the what’s the word routine of seeing a bug
screaming at said bug screaming for help to kill said bug smashing bug with the
guts on the wall sort of like how a hunter would like mount you know its
kill onto a wall it was like that but for insect guts it was horrible
but it’s what I thought was normal but now I understand the value of some of
them I mean of course there are still some bad insects that are poisonous and
whatnot that you should probably get rid of but there are others that will
actually help you with pest issues such as the daddy longlegs because they’re
omnivores they’ll eat other spiders they’ll eat pests such as aphids even
fungus dead insects and a lot more I mean it’s incredibly handy so instead of
gently picking up and relocating your little critter outside maybe let him
hang out a little bit it’ll do you some favors those are five different ways
that I personally have grunts is introducing plants into my home
environment as I said you know I’ve been surrounded by plants for my entire life
and it’s been amazing but it’s a totally different experience when you bring
plants in and you have to care for them you learn a lot of stuff I would love to
hear what you have learned make sure to mention them in the comments down below
we can have a nice little chat about that but as the news anchor said juju
succulents and Betsy begonia you guys are tagged up next so I can’t wait to
learn and see how you guys have grown along your planty journey bye
this just in, a schmoop is on the loose watch out what do you mean the coffeemakers broken or take note of that sure sure whatever
name is Shu Shu


  • Sharina Tallada


  • Shayla Davis

    One thing I've learned with my houseplants that's made me more successful, is thoroughly researching a plant's care needs before bringing it home. Okay, it's a bright light plant, do I have a space for it to receive that level of light?.etc.

    Ps Love news anchor lady!

  • Sandy G

    Hi Erika! Loved Diane, the news anchor lady, but not as much as you! Very fun video as usual. You are such a joy to watch. You always make me laugh!. I'm looking forward to Betsy and Julie's videos on this. They're, also, 2 of my favorites. As always, thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  • Twisty Sunshine

    I agree plant keeping does make you learn patience. I think it also makes you learn how to research too. Got figure out how to take care of new babies

  • Sharina Tallada

    I'M BACK! OMG I had no clue Daddy long legs did that? I usually just take a broom and sweep then away, but now I will let them hang!! Cant wait to hear form Betsy and Julie, and DIANE!

  • Dominic Florio

    Thanks for making this video for me, on my 60th birthday, May 9th. LOL Since my partner and I are both obsessed, we indulge each other. We like most of the same plants, but not always. So instead of bickering, we just get what we like. After hundreds of plants, both inside and out, we have both grown to know that we have to only spend enough money on plants that leaves some left over to buy food. After all, we have to maintain our strength to care for both the plants and pets. I mean anything else would be crazy.

  • Jim Meeker

    For a split second, I thought Erica had cut her hair. Turns out it was Diane and not Erica! Also why are Erica's videos not showing up on my feed?! YouTube, you got some splainin' ta do!!!!

  • Terri Light

    Glad Betsy Begonia led me here. And huzzah for letting bugs be. On my 3rd marriage, I have discovered that my husband also puts an assortment of misplaced insects into juice glasses and shuffles them out like I do. So while he doesn't understand why I pet honeybees and crawl around looking for beetles, at least he has more patience with me.

  • Ruthie's Succulent Obsession

    News anchor lady was epic😆. I loved how you've grown with your plants. Thanks so much for sharing😊👍❤.

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