How *LinkedIn* Social Media Marketing for E-commerce works – Beginner Tutorial 2019
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How *LinkedIn* Social Media Marketing for E-commerce works – Beginner Tutorial 2019

– [Jonas] Okay, next up, we have LinkedIn
Strategies for E-commerce. I know that some of you guys
are thinking that come on E-commerce and LinkedIn
you gotta be be kidding me. I mean, this is still a great, they still have a really
great organic reach when you’re using LinkedIn, compared to other social platforms. Have you also tried to use the comments, they are very valuable. And here’s an example for
one of the posts I did, where I used the comment
to get the checklist I had, and we’re live presentation
from an E-commerce event here in Gothenburg, Sweden. And the people that couldn’t participate were offered to get the whole presentation as PDF download. And the only thing I
asked them was just enter, comment below if you want
me to send you the PDF. And as you can see here,
was reach over 324 comments still counting, and
almost like 23,145 views and just to make sure
that you understand this, because these these views are mainly from E-commerce managers, from
CEOs, from marketing managers and all the people that I want to, to like build my personal
brand, to have an impact on, and which are really good to
create more business as well. So that is very useful views and it is also led to a
lot of business already just because of that one post. So if you’re working at a marketing agency that is really useful
strategy to have right now. And another thing is when
you post on LinkedIn, try not to include your links in the post, because a lot of research shown that, it get two to three times more reach if you’re not using the link in the post, because obviously LinkedIn
also want you to stay on their platform and
not be having their user clicking from the platform, which means that they
can’t show as much ads as they want to the advertisers. So what you can do is start with the link in the first comment and
add later to the post. So you, then you’re gonna
get a really good 100% boost, you don’t gonna get the link penalty, which means the reach
will gonna be higher, and then you can go back a couple of days or hours depending on
how big your account is, and edit and add the link later on. So that’s the strategy you can use. And of course, if you E-commerce store, you should build your company page. And here you should focus on your like your long-term branding, your vision, mission and statement, your brand story, and all that good stuff. And talk about your products and your upcoming
projects, new innovations. You can use videos for that, of course, and talk about your employees, is perfect for employer branding, which is also if you
haven’t seen my Instagram is strategies social media for E-commerce. I can also add, you can use
employer branding as well on Instagram that is also
good for your company. So on LinkedIn, you could
be sharing how to tips, blog posts and videos. And of course, recruit
talent to grow your business, and that is also important part of an E-commerce business of course. And this is quite underused, that is ask your colleagues to participate even if they have like
300 to 400 contacts. I mean, if you’re like 10
or 50 people at your work, you’re gonna get some lot of views if they start participating
sharing your post with your company content. And if you use if you’re
working as a salesperson, or if you’re actively using LinkedIn to find new leads and business, you should definitely
look into Sales Navigator because you can track your leads and you can target people
like you never seen before. That is really good. So for instance, here people working and listing their apparel of fashion, I got 1337 people just working
in the San Francisco area. So that is a really cool
thing to have as a tool. And the same goes for LinkedIn, if you’re using any kind of videos, you should try to create them
designed for “sound off”, but delight with “sound on”, because most people
don’t have the video “sound on” while working in an open
environment at work. So they have the “sound off”. So what I do, I burn the
text like in this image, straight into the video
just to make sure that they could read and hopefully
they start with the text and then put on the earplugs because they want to hear
the rest of the video. So there you have it,
there was the conclusion. Here’s the conclusion, we
have if you haven’t seen the beginning of this video series, or this video we talked about
having the social media goal, find your Sumo customers to find out which channels to focus on. And then some content creation
strategies you should use for all the channels
we’re talking about here. And then the specific media,
social media strategies for Facebook, for LinkedIn,
for YouTube, and for Instagram. I hope you enjoyed it and comment below, give me a thumbs up if you liked it, give me a thumbs down
if you didn’t like it. Comment if you want me to
produce some more thing about paid media strategies, or some other content
you are thinking about that I probably could help you with or be sharing some of the experience. So continue to look at some of the videos. You can see some here or
down there, down here. And of course follow me and
put on the notifications so you don’t miss any
upcoming videos from me. So have a great one. See you, talk soon.

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