How to add a clickable link to Instagram bio
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How to add a clickable link to Instagram bio

In today’s quick video. I’m going to show you how you add a link to your Instagram account. So when you add a post to an Instagram account, and you add a link to it I’ll show you the one here, if you add a link like a youtube page where this video is It doesn’t show up as a clickable link. All the hashtags show up as a clickable link, but the URL itself the YouTube URL it shows up as text. There is really no way to add a clickable url to a post Instagram only allows you to have one clickable Url in your Instagram account because of spam, any post that you post the only thing you could add to it are these hashtags that are clickable, and you could also tag other people that are clickable But you cannot add a url or a youtube page like I try to do here to your post But there is a way to add one url to your instagram page and then you could direct people like I did here I said link in the bio So then there’s a Youtube link in the bio where you could click and it will take you to the YouTube channel So I’m going to show you how you change this link here All you have to do is click edit profile and right here is where you change that link so if I delete this link I could just use my website URL if I want to direct people to that and then I press done and right there, it shows up as [the] link right on top of the page So now if anybody clicks that link it will take you to the website now I could direct people in any post to go to the bio and click the link so I could post something like Check out this video, link in the bio, and I could always change this website depending on my post So I could make it more specific. So it could do a if my post is about Instagram So the only way really to make sure people go to the right link is to updating this link to be related to your post or you could just make it something generic like your website. In this case, I’m going to keep my Youtube page link up because most of my traffic with this new Instagram account is going to be directed towards the Youtube page. In this other Instagram account I did the same kind of thing. The link in the description, So if I say edit profile, you could see I put the link to the website here. So make sure you utilize that one link as best as you can and drive traffic to the right place. To watch more How-to videos go to or subscribe to our Youtube page. Thanks for watching.


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