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How To Boost Your eBay Listings | eBay Sellers Tips & Tricks

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening!
This is Andy from, back with another episode of eBay Sellers’ Tips
and Tricks. How’re you doing today? Welcome! Sorry it’s been a little while since
the last one. It’s been two weeks instead of one week. I’m trying to get them uploaded
every week, but it was a particularly busy week last week. So, this one is going to be
a short and sweet video – one tip for you in this video. It’s called, “How to Boost
Your eBay Listings”, and if you are not implementing this technique in your eBay business, then
you’re losing money, people. It’s as simple as that. It’s a very important tip. If you’ve
been buying and selling on eBay for a while, you may already have this incorporated, in
which case, great. If not, then you need to be doing it, because you will be missing out.
It’s as simple as that. Without further adieu, let’s get started. This technique can work for you if you sell
multiple quantities of the same items. Basically, if you sell new items and you have an eBay
store, then this technique is important for your set-up. You need to be able to re-order
more of the same stock as well. The number one rule of this technique is to never let
your listing run out of stock. You’ll need to have an eBay store, which most
people will have. If you’re listing a reasonable volume of stock, it’s actually cheaper to
have an eBay store; the basic ones are available for around about $14 or $15. When you have
an eBay store, you’ll have the opportunity to list items good until cancelled. Essentially,
what this means is, you can list an item indefinitely that will renew every thirty days, and it’ll
continue that way until either you cancel it yourself, or all the stock items are sold. The trick with this is to never let all the
items sell. If you’re starting to run out of stock, you need to re-order the stock before
it runs out. If you get to the point where the stock hasn’t arrived and you’ve only got
one left, the key is to not let that one finish. The best way to do this is to take your price
and triple it or quadruple it, or do something drastic with it. If you’re selling something
for $9 or $9, change it to $90. Make sure you’re the most uncompetitive person for that
particular item so it doesn’t sell, just for the period until you get items back into stock,
and then you can put it back down to your competitive price. This way, the listing will
remain active, but no one will buy that last item, and therefore finish the listing. The
listing must remain active. Once your stock comes in, you can edit the quantity and put
it up to however many you’ve now got – sixteen, eighteen, or twenty, or even more – and you
can carry on the same. This way, one listing can continue for years and years and years,
and that’s the idea of this technique. Essentially, eBay will give more visibility
and more credit to an auction listing with more sales. Every time you sell something,
eBay will understand that that is a more relevant product in that particular niche. If you have
a lot of sold items in one eBay listing, you’ll have a lot more visibility and a lot more
relevance than other auction listings around you. You’ll have a boosted listing, but to
be able to do that, you need to let that auction run and run and run and keep building up the
same one rather than letting it finish and re-listing. If you let it finish and re-list
it, you lose all of that good, magic, turbo-boost juice, so you need to keep that running. If
it means taking yourself out of the marketplace for a couple of days until your stock turns
up, fine – that’s not a problem. If it’s running and no one is buying it, that’s fine – it’s
still running, still alive, and it still has all the credit. Keep that auction running.
That way, if you do that for all of your different auction items and keep them running like that,
then you’ll have an edge over a lot of the competition, and a lot more visibility in
the marketplace. At the very least, if all the sellers are doing that, you at least need
to be on the same level as them, or you’ll be missing out. Just to recap: use the eBay store good until
cancelled listings, re-order stock when you get to the last few items, try and time it
so the new stock comes in before your items run out. That’s the ideal situation, but if
you need the money from the auction items to pay for your stock once more, then you
need to raise the price to prevent the auction listing from finishing. Over time, your sold
items will build and build and build, and you’ll have yourself a mega-turbo-boosted
eBay listing. Give it a go, people. It’s a golden eBay seller
tip. If you enjoyed this video, I’d appreciate
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is Andy Lawrence, and I’ll catch you on the next video.


  • Bux Adventure

    This tip directly contradicts the "Relist and update your listings as much as possible to keep things fresh" tip.
    which one is true?

  • Leslie Alston

    Thank you for this video and this tip. I never knew this and I have been selling on Ebay for 3 years. Please keep the tips coming. I really read your emails and watch your videos. Thank you again.

  • 1 kirastore

    Can you help me? I am still a beginner and after I finished the account and uploaded 4 products send me that they want to confirm my identity and already sent them all my data and after 6 days I contacted them and the reply in the call I sent everything correct and I am within 3 working days the problem will be resolved and after 4 days Send me the same message first confirm the identity and sent them more data and did not answer any one, what is the solution plz

  • Robifie

    Interesting video and a different way of thinking. I have an ebay mid level shop – it gives 'free' 1500 listings and discounted at 6p thereafter each month.
    This is handy if you like to keep relisting a bunch (now at about 650 in my case) to end on Sunday afternoon each week (where debate-ably you get more sales – in my case I do).
    Some of my competitors have 4000 listings, but I am finding that at this level the majority of sales are sub £10 items, so it's a trade off with sales against more packing time (and I pack mine well or not at all).
    I prefer longer term listings though, as you tend to feel like ebay's bitch when you have a lot running and lots of sales.
    Each to their own, and I'd add to always have a second source of income, as ebay can be as fickle as … ebay.

  • Juno Gaeia

    Hi! Thanks for sharing. It's true that competition is high on eBay. Today there are tools to help you in your eBay listings. I use dsm tool and it works well.

  • Hachi B

    Hello Andy, thank you for this awesome video, Do you still have the course wholesale help Membership if I fill the form. Thank you

  • Pooja Talwar

    I sell dresses on eBay. When u say that you should be selling multiple quantities of the same item, do they have to be exactly the same or can they be in different designs and different garments like skirts?

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