How To Build A Brand Online for Ecommerce Businesses in 2018
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How To Build A Brand Online for Ecommerce Businesses in 2018

well hey there what’s up it’s Scott and in
today’s brand building tip I’m gonna share with you three pillars to build
your brand so this way here you can dominate your market your niche or your
niche and I’m gonna show you on the whiteboard here exactly how everything
fits together we’re gonna cover these three but then I’m going to show you how
they work together to really round out your foundation in your brand now if
you’re just starting this is definitely something you want to pay attention to
if this is something that you have already currently running right now you
might have one or two of these we need to make sure we have all of these so
it’s feeding your business all the time alright so if you’re interested stick
around cuz that’s what we’re gonna be covering here on the whiteboard all
right so now before I do jump into these three pillars I just want to let you
guys know this is exactly what I’ve done over and over again and so many
successful businesses if you really look at their business have these three core
pillars the other thing I want to share with you and I’m going to share this at
the end of this training is really how we were able to do this in under 12
months and a new brand brand new just started and we were able to get 30,000
unique visitors to our blog our website every single month from using this right
here and it’s just building we’ve had a few months that we’ve touched 80,000
depending on the times of year but consistently 30,000 unique visitors
basically traffic coming to our platform our own platform in our business now if
you’re starting from scratch this is definitely for you if you’re building a
business right now and you’re in the the building a business stage this is
definitely definitely for you all right so let’s just dig in I think every
business needs to have this and that is a home okay
they need a home to call their own okay and what I mean by that is you need a
place that you can have people come and find your stuff and you control the
traffic or as far as the experience alright let’s just call this home base
all right now what do I mean by home base well let’s go over here and write a
blog now a blog could just be an extension of your website so I’m just
gonna write website alright so we have both of those things are technically the
same thing home let’s call that our home base from now
on okay our home base is where we can bring people over and we can then
control the experience we also get a lot of benefits from having our own home
base when we’re posting things I’m going to share with you in here how we can
post things and get traffic over to our home base happening automatically which
is pretty pretty awesome all right so that’s what we need to understand okay
a home base now it doesn’t have to be fancy to begin with it can be just a
basic blog that you are going to be posting information or reposting
information or repurposing which I’ll share with you here in a second and how
we’re gonna do that all right and that’s really really
powerful the second part of this is and I think right from the beginning
everyone needs one of these is an email list all right now our email lists dead
no they’re not alright right now we’re still getting about an eighteen to a
twenty two percent open rate which is still really really high in the industry
some of them get as high as twenty-five so email list is still really really
strong and I’m gonna share with you why this is so powerful because we can use
this email list to do more than just send emails all right one thing that we
can do is we can take this email list and we can upload it into Facebook now
and we can start targeting people that are like our email list so we’ve already
got these people to raise their hand okay and then we are able to now
retarget those people or find more people like them all right really really
powerful now this channel right here that you’re on this is what we will be
doing especially on these Wednesday episodes all right I’m gonna be digging
into more of this here and this here once we get to it but right now I’m
giving you kind of like the over the overview of everything that we’re going
to be covering but this is like the overview that the 10,000 foot view and
then we’ll put everything together all right but you need to have these
components in place in order to do what we’re gonna be learning here and what
we’re gonna be doing moving forward all right
so email list that’s really really big so the third thing moving on is
something that you can do one or you can do two or you can do three or more but
we’re going to start with one and in this example we need to think about
external traffic where are we going to get people to
notice us and then we will bring them back to our home base we will get them
on our email list and then we can either direct these people over to more of our
content or we can post or we can post up on our home base and get them there I’ll
show you a diagram here in a second how that can all work all right but what I
want you to start thinking of right now is where is your market hanging out is
it YouTube okay maybe they’re on YouTube a lot of people are on YouTube looking
for things probably pertaining to your brand or your market how to stuff if you
have a product that lends itself to how-to okay like how to catch more bass
in a pond YouTube’s probably a great place and you can get great ideas by
just going to YouTube going in the search bar and typing in how to catch
more bass and then let it fill in and I’ve already done this it said in a pond
in a lake in Coldwater right so all those things could be future content for
you but you need to know if that’s where they are hanging out now we started on
Facebook I’m just gonna put FB to make it easier right
we started on Facebook for a couple of different reasons our market was there
and my partner in this new brand is actually pretty good on Facebook so why
not go there so we did some facebook lives we posted some content on our
fanpage we had stuff starting to get shared we were able to test content
ideas and all of that stuff but both of these are basically the same thing we’re
posting content and we’re getting a response or we’re getting traffic from
these platforms and then once we have these outside channels we can then start
to direct them to other places especially our home base and our email
list all right so let me let me draw something out for you here and I’ll show
you exactly how we can tie this all together all right so with the magic of
editing I went ahead and I paused and I came back and I drew this out for you
it’s not the best drawing in the world but you’ll get the idea I wanted to do
this this way I’m not wasting your time drawing so this is one pillar that we’re
talking about right here this is your home base all right this is the blog the
website this is where we get to control the full experience all right that’s one
thing that we want in place now this is an example that if we’re using YouTube
alright too educate people but then also get traffic
from YouTube because we’re posting these how-to videos we’re going to get traffic
naturally right and you’re going to start to build up that you know that
subscriber base and you’re also going to start getting organic traffic and this
is a piece of content that will be evergreen meaning you create it once it
could get you traffic for years alright and then what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna embed that video okay yet there’s a little embed code in YouTube and again
I’ll do more of this stuff as far as like how to dive into just YouTube or
how to dive into just the blog or how to dive in just the email I’ll do that in
these upcoming videos in this brand building series all right so YouTube we
embed it here okay inside of our block alright now by doing that we’re getting
a couple of benefits here number one we’re getting a link that is being
pointed over here the other thing we’re doing is we’re giving that that embed
okay inside of here so this way here the user stays inside of our home base right
if I directed him over to YouTube which I would sometimes I would take my email
list and let them know I have a new YouTube video that’ll actually spike the
algorithm just like if you’re selling on Amazon or if you’re doing any type of
push on a platform you might want to do that for that reason but in this case
and in this example we’re just going to say we embed the video there so now we
have a video that resides over here all by itself we embed it here and then we
take our other pillar okay is and this is our email list and we let them know
that we just posted something on our blog or our website right so now we
drive traffic over here okay which gives these people the
opportunity to share this post alright which might bring more people over to
our to our blog post okay to get more traffic and also maybe buy something and
maybe email or opt-in and get on our email list alright because on here we
can create content okay which educates them but also it can introduce them to a
product okay it can also get their email right we can also drop a Facebook pixel
on that so that we can start building a custom audience inside of Facebook again
a little bit more advanced but these are the things we can do when we
own our own home base okay and we get to create that experience the email list is
another part of the equation right this is another pillar so we have these and
this would probably the order number one number two and number three now it
doesn’t have to be YouTube this the same thing can work for Facebook okay
same exact thing it can work for Instagram okay same thing now we can’t
you can embed video over here you can do that if you want to but the cool thing
with Facebook which you might want to do is you might want to do maybe a
highlight of a piece of content and then direct people over to that piece of
content all right or here’s another thing you can do maybe
you take your email list and you let them know about something that you did
overhear on Facebook but then that’s gonna drive people back over to your
home base okay but you see these are the three pillars that you can use to build
your brand and once you start to do this you’re building more momentum you’re
really starting to grease the wheels and over time this can really get you a lot
further than your competition because it’s giving you all of this leverage now
in the beginning I talked about how I was going to share how we recently did
something similar to this and how we were able to get 30,000 unique visitors
every single month and growing and we’ve actually touched upwards of 80,000 in a
couple of months of unique visitors to our home base and how we did that I’ll
show you that right now all right so with the magic of editing here we go
this is all drawn out so I’m going to go through this and explain exactly how
everything tied together you can notice here we have a pillar we have a pillar
and we have a pillar okay we have home base one email list – and this here is
an external platform that we’re going over to that platform knowing that our
audience is there and we’re putting stuff in front of them that will then
bring them over to our email list okay one way that we did it right from the
beginning is the contest all right we ran a contest getting people to raise
their hand that are in our marketplace and then getting them on an email list
and once we got them on an email list we can then start educating them
seeing what they like what they don’t like we’re driving those people over to
our blog we’re also driving people over to our Facebook page ok and our group
and the reason why we’re doing both of these is because when we have an email
list we can let people know that we just posted something valuable and then if
they share it it’s going to get free traffic back to our email list back to
our blog our home base our other pieces of content our stores and now if we have
a product to release whether that’s digital whether that’s physical it
doesn’t matter we can let our list know what we’re up to and what we’re going to
do all right and so all of this stuff works really
well together so we did Facebook lives ok so we got to see what the audience
liked what they didn’t like we got questions and comments and all of that
stuff we did just general posts that we thought that they would like and again
some of this research was by going on YouTube even though we weren’t on
YouTube and seeing what they want how to write so we just used YouTube as a way
for them or us to get intelligence on the marketplace the other thing we did
is we we started paying attention to other groups on Facebook that were in
our market and listening to the conversations there which by the way
another tip is to pay attention to what products they wish they had or products
that were better in the marketplace and that’s a great way for you to find
products that you could sell to that market but that’s a side note all right
and then surveys work really good again what’s your three favorite things about
this get that conversation started and then you can start to follow up with
content all right and then the contest that’s something we do pretty much all
the time we’ll take breaks here and there but we
generally have a contest going on every 30 to 60 days it’s a great way to keep
building that email list and getting people to raise their hand all right
so that that is it right there there’s your three pillars all right so if I was
to start all over again today this is what I’m starting with home base
starting to build an email list and I’m picking a channel that I’m going to go
out there and get attention and get them to raise their hands so this way I can
continue to build that email list then there’s a whole bunch of stuff we can do
with that email list as far as marketing to them and delivering content but then
also what we can do to leverage that email list on places like Facebook and
creating custom audiences all that stuff one other side note and this is
a big one if you have this platform here your own platform your own home base
what you want to do is you want to add a Facebook pixel on day one by adding this
pixel you’re able to from day one even if you’re not collecting an email list
you’re able to start building a custom audience inside of your market because
anyone that lands here is probably interested in what you have to offer or
to talk about and then you can start building that custom audience and when
you are ready to spend money on ads you can then use that custom audience to
either target those people or target people that look like those people
here’s what I want you to do I want this little question of the day have you
started this yet and if you have let me know how it’s going or maybe you’ve
started just one of these or two of these let me know what are you going to
be doing in your business right now after what I just shared with you put it
in the comments down below I’d love to hear about it alright now the other
thing is subscribe to this channel alright because we’re gonna be doing
more stuff like this every single Wednesday I am going to deliver this
type of training on this channel but you must subscribe to be notified and then
the last thing I’m gonna go ahead and include a couple of additional trainings
on this page go ahead and click one that you want to watch next and this way here
you can continue to get this type of education to build your brand alright
take care and as always take action we’ll see


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