How to build a Pokemon Application with Vue JS ❖ Gotta Catch’em all
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How to build a Pokemon Application with Vue JS ❖ Gotta Catch’em all

Today I show you how to create this little
pokemon applikation. There is a list of nearly all Pokemons. If you click one, a detail view opens with
some informations. And you can also search a specific Pokemon. For example, Mew
or say Pikachu Gotta catch’em all. Stay tuned! Hello creative developer, welcome to this
video. Nice to see you. Before we start. Please subscribe my channel. If you want, I share my experience about web
development with you. If you have any questions or you have a topic
that you would like to see in one of my next videos, you can leave a message on YouTube
or contact me on Twitter. Ok, I have already prepared something. In this project I want to use some components. The files are already created. I have defined two properties with the links
for the API and the images with the Pokemons. In the style section I have a container class
with some CSS properties and this nice blue background, that you can see on the left side. The documentation for the api I use, can you
find on this webpage. For the usage is a registration not required. It’s completly free. But there is a limit of 100 requests per minute. I think that is more as enough. Ok, Let’s code!


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