How to build an email list – 5 simple steps to build an email list – J.R. Fisher
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How to build an email list – 5 simple steps to build an email list – J.R. Fisher

hey guys JR Fisher here wanted to do
this short video with you today and talk to you about something I thought was
really important and that’s how to build an email list now it’s not that hard to
do but a lot of people forget to do it I know in the beginning this is not
something I concentrated on it was a huge mistake huge huge huge mistake and
it was a huge mistake because without an email list you don’t have much now you
can argue that you got social media and all that but I want to get into that in
just a second and I and I want to give you a little
bonus in the end I’m gonna give you a free training course and all you got to
do is just you know opt-in and grab it and that’s it you don’t have to buy
anything there’s no credit cards needed or anything like that so the first thing
I want to do is I want to talk about why a list is so important you see if you if
you have a list you know you can always just do an offer and get money I mean
seriously it’s that simple if you have an engaged list that likes you that’s
getting good content from you that type of thing you can literally sit down and
write an email and get money back within moments you know so that’s why that’s
super important okay you want to be able to do that and the bigger that list is
and the more you engage with them and the more great information you give them
the more apt they are to you know spend money with you and pull out that credit
card so what I want to do is I want to talk a little bit about how people
concentrate a lot on followers and subscriptions and all that kind of stuff
and the problem with that is that you know all these followers and all is that
they don’t really mean that much okay they haven’t done much and it’s not it’s
not hard to click follow it’s not hard to click subscribe so the first thing is
they’re not really bought in they’re not bought in to you or what you’re doing
and the other huge problem is you know let’s say let’s say they do have some
value and let’s say you’ve built up this big list and you’ve got a page and
you’ve got hundreds of thousands of people who like it what happens if your
channel gets cancelled tomorrow and you think well that’ll never happen
to me jr. oh no it happens you know it I’ve had that stuff happen to me to
where they just wipe you out instantly and you’ve got nothing and if you you
know if you’ve built up you know a great youtube channel and you’ve got all these
subscribers and they cancel your channel and take down all your videos which is
done on a regular basis what do you do you know what if you build up a Facebook
page and on the Facebook page they decide there’s something on there they
don’t like that you posted and they just cancel the page page gone boom gone
well what happens to your business if you’ve been living off that what happens
to your business if you know the subscribers and the likes and all that
that’s who you’ve been selling to and then all of a sudden they’re gone well
that’s a problem okay so basically when you have these social media platforms
where viewed on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or YouTube they own you you
don’t own them okay you you may think that you’ve got an audience but I can go
away in a blink of an eye so we want to protect ourselves against that and I’m
not saying any of those things are wrong I mean I have those things I I have
YouTube channel as a matter of fact I’ll put a link in the description you can go
to my youtube channel and you know obviously I have a page
because I’m broadcasting from it right now but I also am really keenly aware
that those things can go away and that can happen if you have a email list you
can always communicate with them now what some people are going to tell you
and there’s some partial truth is that email ain’t what it used to be well no
it’s not but it still works I still make money on emails every single day and why
would you give that up you know why why would you do that okay you say well you
know I could reach more people through you know doing a Facebook live well
maybe you could reach them but are they gonna buy anything from you and maybe
you won’t be able to reach them tomorrow so I want to I want to really drill in
on the fact that you know you have to have to have this list as a matter of
fact you know when pages first came out on Facebook the cool thing was if
somebody liked your page and you did a post Facebook would show it to them but
really what’s happened over the years is that there’s so many posts anymore right
there’s tons and tons and tons of pile that they can’t show everything to the
people like your page as a matter of fact the unverified statistic is about
1% of the people who like your page will actually ever see your post so you know
if you’ve got a thousand you know people who like your page ten people are gonna
see it that’s not many guys that’s not meaning
at all so what I’m gonna do is I want to walk you through there’s these five
steps that you need to do and they’re super super important okay so step
number one is you’ve got to get an email provider okay so there’s a lot of
providers out there there’s a weber there’s Infusionsoft there’s all these
different ones out there I like car truck car trous fairly new I would say
probably a couple years in the market its kar tra you’re welcome to go there I
don’t have a link or anything for you but you’re welcome to go there and it
does everything so a lot of email providers will give you an email and
then you got to go get a funnel builder and then you got to go get someplace for
your membership and you gotta get someplace else for your sales pages and
you got to pay for all these software’s and I know at one point I was paying for
eight different software’s I’m now down to one which is cartridge so I would say
check that album I like car truck if you want to use one these other email
providers that’s fine but you do have to have an email provider email provider is
not Gmail it’s not Yahoo okay an email provider allows you to mail you know
large groups of people and interact with them and tag them based on their actions
so you know you got to have an email provider super super important the next
thing you have to do is you have to come up with what we like to call a lead
magnet or you know something along those lines and it can it can be a PDF
download that has some value you know the ten steps or how to lose thirty
pounds in the next ten days or you know it can be a video it can be audio it can
be any of that stuff but you want to make it specific to these people okay
you don’t want to over generalize and I know a lot of people think well I want
to over generalize because that way it matches everybody but the truth is if
you’re speaking to everybody you’re speaking to no one because it won’t it
won’t ring with them okay so when I when I do a PDF it’s going to be you know the
five ways to you know add meta tags in WordPress okay well you
know that’s pretty specific you know but the people who opted in for that of
course really want that thing and when they want that thing and they opt-in for
it I can now segregate those people and I can market to them based on the fact
that they were WordPress users so maybe I have some more training in WordPress
maybe I have a course in WordPress so I can do that so that’s the second thing
you need to do the third thing you need to do is set up a lead capture or
landing page now a couple minutes ago when I was talking to you about email
providers Carter actually provides you with these lead capture or landing pages
and basically what it is is you’re gonna send them to a page where they can put
their email in there and they can put their name in there in doing so they can
get your download your PDF they can watch your video they can listen to your
podcast whatever it is that you’re trying to market to them and it really
doesn’t matter what you sell I mean you could be selling chiropractic services
and you can put five ways to make your back feel better or whatever you could
be selling we do survival food right so we have downloads on how to prepare
yourself for you know hurricane which right now we got one coming in Florida
so those things or maybe South Carolina they just move that those hurricanes
move around a lot and that’s why I moved from the east coast to the west coast
you know we we don’t have a hurricane so we’d have to worry about that anymore
and I know everybody just said well you got earthquakes you got a rich plagues
um I tell you I’ve barely felt anything out here in years and years and years
and years so yeah maybe that maybe they’re dangerous but I live in a
one-story home so I think I’m safe anyhow I don’t want to get off track
here but you’re gonna need that that lead capture that landing page it’s
super super important okay so that’s number three number four you want to do
a CTA we’re going to call that a call to action in each video blog or training
and I’m gonna do it right now there’s a free course in the description here that
you guys can opt-in for and in that free course I give you several videos that
matter of fact if you click on that link in there you can just go to it there’s a
free video to watch you have to opt-in then if you decide you with the course
you can opt-in put your email in there and I’ll send you the course immediately
for free okay so you could get that right now but you got to have something
like that right people are gonna listen to you and they’re gonna say well that’s
interesting that’s a nice video or that’s an awesome blog or you know
wonderful podcast what do I do next and that’s the big thing I see people
doing they’ll don’t do a video every single day and they do some good content
but they never have a call to action if somebody wants more from them if they
want to learn more if they want to buy something how do they go about it they
don’t know so it’s so funny that I see these people going live all the time and
they have no call to action no way to you know get people on their list in no
way to sell them more stuff they’re just gonna be doing videos every day or
they’re gonna be writing blogs every day so that number four is super important
you got to have that call to action number five really easy once you get all
this set up and remember that call to action should be on every single thing
you post okay doesn’t have to be the same one you know one could be a
downloadable you know ten ways to lose thirty pounds and you know two weeks and
the next one could be how to get you know how to do more push-ups or whatever
it is whatever your niche is they can be different now what you do want to
monitor is the ones that get more opt-ins see if it’s because of the
content of the video the blog or where it’s at or if it’s what the opt-in is
and you can you can split test these two and this is something else you can do a
cart row you can send them to a page where they’ll see one all for one time
and another offer the other time so you can also do that so that’s really it you
got to give them something you got to give them something a value that’s why I
do these videos right now I’m giving you something of value in hopes that you’ll
join my mail list and the best way to join my mail list is to download some
free stuff in the description I’ve got a course in there that you can get for
free just put your name and email in there you can grab that course if you
want my book we’ve got that for sale too there’s a link there it’s cheap five
dollar sixty cents if you’re having a hard time finding a product to sell
that’s that’s the book for you man that is the book for you it’s awesome all you
have to do is put your name and email in there and go grab that book which is
super cool and then we also have my inner circle that’s a little bit higher
level of training but you get access to thousands of dollars of courses and not
to pay for I’ll give them to you for free so if you want to know all about
that click that link in the description there about the inner circle and there’s
a video there that plays you don’t have to opt-in you have to give me your
credit card you have do any of that just watch the video free training pretty
cool stuff so I want to ask you this question question of the day have you
tried to build your email list have you built an email list what did you do to
build your email list what worked for you what did you find that you know got
people to opt-in and if you haven’t why do you want to build your email list
what is it you’re building your email is for do you have a product to sell and
you better because that’s what this is all about guys I really appreciate you
listening today I don’t normally do these on a weekend and I don’t know why
I should I work all weekend I work a week but it just sometimes it just works
out better during the week for me to do these videos but I really appreciate you
listening I appreciate you being there and thank you so much do me one one
other favor one other big favor here let me point got a point real close there it
is I want you to like this video not hard not hard just you know click it
click it next thing I’d like for you to do if you’re watching this on Facebook
please share the video hit that little share thing send it to your feed send it
to a friend something along those lines I’d really like that and of course I
mentioned I want to have some comments if you’re watching this on YouTube what
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on YouTube guys I really appreciate you listening and I’m gonna talk to your
soon thanks a lot


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