How to Buy On Ebay  (really easy)
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How to Buy On Ebay (really easy)

– [Instructor] What’s going on, YouTube? Welcome back to another brand new video. And today we’re gonna be
showing you how to buy on eBay. As you can see, we’re already on eBay, so we can surf on eBay
home and select a product or you can go here on the search box and search your product. I’m looking for a used
PS3 Slim, which is now discontinued by Sony,
now we will get only the PS3 Super Slim model,
which is I already own, for my collection I want to buy PS3 Slim, so let’s search PS3 Slim console. Just type your product name
here and click on enter or click on the search button. Now you can see they are
showing resales of PS3, there are so many sellers
offering used PS3s in different rates and
different capabilities, so I suggest you to buy a product from a top rated seller. I have found a good deal already. Sony Playstation Three Slim 500GB console, multiman 30 free games latest and hottest. So, it is a unlocked PS3,
which I can play backups. So, just click on the
products you want to buy, so before you’re gonna
buy anything, I suggest you to check the seller feedback and make sure it is above 85%. I recommend to buy from sellers who have at least 95% positive feedback. For this product it is showing 93.2%, so I will take the
risk, it is okay for me. If anything goes wrong, you don’t worry, we have the eBay guarantee. So, let’s show worry free. Okay, and also read the
product information before buy and the product description and let’s proceed buying. Click on “buy it now” if
you just want this product, or if you want to shop
multiple product once, you can add this product to
cart and go back to eBay, and you can search and add
other product to the cart as well, and you can buy
all them together later. So, I just want this
product, so I’m continuing with the buy it now button,
just click on buy it now. And the total amount is
here, which is 23,100 rupees, which is equal to $335. If you have any promo
code or coupons you can type that here and get your discount, so let’s proceed buy. Click on proceed to pay and here we can see the payment methods. Here, we have the debit card option, and netbanking, and the credit card, EMI credit card wallet, cash cards, you can pay whichever
way you want as you wish, so I’m going with
netbanking for this payment. Okay, select your bank. If it’s not here, check out
this list and select your bank. My bank is selected, so now click pay now. Now we are on my bank’s
netbanking login page, let’s log in. And here we can see the pay
amount, click on continue. Asking for the transaction
password, type it in. Now it will send me a OTP,
you can hear the sound, so enter the OTP. Now click on submit. Now it’s all done, we bought the product, you can see your order is confirmed, so that’s how you can buy on eBay. If you found my video
helpful, give it a thumbs up. If you want to watch
more videos like this, subscribe and share. Thanks for watching, this is
Amarafi from Geeks Tutorial, peace out.

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