How To Clean Shoes | Tips From A Poshmark Seller

hey friends it’s Jenna also known as
Empty Hanger welcome back to my channel today I am starting a three part video
series which is gonna be all about shoes I get so many questions asking about
shoe cleaning shoe photography shoe storage – shipping all about shoes and I
figured what better way to cover those topics than to break it up into separate
videos and that way we can really focus on each one so today is the first video
it is gonna be all about shoe cleaning and I’m sharing with you the supplies
that I use I have a whole shoe cleaning supply bin and I’m also gonna show you on
some shoes exactly how I do it now if you are looking to resale or if you’re
just looking to clean up your own personal shoe collection hopefully some
of these tips will help you keep in mind I am NOT a professional I’m just a
regular girl and this is what I figured to be the easiest and simplest way for
me to clean shoes so let’s go ahead and get cleaning so I keep all of my shoe
cleaning supplies in this one basket that way they are easy to find and the
first item I’m going to talk about is this dr. Martens wonder balsam and it’s
great for leather products whether it be shoes handbags coats anything like that
but it is a clear conditioning balm and you can use itt on pretty much anything
and it gets rid of scuff marks or any signs of wear and it comes with this
little sponge and it’s very easy to use so you just put the sponge in the
product and then you wipe it on the item and I like it that it stores in this
container it lasts for a long time and I’m gonna demonstrate for you so this is
a pair of leather ankle booties and you can see there’s some wear around the toe
there’s some discoloration some scuff marks also some scuff marks on the
instep there so what I’m gonna do is use the dr. Martens Wonder balsam and you
just take it out and the sponge is in that little container you’re gonna dip
it in and I like to start with a small amount of product so you can always add
more but of course you can’t take any off so you’re just going to rub gently
in a circular motion on the area that you are trying to get rid of
the scuffs so I’m focusing on the toe area because that’s where
there is the most sign of wear and you can see I’m adding a little bit more
product and after I get that area to how I like it I will then go on to work on
the rest of the shoe so you do want to condition the whole shoe not just that
one area to make it have an even tone and you can do it pretty quickly because
you really again are just focusing on that area that you want to improve and
then you’re just conditioning all over so as you can see here it made the
leather look richer and the scuffs around the toe definitely are improved
and look a lot better they’re blended with the rest of the shoe I mean they’re
still they’re slightly but it definitely looks a lot better so I love using the
dr. Martens next up we have some leather wipes they
are Weiman leather wipes and although there’s a piece of furniture on the
front you can actually use this product on a variety of things anything from
shoes to handbags cars pretty much anything it tells you on the back that
is leather it’s convenient because these wipes stay in this little airtight
container so they stay moist and they’re easily accessible and I like to use
these on items that don’t have as many scuffs so you can tell these shoes that
are leather they just are a little bit dull they need some conditioning so I’m
gonna wipe them down with the leather wipes and what I do is just go all over
the shoe I do try to work in a circular motion and you want to make sure to get
under any hardware if there is Hardware like there’s a buckle on this you want
to make sure to go underneath that and now you can see they just look fresh and
conditioned okay next up is one of my favorite Lysol wipes and I prefer to get
the dual action wipes because one side is textured so it’s great for scrubbing
the other side is smooth so it’s easy to wipe with so I think Clorox makes a
version of this as well but I love to use this on rubber shoes so rubber
bottoms like the soles of these shoes you can tell have some dirt have
some wear and I’m gonna take the scrubby side and I am just going to wipe all
over the bottom you got to use a little bit of elbow grease and get off any of
that dirt and you can tell it gets cleaned up pretty quickly and compared
to the other one it definitely looks a a lot better and again you just want to
use this on the rubber bottom shoes not on leather bottom shoes so I’m gonna do
the other one and again just wipe everything down and that way both of
them are fresh and clean and that definitely looks a lot better to sell
mr. Clean Magic Erasers is the next product I’m going to talk about and
these are great because you can really scrub your items as far as the rubber
bottoms and in particular I like to use these on like athletic style shoes like
converse or vans or any anything that has this white rubber bottom so you can
see these are some Vince slip-on sneakers and it’s definitely dirty on
the sides so what I’m going to do I’m going to wet the Magic Eraser and then
I’m going to take it and rub on the side of the shoe and you definitely have to
scrub pretty hard with these and just use your elbow grease again and get off
any kind of dirt or wear and go all over the sides of the shoes and you can get
in the little grooves and everything to the thing with these they are a little
bit messy so you can see that there’s some debris on the bottom because the
sponge kind of crumbles but there you have it compared to the other shoe it’s
definitely gotten a lot cleaner a lot whiter and then on the other shoe I’m
going to show you what it looks like with the Lysol wipes I do tend to use
these more than I use the Magic Eraser because they’re a little cleaner you do
have to scrub a little harder with this so you know go back and forth over some
of the areas a few times a little bit more than you would have to with the
Magic Eraser but on with that scrubby side of the Lysol wipes you can
definitely use these to get it pretty clean as well so when you compare the
two honestly I think both of them look great so again I like the Lysol wipes
just because they are a little more convenient and less messy but sometimes
the Magic Eraser works a little bit better and then I am gonna use the Lysol
wipes on the bottom of the shoe as well just because there is some dirt these
aren’t going to get a hundred percent clean but they will definitely look a
lot brighter and once I finish using these wipes so I’m gonna go through both
of the shoes and then that is what it looks like after I clean them so again
not a hundred percent clean but definitely an improvement okay next up
is a suede cleaning product so a suede and nubuck stain eraser
and I really like this it comes in like a little eraser block kind of shape so
it almost looks like a stone and the sides of it are pretty rough and then
the other main larger sides those are smooth so what you do is you use the
rough side and then the smooth side and then I also like to use a shoe brush in
conjunction with that so the soft bristle is up there I use that the most
and then there are some other sides some different you know nubs and things that
get into crevices and other parts of the shoe so those all work really well but
again I use the soft bristles that part the most on the suede shoes and here’s a
pair of suede booties and there are some scuff marks right up there around the
toe or the top of the foot so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna take the sides of
this suede stain eraser and that’s the rough part again you’re just gonna go
back and forth over the stay and so you’ll rub it exactly like you would an
eraser and you just go back and forth until pretty much this stain is gone and
once that’s gone you can use the smooth side to kind of revive the NAP of the
suede but I do like to use the suede brush or the shoe brush for this so I
take those softer bristles and I’ll go back and forth on the suede and kind of
brush it up and blend everything together and I like to do this pretty
much over the whole shoe because I think it just improves the look it makes it
look fresh and new again and it blends everything together so there you can see
any kind of stain or mark was removed and yeah I just again brush all over the
shoe and make it look fresh and clean and I do this with pretty much any suede
shoe even if there’s not a mark you can do it ok next up is UnDu and this is an
adhesive remover and I’ve talked about this in a favorites video in the past I
love using this because it doesn’t leave any kind of residue and you can buy a
refill as well like a larger one to refill this little bottle and then I use
this Scottie peeler with it so it saves your nails instead of you using your
nail to scrape up any adhesive you just use this plastic tool and on the bottoms
of these shoes you can see there’s two strips of adhesive I’m not sure if that
was from some kind of shoe pad on the bottom but I’m just gonna go
ahead and put the UnDu directly on to where the adhesive is and then I’m gonna
take the Scottie peeler and I’m gonna put the smooth side on the bottom and
just start scraping it off scraping off the adhesive and you can go back and add
more as you need to it does dry pretty quickly but just a couple times and it
gets all the residue off and then I’ll take the Lysol remover and just again
clean it on the bottom and that looks pretty good compared to the other side
where the adhesive still is it’s definitely smooth and clean so I’m just
gonna do the other side quickly as well and it makes it look cleaner too so it’s
getting off any kind of dirt or grime along with the adhesive and again just
wipe it off and you know clean it a little bit more if you have to again go
slowly and add a little bit at a time and now the bottom of the shoe is
totally clean the next thing is goof-off which I like
to use it’s a heavy-duty remover I use this for any kind of ink or you know
permanent marks on the bottom of shoes again only use this on rubber bottom
shoes if you want to use anything on leather shoes you need to use like a
fine sandpaper but on rubber bottom shoes like this you can just spray a
little bit of this goof off onto a cloth and you are gonna have to use some elbow
grease on this as well so you just go back and forth adding more as you need
to and work on getting that marker off this was like a silver paint pen mark
and it was a permanent marker so I had to go a few times and it changed the
finish a little bit on the bottom of the shoe but honestly that’s not a big deal
now there’s no marking I think that looks a lot better and then you can also
use the at the undo adhesive remover in the same kind of manner so again I’m
going to go ahead and just put a little bit of this onto a cleaning cloth it’s
just a clean microfiber cloth that you can wash and use over and over and you
just rub back and forth on the permanent mark and again it’s that silver paint
pen permanent mark this one I think works a little bit better it works a
little faster and you can see it’s totally gone you don’t have to rub quite
as much that’s it for my shoe cleaning tips
I hope some of those were helpful for you if they were please give this video
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