How to Create a Digital Product That Generates (AT LEAST) $100,000 Per Month
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How to Create a Digital Product That Generates (AT LEAST) $100,000 Per Month


  • Dustin Hansen

    The great thing about this is that it was informational but also quite entertaining. You're a pretty funny guy. Shoutout to Rob Patel

  • Ultimate English n Career

    Hello NEIL, I have read somewhere that Google doesn't like to recommend those website to Google searchers which has video contents. Is that true? TIA

  • dom j

    QUESTION: I have a digital product with 3-steps of upselling included. I don't have a youtube channel nor facebook but I will very soon. I want to have affiliates sell for me and I will give pep-talks to the affiliates.
    Does this sound like a good idea?

  • Michael Gerrald

    I'm going to go on a whim. I'm from that USVI islands you mentioned, seeking advise on the projects I have. I would like to talk offline. Hopefully you see this.

  • Mike Saputo

    Neil, I love everything Spiritual And metaphysics. I have a background as a Reiki Master, NLP, Energy healing, just finished my Hypnotherapy course and I used to be a massage therapist. I am into the Idea that Energy is Life and changing patterns. How can I use this knowledge to make a digital product to sell?

  • Breanne Stahlman

    Where to start from zero (zero everything (money, knowledge, experience, sales))?
    Is there a path to follow, like 1st do this trainning, and start to earn money, then this 2nd one, and start to get more money, etc . . .?

  • Theoret1cal

    Alright, anyone here REALLY use this program of his or his friends? I’m willing to invest the money if there are enough valid success stories.

  • Mohd Ali

    Thank you Neill for sharing your experience with us . I am Trying to start Affiliate Marketing and start searching and browsing information for almost 3years but still I have a lot of doubt about it !

  • Michael D.

    Thank you so much for this Neil, love your videos and tool a lot of notes on this one!

    Question for you: generally what’s more profitable today, Facebook ads or YouTube ads?

    And any tips for making high converting video ads! Thanks a bunch!

  • stebin v b

    Hi Neil,I am trying an online job for More than 8 months ,and all of them failed . could you please advise me to how to achive and make money from online

  • Hunter Willis

    At around the 15:30 mark, you say that you've left out around half the slides in this presentation. Do you have a link to the full deck and a presentation?

  • Tom Delafon

    Hi Neil, great presentation! You mention WellnessMama as a reference for going broad when choosing a topic, versus sticking with something more "niche" like Digital Marketing. However, isn't niche better when it comes to charging high ticket digital courses? I feel like $1000 digital courses are only for business related topics. Isn't that so? Thanks!

  • Neo

    LMAO who spends 1000$ for an online course ? You can learn all of this for free by reading books and learning the fundamentals concepts of marketing on the internet. There's a lot of free resources out there. And how can people still buy his shit when he's making fun of them on his youtube channel ?

  • Jonathan Sandler

    Can I get a discount from the $997? I've been saving for over a year but still is a lot of money for me living in South america. Since I found you, You have helped me to change my life. I read and learn as much as I can from your blog but I really need a mentor.

  • James

    Hey Neil! Great video. I have a question for you. I am a software engineer, and starting a course on the programming stacks I know well. In watching your video, you mentioned having a lower price point works well if you have a wide enough market. Programming is a more specialized market, and I don't think I've ever seen a course with a price point of more than $200, and most are in the $49-$99 range. I've thought of using Udemy as well, but they pay out only 50%! That's a fine price point, but do you have any other tips on how you could go into a more specialized market like courses for software developers?

  • Ana Paula

    Neil Patel sou brasileira como poderia me ajudar dividindo o valor do curso ,ou ate mesmo lhe ajudarndo a traduzir seus videos?

  • Silje Storgaard

    I don't think this method works on all markets/segments. In the Scandinavia market people are skeptical about webinars like this. Maybe with some tweaking, I think it works very well. But too many doing webinars this way, but apparently because it still works.

  • An Ka

    Hi Neil, fellow American desi. I'm an expert on stem cells, nutraceuticals and cosmetics such as anti aging and diabetes etc. All products I look at are physical. How can one apply these strategies to a physical product? Thank you.

  • Steve Chase

    Neil, I really enjoyed this video. It comes at a time when I'm trying to get past some blocks in my online business. I've launched products in the IM niche, video based products for people who are trying to break into affiliate marketing. I create niche videos, also review videos, I do the voice over and create the video content as well. It's labor intensive, and it's made me some money. However, given your speech here today, I"m really trying to find a way to leverage my content and be able to up my prices. I've been in a customer pool where people are cheap and are NOT willing to spend money to make money. I truly can see the value of webinars, especially as a way to build my list with people who are trying to either make money with affiliate marketing OR people who are trying to learn how to make videos. My biggest question is figuring out the price levels for my funnel. You did that breakdown for the lady who asked the question about the health niche, starting with the video course for maybe $100 and working up to trainers doing sessions via skype. I'd be curious to hear what you would suggest for a funnel for me would be. I know a LOT about audio and video creation, and I'd love to start people off with a webinar to get them excited about what I'm sharing with them and also to get them into a follow-up funnel as well. I'd welcome any suggestions you might have. Thanks!

  • Tom Delafon

    Hi Neil, do you actually think it is possible to sell $1000 info products by hiring voiceovers? I would imagine that at this price point you would need to put your face in front of the camera and build trust. Do you have examples of people who built $100K/Mo info products without becoming public? Thanks!

  • Russell Delbridge

    I just want to point out that this is Neil Patel…..1 hour seminar with massive production value has less than 100k views….maybe only 1 percent of the viewers will take action on this video. So in effect we are talking to date maybe 760 people have taken action on this information. Do not worry about saturation ever….

  • Awaken The Greatness Within

    Thanks Neil as always
    Great actionable steps that I can implement into my business
    Keep up the excellent work

  • Fred Reetz

    Do you think it’s possible to launch a brand new digital product to cold traffic with no established following yet just using CAC and LTV? The product is priced in the $30-$50 range.

  • Mohammad Khan

    What is the best video that has an all in one process from A to Z. I am just trying to wrap my head around what should I sell and how do I know what will sell, I have physical sales on e-commerce platforms. When it comes to digital products does he means becoming a market affiliate or sell like courses, coach and marketing course. I'm confused I'm eager to learn I have read a few book including Dotcom secrets. Any help is appreciated!

  • How to Make Money Build Wealth

    Neil my man I appreciate this information I had no idea. This changes the game for me thanks I appreciate it!

  • CasualYoutuber

    Is making a blog perchaps about relationship and then offer a digital product (for example how to build a Great and everlasting relationship) is a good way to go?

  • Trūth ɪs Pɑwər

    Can anyone elaborate on what Neil’s talking about with regards to setting up a Maltese company to legally reduce taxes?

  • Carly Standley

    Neil! I want to launch my first digital product. Do you have any courses that help outline a step by step process on how to get everything setup??

  • Yasha Harari

    Neil, that was fantastic. Thanks for posting it. I've shared this with someone who has since jumped into building a new brand, and they're enjoying their work immensely.

  • Fan Yi

    I like it sooooo much, Neil.
    I have one question: I have a business website, I have not updated for many years. It used to be on top three of the same business locally. But now it's dropped. So I asked a lady to help me. She said she would rewrite the webpage in WordPress. But, how do I get the source code? Now I have my source code. Is it easier to work on seo in WordPress? Thanks so much.

  • fastfutureforward by Christine Weiss

    it's fucking amazing how much useful insights you put out there, unfortunately I just came across your content a week ago. even though I learned a tone throughout this week of consuming your content. i just checked out webinarjam and I can't wait to air my first one:)))) can't thank you enough, thanks Christine

  • Scholar

    What kind of niche would you operate in with 0 start-up funds? Would it be possible to grow a blog via youtube/SEO without the facebook ads aspect?

  • Meera Menon

    In Asian countries it is very difficult to sell any thing for 1000 dollar even in their local currency there are so many people selling items for less than 10 dollar so how do you explain this challenge

  • Power of Words

    What kind of digital training are people looking for? I build self publishing and author marketing resources. It's a small niche. The challenge is to really understand their needs and find the right balance of genuine content and low cost per month.

  • Mahesh Prabhu

    Amazing just a regular Pharmacist zero marketing experience, how can i get your help? thanks mahesh

  • sayyed jahangir

    Can you answer my very basic question, I know I may sound stupid but I found you really helpful and amazing,
    I would love it if you answer it.

    What is webinar and how to get started with it ?
    I have a website as well as I blog too, Please clear me this thing eagerly wanted to follow up all the things that you are saying in your video.

  • California Process Servers Network

    Neil' Wow great presentation, the resources, priceless. Presently I'm structuring a product correctly for the first time,
    This is from the contributing of guys like yourself.
    I will give you an update of my progress.

    Thanks, Neil

  • Rasul Nuriev

    Hi Neil, I know I'm late, but how can I make 100.000$ a month with a low margin product? My average profit (for a digital product) is 20$.

  • Spanish IN Atlanta

    Hey Neil, I have been busting my butt hard. I offer original and unique language training but have a hard time making facebook ads work and I don't have the budget to spend hundreds on ads. Also, don't know what services out there would be worth the investment! I am happy to spend on things that add huge value. Can you recommend cool value rich free or just reasonably priced programs , software, apps or plugins that you consider must haves? Ex: you mentioned Turbo dial, pic snippet etc… Can you share more of these services that would help a small business kill it ? 🙂 In your opinion, who are the crucial team members or employees a small business can't afford to not have… like the anatomy of a small business to be successful? Thank you dost! 🙂

  • thanh nguyen

    Hi Neil, great video? Question for you? Are you in the china market? I would like to take your stuff and translate it into Chinese. What do you think? Thank you!!

  • Henning Nganyi

    Hi Neil, thanks for the educative session, my name is Henning from Kenya, been following your channel for two years now.

  • Alex Koh

    Amazing 50 mins spend! How would you advise to an engineer without a financial degree but excellent in financial blogging sphere to make products?

  • Jay B

    Hi. Neil, Didn't realise when the 50 minutes were over. Honestly, I did not connect with you till the time you played the mommy card with WordPress dude. Even though it still felt a bit hollow, it was personalised cause my mom keeps saying the same stuff to me.
    Not sure who told you about Indians stuffing money in there pillows but not true lol.

    Coming to the point not sure if your or your VAs are answering the comments, but any suggestions on how a a digital product on customer service and improving communication can be created? What kind of audience to target?
    One last request I have sent loads of messages, PMs and DMs to a lot of gurus but none ever responded back even though they all say they will, is it possible to talk to you directly on a call maybe Skype? 15 mins is all I ask.

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