How to Create an Ecommerce Website | ई कॉमर्स वेबसाइट कैसे बनाएं-Part1
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How to Create an Ecommerce Website | ई कॉमर्स वेबसाइट कैसे बनाएं-Part1

Hey guys, welcome to learn anything, my name is Bhim. And in this video we going to learn how to Create an E-Commerce website in WordPress This type of website, you can see here. First of all, we will see how to create this Top Menu. After that, how to create this logo, that is free. After that we will see, how to create these categories Then, how to create this header Banner And then these Promo Banners Next, we will go to the this Trending Products. If few products are Trending in your website, you can list those items here Next, we will go on Catagory wise product listings Then we can list Catagories like, Men’s Wear. We can give a Thumbnail like this Like Men’s Wear, Women Wear, Offer Zone, ETC. Similarly, you can give Women Wear Products. Then few Testimonials from Your Client If You have few associates or affiliates then you can give their Brand logo here. And Finally, this footer as you can see. Before this, we can also create a blog section here. But if you know creating these many sections. You can easily create new other sections. Please watch this tutorial till the End. This Tutorial has two Parts.
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