How to do LTL Freight Shipping (Pallets) Into Amazon FBA – Bulk Books Reselling W Reezy Resells
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How to do LTL Freight Shipping (Pallets) Into Amazon FBA – Bulk Books Reselling W Reezy Resells

[Luna] Hey guys, so this is how
you do LTL freight shipping. (music) (Gary V) Boom, I sold $650,000
in used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. What’s up guys, today I’m
going to show you guys how to ship inbound LTL
pallets into Amazon. Actually pretty interesting, this is the
first LTL pallet that we’ve ever sent. We already made the shipment. Let me
see if I can get some better lighting. We already made the shipment in
Amazon which is exactly the same as the normal way that you would
ship it but instead of choosing small partner carrier UPS, you
choose LTL shipping and then you put in all the information and you
get a crazy savings on inbound shipping. In seller central and
your shipping queue, your shipment actually
says LTL pick up. Next, you’re going to want to go
into your shipment queue in Amazon and you’re going to press this button,
print bill of lading document and you’re going to print two
copies of this document. One’s for you and one’s for the driver. After you print the bill of lading,
in the very bottom left hand corner there’s this box that says
shipper signature/date. You’re going to want to sign that
and then date it on both copies and then the carrier is
going to do the same thing on this side of the document
when they pick up your pallet. (carrier on the phone) Yeah. Alright, thank you. We don’t have a
forklift and my driveway is super steep. We don’t even have a pallet jack
so what we actually did was we just left everything. Now we’re
going to put the pallet down below into the street and we’re going
to dry stack the boxes on it then wrap them up and get it
out and get it ready to go. (music) There is an additional FBA label that
you have to put on all four sides of the pallet so it looks just like the
regular FBA label that you put on the box but you’re going to put
it near the top center. Put the stickers on your
pallet like that on the outside of the shrink-wrap
on all four sides. Waiting for the dude to come get us
right now and we’re going to load it up and then I’ll be able to do the whole
recap and let you guys know how it went. Just sitting on a pallet of books. Good, how are you man? Not
since that nightmare. [Driver] So it’s just this one?
[Reezy Yep, that’s it but we’re going to start
sending it all the time now. [Driver] Okay. [Reezy] Thanks man, have a good one. Good news, we’re going to
be doing LTL now. Wooh! The weight of the shipment that we
just sent off was 806 pounds total and if we were to ship that using
Amazon’s UPS partnered rates that would have costed us $201.98 which
is what we’re used to paying normally and thinking we’re
getting a great deal. But with LTL pallet shipping,
it’s only going to cost $76.56 that’s crazy right. So it’s the
total savings of a $125.42 just on this one shipment. It’s
approximately 60% less in shipping costs and if you want to break it
down per pound with the UPS it’s 25 cents per pound. Come on
back up a little bit sweetie. And with the LTL freight,
it’s only 9 cents a pound. Just to let you guys know, I
highly advise every one of you to look into shipping inbound with LTL
freight shipping whether you ship books or whatever you ship. There’s
just a certain volume that if you ship that much,
you should be doing LTL because the savings are
incredible and cannot be ignored. We’re talking about if you spent
20,000 on postage last year, you could have spent 7,000.
You could have saved 60%. Ridiculous savings that
just cannot be ignored and there’s really only one con
about LTL freight shipping and that is that it takes longer for
your inventory to become active once it’s received at an
Amazon fulfillment warehouse. So this is going to be my first
shipment so I’ll experience that but my thoughts on that are so what?
The savings are so great, it doesn’t matter. If you keep shipping
out every single day and you’re still doing LTL as normal, eventually your units will
be going active everyday. All you have to do is ship
consistently through that delay and the delay will not even matter. You will only feel the
effects of it one time. The only reason I could see why that
would be a huge problem for you is if you just had super limited space
where you couldn’t save up enough inventory to make a pallet that
would be worth shipping in which I don’t really understand because
I’m just doing one pallet right now. 740 pounds, it’s like a little
over 600 books or so 650 books and we’re saving a ton. We’re going from
25 cents a pound to 9 cents a pound and that’s just ridiculous and
we’re going to make this work and I believe everyone
of you should too. Honestly, I’m really an idiot for not
looking into this a long, long time ago. I just didn’t realise that you could
save so much without getting anywhere near the full max weight of a
pallet which is 1,500 pounds. So with only 700 pounds, 750,
you’re saving a crapload and you just can’t ignore that guys. You’re in this business to make
money and saving money is just as good as making money when your in
business, you got to remember that. Like yo what that is? I don’t know.
And I had to go back and check and yeah Amazon did send
me an email with it. What? Okay. Apparently, you got a
print two of them. So I just printed two bills of lading
that I can give to the freight carrier. I’m going to go down there, hopefully I’m not missing
him loading up the van yet.


  • Keith Caverly

    doing my first ltl next week going from 1euro a kg to 15c a kg boom and a big thanks to you
    doing a full 1000 kg pallet as sourcing is easy in Ireland and have a back log of almost 3000kg

  • MrKofi Haynes

    Reezy, so that was 18 boxes filled with over 600 books?! I have over 400 now, so I will add some more and do the pallet. Thanks4sharing!

  • Keith Caverly

    definitely have met only one fba book sourcer and he is just happy to cruse along
    no comp. hundreds of trift stores within an hrs. drive some do books 5 for a dollar
    i cant wait till im as big as you and with ltl you never know

  • Picking Profits

    What happens if your shipment gets destroyed, damages, or lost? One of the big benefits to UPS is that it's partnered with Amazon and they cover you if the shipment gets messed up. Does LTL cover you in the same way? I thought they did not. I may try LTL in the future but if they don't cover it then that's something to consider.

  • Pinarello Rider

    Dayum, that's tight! You cannot beat that savings. Your set-up in the garage is cool. Have you ever posted a video of your "shipping/processing center" Reezy?

  • ultimatecouponlady

    What is the minimum pounds that can be shipped? Can this be done from an apartment building driveway? Also, does it have to be only books or can it be any of your amazon inventory? Thanks in advance!

  • Pursuit of dankness

    This is hands down the best channel on selling books on fba. I'm just trying to save up enough money to buy a scanner so I can get my hustle on just like you reezy! I've tried looking for a cheaper scanner on ebay and such but I haven't had much luck.

  • Mike Purvis

    Found your channel and subscribed due to seeing you dissed on some dudes video a day or two ago. Thanks very much for the informative content!

  • Willreal

    I have a book, a lucky find, that has a rank of 880K but no one on FBA yet its a slow moving ASIN so its not eligible for FBA. But there is no FBA seller, the book is at $350 plus. Could the price be why its not FBA allowed??

  • estopheles gray

    Hello. Im having such a difficult time building my first book pallet. The amazon system wants to create so many splits. And the system will only allow me 250 books/skus per shipment. Does that sound right? Any suggestions? Im thinking that I should not even work with any less than 250 books at a time. Please help.

  • estopheles gray

    Here is the info i got from Amazon, so I dont understand how you could send more than 250 SKUs.

    Greetings from Amazon Seller Support.

    My name is Diego, thank you for letting me assist you today. I just wanted to let you know that I was glad of talking with you.

    As I explained to you, the maximum of SKUs that can be added to a single shipping plan is 250 SKUs. Therefore, if your shipment contain 250 SKUs and the weight is not more than 150 pounds, we recommend you to use Small Parcel Delivery instead of LTL Delivery.

    You can learn more about the requirements for FBA shipments visiting the following help pages:

    Shipping and routing requirements

    Seller Requirements for Less than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) Deliveries

    Small parcel delivery to Amazon

  • estopheles gray

    Maybe amazon is allowing your account to do this, but not mine. The system wont allow me to go over 250 and thats before I even get to the LTL option. I wonder whats happening with other sellers

  • Lawrence Sullivan

    Thanks for a great video! I am now getting ready to do my first pallet to fba. I want to pass along some info that both confirms what this video says and adds to it.
    Reezy is definitely correct about the liftgate, there is no additional charge. I was told that I need to call in (after I have created the shipment on Amazon) to the trucking company and let them know I needed it.
    I do not have a home that easily allows me to do a pallet so I am doing it in my storage locker! The trucking company says they can pick up from there! The only concern is that they prefer not to enter the unit so I am either going to buy a pallet jack or I am going to do as Reezy did and build the pallet when the truck is on the way.
    I have been looking on Craigslist for weeks to find pallets. I do NOT recommend doing that. Most people don't know what size they have and they don't know if their pallets can handle 1500 lbs, nor do they know if it has 4-way access. They don't even know the dimensions. I simply pulled up a google map of my area, searched for "pallets" and found a dozen companies selling them. The one I chose is 20 mins from me and charges $10 per pallet. These are freshly made and very sturdy. It was simple.
    Also, I searched for "warehouse/ industrial equipment" and found a few companies in my area that sell pallet jacks for around $220. That was for a brand new one.
    I hope this helps save time and money for someone else.

  • skyni1

    Great video Reezy thanks! My question is when I list and ship, I can't get more than 50-75 books to go to the same warehouse. How do you get an entire pallet of books to go to a single warehouse? If I remember correctly, there were around 600 books on this pallet. How many books were listed in total? To how many warehouses? Thanks Man!

  • chamcham123

    What is your opinion on Amazon's "FBA Prep Services"? If I am sending an LTL shipment of books, is it better to prep yourself? Or is it better to pay Amazon to do the prep work? What prep work did you do for these massive shipment of books?

  • Caesar Alferez

    Question. How do you list all these items and save time? i heard you shoutout nathan holmquist in the past do you use his software? also how do you label all these books do you have a way to do it efficiently? thanks fan of your vids

  • Five-Forty

    Excellent video! I'm going to be sending in my first pallet in a couple of weeks. Been dropping boxes off at UPS for over 2 years.

  • Ourkliq

    1. Some of my boxes are small and some are large. Can we load different size boxes with different barcodes on one pallet?
    2. Is there a size spec for barcode labels on these boxes? Not FNSKU.
    3. One location and LTL: Can we ship different boxes with different barcodes to one Amazon warehouse under inventory placement service? Who determines this one location? The seller or Amazon workflow?

    Thanks for your help.

  • James Lauderdale

    Hey Reezy, I found when shipping books the box gets really heavy. Im shipping 35-50 lb of books, Ive found 18x18x12 is almost too big for 50+ pounds of books. When you shipped UPS or Fedex what size box did you find was the perfect size price and weight wise?

  • Mister Wu

    couple of questions: how long does it take you to get enough books to warrant a pallet? how do you go about adding the books to your amazon store. do you do it little by little as you compile all the books, or do you wait till you have all the books and then start adding them to your fba. if you add an item to your account, I imagine Amazon would want it to arrive to their fulfillment center in a reasonable amount of time, but i dont know. i havent begun selling on fba just yet. Thanks Reezy!

  • Tom Barrows

    What if a counterfeit claim was made against one of your books? Couldn't shopping at thrift stores mean you couldn't prove an item is genuine even if it was and get your whole FBA shut down?

  • Brock Richards

    I am suprised Amazon didnt split the shipment into 3 states for big volume. Was this done with inventory placement? I watched this video and started messing with it and Amazon split my shipment up so it wasn't worth doing. Great video and thanks for sharing!

  • ReadToMeDad

    Thank you for this video! Would you be willing to share a little info on the listing process? We use scanlister as well and have enough books to max out the weight limit for at least one pallet. We have not started listing them yet. Do you tend to list/upload ALL of them at once or in batches? I do see that you stickered them all at once. Also, do you have to specify what book is in what box? So I guess the summary question is: how is this different from listing one box (besides the scale)?

  • V Mac

    Just watched this video again. We are planning on doing are first LTL. Any updates on what you should do about box content? And do you have a video showing how to efficiently make a box content list-packing list for each box? Thanks for all the helpful videos. 🙂

  • Alex Torres

    Just finished my first pallet now waiting for pick up …shipment weight 450 lbs @$111 to your 800lbs @$76 … how? Location ?

  • WACKY online DEALS

    What is the process of preparing a pallet with varies products? How do you process products that are about 6 pallets

  • Juan Ramirez

    Yo Reezy, thank you for the info. I am trying to create an LTL shipment right now.  I am having the same problem Estopheles Gray is having. I can only sent 250 items per shipment so I had to create two shipments.  I am not sure how to consolidate them to add them to one pallet. Or do I create two shipments and combine them on the pallet?

  • Alter Ego Lounge

    So, I haven’t seen anything that says 250 item limit for LTL? Is this right, I can send more than that right?

  • Alter Ego Lounge

    1st…thanks for answering all my questions brotha, you help is much appreciated. So…. how did you figure the weight of the pallet? Just add up all the boxes and pallet weight separately?

  • David Sanchez

    hey thank you for the info, finally someone in youtube to do a step by step demonstration , how do i deal when amazon splits my shipment/? some time they split it and i end up with less than 2 pallet / NEVER A COMPLETE PALLET.

  • Rebecca B

    If amazon wants you to send to multiple warehouses- do they all still go on one palette? I feel like that’s a stupid question but I really want to know lol

  • Wesley Hammer

    wrap your boxes along with the pallet and your boxes won't slide off the pallet when moved around and will prevent them being damaged

  • Bryan Campbell

    How does the lift gate work? I’m not sure how it picks up the palettes. Also where do you get the palettes and are they expensive? How do you know how much weight they can support? If someone delivers LTL to your house to drop off a palette of Amazon returns or something then how do you set things up to get it into your garage or storage unit? What gets them there without a fork lift? Sorry for all the questions.

  • Peter Holden

    Reezy hope you get this man, I'm just starting out so STUPID question time…. Do you just fill the boxes with loose books or do you have to box the books before you put them into the medium size boxes. When we order books from Amazon, they come in there own book sized box. Does amazon do that for you?
    So basically you just send loose books in boxes to Amazon.

  • Estopheles Gray

    I noticed that you only went 2 boxes high. Do you think that three levels would be too high as long as it's under 1500 lbs?

  • Lisa Montalbano

    How are you doing pallets with different SKU's without using the Inventory Placement Service?Or are you having to do that and pay the fee?

  • Ben Soumokil

    This is cool! I use to work in deliveries at Home Depot and this is what we did to ship out orders to customers. Literally the same exact thing but you just follow how Amazon wants you to do it. LOVE IT!

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