How To Exchange Mobile In Flipkart | Sell old mobile and get new Online from Flipkart shopping Site
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How To Exchange Mobile In Flipkart | Sell old mobile and get new Online from Flipkart shopping Site

Friends, whenever you have to buy a new smartphone, You already have an old smartphone And you think that sells that old smartphone Then he will get some money from And it will be easier to buy a new smartphone To sell that old smartphone you told to your friends, told to the neighbors Still, you can not find a customer to buy that old smartphone It’s a lot of waste of time in you So to avoid all these problems, one of the best solutions is So what’s that Best That’s Flipkart’s exchange offer Under which you can sell your old phone to Flipkart at any time Flipkart will give you a new smartphone So let’s know how it will be Friends, for this, you have to open Flipkart After opening you have to pick any new smartphone which you want to take After you have selected, you have to go to the page of that smartphone, then you will see that buy with exchange offer You have to click on that Exchange option as soon as you click, two options will be opened. Selection brand will remain in first column In second column you have to fill IMEI number So you have to click on the SELECT BRAND as soon as you click, all the smartphones brand will be open In that you have to select the brand of your old smartphone When you select the brand of old smartphone Then all the model number of that brand will be open on it The model number of your smartphone is to select so now it comes toFill up IMEI No. As soon as you select the column above So you will see Flipkart will tell an average value that your smartphone is being priced so much Now you need to know Confirm how much value your smartphone is charging. for that Friends need to fill in IMEI number in second column So now you have to know what is the IMEI number of your old smartphone So the first option for that is if you have a box of your old smartphone The smartphone’s IMEI number is written in the back of that box The second option is that if you have a bill for your old smartphone then the IMEI number of your smartphone remains written on that bill too. But most of the people do not have both these Options. So how will know the IMEI number of its old smartphone For that friends you have to go to the old phone’s Dail Pad And dial in tha dial pad *#06# As soon as you type this code, friends The, will show you the IMEI number of your smartphone So if your smartphone is dual SIM then it will show up in two days if your smartphone is single sim the one IMEI show So in this way, you can know youe IMEI no. and fill in your old smartphone’s phone number in this column.


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