How to Find Discounted Products Online to Resell [Amazon FBA, eBay, Poshmark, & Mercari]

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today I’m gonna run you through another coupon arbitrage website that I
have not talked about before on this channel I’m pulled up a bunch of
different products that all look somewhat promising some a little bit
more than others for certain different reasons so we’ll run through a number of
those here in a second that site is obviously home product testing org as
you can see here now like I said I’m gonna run you through a tutorial here
but I did pull up a bunch of products to kind of show you different looks of
potential good products potential bad products I haven’t looked through to see
if they’re good or bad products yeah I’m gonna do that with you so you get the
raw let’s kind of take to see okay this is a good product and this is why this
is a bad product and this is why and I’ll give you the best kind of feel so
you get like the sourcing kind of you know specifics for each product I feel
like that will give you the most value in today’s video okay but I’m not gonna
insult your intelligence and sort through my set like with you here so
basically all you do is you can sort by but just like kind of like VIP on or
snag shout or any of the other coupon websites that I talked about on this
channel and there are a number of other tutorials just not specifically just for
coupon arbitrage but for a number of the other arbitrage is I’ve really updated
the playlists recently so you can go to the playlist tab on this actual channel
if you want sort through all the different arbitrage business models and
kind of pick and choose which ones you like and then the tutorials are they’re
kind of laid out for you obviously this one will go into the coupon arbitrage
business model but you can pretty much check them all out so what I like to do
is I’ll either sort usually depending on the site I’ll you sort by price lowest
the high or discount high to low now you clearly see that there’s no discount
high to low on product home product testing org so we’re gonna start by
sorting price low to high right then it’s gonna sort and then you can pretty
much scan through all the deals and see you know what looks good and what
doesn’t now just like any other you know not just coupon site but any other
arbitrage business model I always talk about at least at least at least maybe
not so much for like wholesale or liquidation cuz they’re slightly
different business models but from the majority of uh you know arbitrage
business models I talked about going after at least a ten dollar profit
margin the reason being for most cases this is an example of a case where you
know you’re not gonna go after ten dollar profit margin but I’m gonna
explain why here in a second so in most cases it’s $10 because no matter if
you’re spending like $8 and then you’re getting like a $19 product right then
that potential profit margin is $11 right or if you’re spending $5 on a $25
item right then your potential profit margin is $20 right so anything no
matter what you’re spending or no matter what the cost of the product is back on
Amazon you want it to be at least $10 profit margin roughly okay roughly it’s
just kind of like a template it’s just kind of like a rule of thumb it’s not
like a be-all end-all it’s just kind of like an indicator of a potential product
that you can make money off the reason being is you want to count slightly for
shipping charges although they really don’t matter if you’re shipping anything
into FBA in bulk because obviously you’re gonna negate a lot of the
shipping charges if you’re shipping like 10 to 30 items in at once because the
cost of the box might be you know five dollars or six bucks and then all the
products at once makes the shipping super super cheap per item right so
without getting too too much into that that’s why you don’t really worry about
the shipping charges but you do want to focus on the FBA fees and the potential
FBA fees so you have two options you can either use the FBA calculator for every
single time you want a source which is gonna take a lot of your time out of the
equation right it’s gonna spend or timeout it’s gonna add a lot of time to
the equation excuse me not take a lot of time out so one of the best ways you can
do it is an AMC Scout FBA calculator right here so when you’re on the actual
product listing on Amazon if you hit this it will literally show you the kind
of how much it costs and then you can put pump in how much you’re gonna spend
to get the product so in this case it would be six cents then it’s gonna tell
you the estimated fees and your estimated profit margin right another
opportunity that you can do is just go to the FBI calculator that Amazon
provides you because sometimes I don’t know if it’s my computer lately and my
Google Chrome or if it’s the actual apps but for whatever reason sometimes if I’m
on Amazon they do and don’t work depending on when I click it it’s very
weird so I’ve rebooted my computer a number of times I’m assuming it’s just
kind of like a bug going on with Google Chrome right now or maybe it’s just my
computer I don’t know so if it doesn’t work you always take it into the FBA
calculator that amazon provides you very very easy to use or if you want and this
is the best way that I recommend with with especially with coupon arbitrage
because it’s gonna save you a lot of time just shoot for a ten dollar profit
margin like I said that’s gonna account for any potential fees and make sure
that you’re profitable some items you might make three
on that that $10 margin some items you might make $7 right if you’re spending
you know $3 to get like a $20 product then the potential profit margin is $17
right so then it counts for certain fees like maybe the fees are like 5 bucks and
then you’re making $12 after fees and after your cost of product okay
so just make sure that you stay above a $10 profit margin roughly if it’s about
a $9 profit margin and you want to go ahead and grab it that’s okay as well so
we’re gonna sort through some of these now this looks like a promising one
right here because it’s a coupon code and I can get this for six cents which
is practically free so I’m gonna go ahead and grab this one I’m gonna throw
it off to the side so I remember because it’s six cents and I can resell this
back on Amazon Poshmark eBay or Macari for practically 100% profit margin even
though it only is gonna sell for $5.99 I can probably flip it back on like on
Poshmark Macari or eBay for you know $9.99 something like that eventually
maybe maybe list it like 13 bucks and then make a deal on it for like 6 or 7
bucks and I just made like an easy three or four bucks for getting this for 6
cents right so that’s why I let that one across there’s actually another one
right here so same thing this is an example of a ten dollar profit margin
because clearly it’s 1598 is the profit margin so right here it’s practically
free again I’m spending a cent to get it also something that imma do and the same
exact capacity I could resell this back on Amazon under the same listing
I could also resell and obviously that does come with certain risks so if
you’re not familiar with the certain IP or copyright risks that I talked about
in my course why they happen how to potentially beat them how to avoid them
in the future and you know what you can basically do to combat them going
forward I have an entire module that’s like hours of content basically
diagnosing why they happen how you can avoid them and how you can prevent them
in the future going forward in my course if you guys are interested at all in
online arbitrage Pro always linked first link in the description in any video
okay so you could sell this back on on Amazon just like any of these products
although just keep in mind that that does come with certain risks if you’re
buying like like 30 and items a month coupon arbitrage wise that doesn’t come
with asthma with as much risk as if you’re scaled up all the way to like 200
products a month because more products obviously potentially indicate
potential claims right in Amazon without getting too too into it into it is a you
know shoot first and ask questions later marketplace so it’s just something to
keep in mind but I don’t want to get too too much into that because I could talk
for literally hours on that and we don’t have time in today’s video so this is
another one I’m gonna get now you can resell this back on Amazon or you could
resell it back on Poshmark Macari or or ebay for a hundred percent margin
because you’re getting it for a dollar first cent excuse me now let’s go
through some of the other ones right here so jab ease oh and another thing
too with home product testing gorg there’s two ways that you can basically
get you know these products right so you’ll see that this says add bit cart
there’s no coupon code so when it says add the cart on home product testing org
you actually have to message the seller so once you sign up if you go to home
and how it works there’s basically video tutorials on how to message the seller
so you basically take Jessica one-two-three
you’d message them from all on the website and then they would message you
the coupon code and the link to buy it that’s the one way you can get products
on home testing org the other way that a lot of them are as you’ll see here if
you just reveal the coupon which I’m not logged in obviously right now but if I
were to review the coupon it would just show me the coupon code and then I could
go to the link and then buy it just like any other coupon website so there’s two
different ways that they that certain sellers give coupon codes away on home
product testing org just keep that in mind okay so right here if there is no
button to say Buy It Now what you basically want to do is obviously sign
in which I’ve completely forgot to do which I will after this video then
you’re gonna hit reveal coupon and then there should be a button right here that
says Buy Now if there isn’t and it says Add to Cart like I said I did not mean
to X out of that kind of annoyed I’ll have to go find that again um it then
you basically just message the seller okay so with this case even if there is
a Buy Now you don’t want hit reveal coupon because you don’t want to waste
any of your potential coupon claim codes if this isn’t a good product so before
you do any of that you want to take this to Amazon and we’re gonna search for
this item to see if it’s a good product so this is the jab YZ true wireless
headphones shabby’s true wireless headphones it’s
the same picture right jab YZ same picture same picture yes
so one hundred nine ratings it is prime and it is selling for twenty six ninety
nine so that’s a good sign right $26.99 we’re potentially gonna get it eight for
eight bucks which the potential profit margin of like 18
bucks or like 19 bucks my math is a little off this morning so then it begs
the question well is it selling well enough and there’s two ways to basically
find that out like we talked about before you either stay below 100
thousand bestseller rank because that just kind of accounts for all the
different categories if you stay below 100 thousand bestseller rank in the
parent category then it’s obviously selling usually one a day so you’re good
now it is good to have the jungle style
chrome extension because that’s gonna give you better numbers because
sometimes there will be a product that’s like ninety one thousand like this for
example that is a bad product and it’s only selling like ten a month right
which is only like a third of a product a day right it’s not even one of the day
so in that case depending on the category certain categories like I’ve
said many many times have different sales velocities and different amounts
of products so one hundred thousand in one category is not the same as a
hundred thousand in another category okay that’s why I recommend jungle Scout
Chrome extension and same thing if this says it’s selling 71 a month and roughly
one a day which those numbers don’t really make sense but it’s roughly
selling about maybe like two or three a day maybe a little bit less so that is
good a good sign and and like I said just like it might be below and be a bad
product a hundred thousand it might be above in certain categories as well like
clothing for example where books is a great example I’ve been selling a lot of
books recently something in books it’s like one hundred fifty thousand is
selling a lot of freaking books today in a month whereas something one hundred
fifty thousand and a different category is selling practically nothing so it’s
important to have the jungle Scout Chrome extension or something that’s
going to give you better sales data and an indication of what they’re actually
selling both monthly and daily so you can then a make an informed decision on
whether or not it’s a good product and be make an informed decision of how many
you can potentially or you want to buy right because if it’s selling five a day
and you can use the coupon code to get five then you probably want to buy five
and not one right makes sense so jungle Scout also linked down in the
description it’ll be the second link if you want to go ahead and grab that that
is an affiliate link but I’m telling you it’s worth it I use it every single day
in my business no matter no matter no matter the arbitrage business model it’s
gonna save you countless countless not just dollars but our sourcing so then
this becomes a great product right if we can then sell it so we take
and we take it in to seller central and we check to see if we can sell it which
we can sell it new and used conditions so this is a good product so I’m gonna
save this right here I’m gonna use this one that’s a good product moving on to
the next one right here so this is another example of a different look
right there is a byproduct right here so there is a direct link to Amazon but
there’s no coupon code listed so just like it says please contact me directly
for your unique one-time coupon code so you have to message this seller on the
actual home product testing platform and once you sign in and you actually sign
up for an account just go to how it works or home I believe there’s a video
on both of those that show you how to message the seller from this actual
platform it’s super super easy I believe you use the contact tab it’s been a
while since I actually hopped on home product testing org it’s one of the ones
that I put my initial online arbitrage Pro 1 course and I have not checked out
or used because there’s probably like 50 to like 60 coupon maybe not that much
maybe there’s like 40 to 50 coupon sites in the course now but there’s a lot of
coupon sites so I don’t use every single one every single day this is a great one
that I’ve kind of been sleeping on but there’s great opportunities to buy them
buy products on here just like there’s great opportunities on literally every
single coupon site so what I would do is first and foremost I want to make sure
before I message to seller that it’s a good product right so here it is we
click it it’s right here and it is selling 1495 so that’s a good sign it
has 40 ratings it is prime so that’s a good sign now for the sticklers out
there yes this is below a 10 dollar profit margin right because 1495 – 598
is like 9 buck profit margin right or a little bit under it’s like 896 I think
or 898 97 so yeah it’s it’s an $8 97 profit margin but but it’s still a
potentially good profit margin if you know you’re accounting for the fees
because it still might be like a 3 or 4 dollar profit margin after all some said
and done so just keep in mind that is a small product it doesn’t weigh a lot and
the 10 dollar profit margin is just an indicator it’s just a rule of thumb to
into basically indicate what’s a good potential profit margin you don’t have
to stick by it you can drop down if you’re more comfortable to like a nine
dollar profit margin and use that as a rule of thumb okay and 897 is
practically a nine dollar profit margin okay so everyone always says well oh you
source the product that’s $9.50 it’s not above $10 guys it’s just a rule of thumb
okay so let’s go down and we’ll see if this
is selling well and if we can sell it okay so forty-seven thousand we already
know it’s selling well because it’s under a hundred thousand so that’s good
general Scout tells us it’s selling about three a day and about a hundred
and three monthly sales on average so that begs the question can we sell it so
we take the ass I am into seller central and we paste it in and we see if we can
sell it so we can’t sell it in use then collectible and refurbished
that’s okay we can sell it in new conditions so that is also a good
product so then I would message the seller I would get the coupon code and
I’d go ahead and buy this from home product testing or good product now
let’s go through the last four really fast and we’ll go indicator indicators
of whether they’re good or bad products I haven’t checked them out yet so right
here it looks like by product and this says need review so I’m actually gonna
stay away from this one you can do this if you want so this is some people on on
a home product testing org they’re not gonna give you a coupon code or they’re
not gonna say message him basically what they want you to do is they want you to
buy it then review it and then they’ll give you the refund back afterward I’m
not interested in that so I don’t recommend that you do that I recommend
that you just avoid those cuz you know obviously the the all the power is in
the buyers hand so it doesn’t really come with any risk and I’m not gonna get
into why the powers in the buyers hands and how you can basically make sure that
you get a refund or make sure that your money get your money back there’s many
many ways to do that obviously literally the the buyer on Amazon has not 99.9%
they have a hundred percent of the power on Amazon so regardless you can always
get your money back or make sure you get your refund I just like to avoid those
because there’s so many other better opportunities like this one right here
right the literally the coupon code is right here so why wait so I’m gonna hit
buy product and we’ll check out this is a good opportunity and it’s currently
unavailable so that’s a bad opportunity so moving on to the next one microfiber
beach towel so the coupon code is right there if we want it but I’m basically
gonna take this in and see if we can find it in Amazon so let’s go to Amazon
and we’ll paste it into the search bar and see if it pops up now this is
microfiber beach towel and it looks like wave polo summer
McGirt fiber beach towel and I don’t necessarily see that girl pop-up so you
could spend a little bit of time and see if you could find it but I’m just gonna
avoid it because I’ve already found like three or four good items so microfiber
beach towel No thank you now this last one is you know not necessarily ideal
but hey I’m not I don’t care what the product is as long as it’s gonna make me
money so let’s check to see if it’s out if we can make money on this take the
the the title paste it in Amazon and mail mini right that’s not the same one
so that is a bad example of a product as well so then we have four potential
products that it literally took me probably like two minutes to find
sourcing through keep in mind like I I be able to take me like two to five
minutes to do this myself but I’m kind of slowing it down to explain this to
you guys and I found all these ahead of time before the video but all I did to
find them and the other one I’m gonna have to go back and find was I went to
the home page obviously I need to sign-in I sorted by lowest the high and
I went through about four pages once it reloads and I went through about four
pages look there’s the coffee beans and I basically looked through what kind of
stuck out to me I checked this one as well but it wasn’t a good profit margin
or it wasn’t a good product excuse me it said currently unavailable and you
just basically sort through like that so use home product testing org to find
good coupon products it’s another great website that you can utilize to your
advantage to basically buy products super super
cheap with coupon codes and then resell them back on other sites like back on
Amazon that poss mark mark re or ebay and it’s an easy way that you can
basically multiply your money again with online arbitrage so hit that like button
if you appreciate the value in today’s video and with that being said I’ll see
you in the next one

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