How to Get Amazon Reviews FAST without breaking Amazons Terms of Service
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How to Get Amazon Reviews FAST without breaking Amazons Terms of Service

customer reviews the lifeblood of your
Amazon business good reviews mean more sales and bad reviews could mean
disaster but what if you have no reviews where do you start well you start right
here JC Franco here the no bullshit Amazon seller so if you looking for a
place to learn about Amazon FBA without all the hype then you found it so make
sure to subscribe if you haven’t already so in this video we’re gonna cover
reviews I’m gonna show you tell you about ways to get reviews legit reviews
in this day and age of Amazon FBA as well as things to avoid so that your
reviews don’t get removed or worse get suspended okay but before we do that
leave a comment that says no bullshit with the poop emoji and you can win a
special prize alright so the first thing we’re gonna talk about is one that most
of you might be familiar with but that is the Amazon early reviewer program so
there’s a program by Amazon where you can pay $60 to get up to 5 reviews so
it’s basically like $12 per review and I think amylin goes out and reach out to
people and offers them like a $3 credit to leave a review for your product now
it’s a nice way to get started it’s a nice little program definitely worth it
for the 5 reviews however there’s a few things to keep in mind okay so it’s not
immediate so it’s not like you pay $60 and then you boom have 5 reviews it
couldn’t take up to a few months to get these reviews okay and then on top of
that there’s no guarantee that these are going to be good reviews right so if
it’s your first 5 and one of them is a negative review they don’t like your
product that can really hurt another thing to keep in mind is when we’re
looking at the things to not do later so your reviews don’t get removed is that
these reviews can get removed so you buy these reviews they are legit from Amazon
but then you do some of the shady things and your reviews end up getting removed
your early reviewer program reviews can get removed as well now sometimes the
best way to get something and the easiest way to get something is to ask
right I’ll give you an example can you guys please leave a like on this video
for me see it’s easy simple now same thing goes for reviews so one thing I
actually do when you’re starting especially when you’re at a small scale
you can actually just you’ll be email people that purchase
your product and ask them to leave you overview right so the way you do this
you just go into manage orders and your seller central account and you go to
your orders you click on the order ID number and you can press contact right
so now it’ll open up wait to email these customers through Amazon system so you
don’t need anything external you don’t need to use your own email you don’t
need to get like an automated software you can just do it right inside seller
central so once you do that you can just write out an email right and then copy
and paste that for all the people that purchase your product at the very
beginning and it can just be simple write some things to note is that you
don’t want to incentivize it so you can’t say leave me review and I’ll give
you this or you don’t want to ask for a positive review right you can just say
can you please leave me a review or can you please leave me an honest review
right so that’s all you’re doing just write something tell your story if they
thank you so much maybe give them why you started selling on Amazon why you
decided this product why this brand and then ask for an honest review now one
thing that some people do that you shouldn’t do is don’t leave a sob story
right don’t make it seem like you have to pity you and they’re giving your view
out of pity because no one wants to do that I don’t want to read that it’s just
a downer right so just leave something simple something concise and then ask
for review and then that’s all you got to do just ask through analyst system
and you can do that for the first little bit until you know you start getting so
many sales that she becomes unreasonable so number three is Facebook groups so
the first thing I comes to mind for most people is review groups right so groups
where you literally are made for reviewing Amazon products if you just
search that on Facebook you’ll find a bunch of them where people are trading
reviews or offering reviews for refunds okay now that is actually not the way
that I would suggest doing it it’s just not my favorite way it’s not there’s a
smarter way to do it through Facebook groups and that is to join actual groups
that are related to your niche so whatever your product you’re selling say
you’re selling some kind of beauty product doing beauty groups right makeup
groups or whatever kind of groups out there that are related to your product
and then join that group and become a member so become active you know make
some post reply and comment on people’s posts and do that for about a week and
then after that once you’ve kind of you know become part of the group you can do
a few things okay so the first thing you can do is you can ask a moderator or
ask the owner of the group if you publicly offer your products give it
away people in exchange for a review and then you refund those people on PayPal
or if you don’t wanna do that you can just private message people owed that
group so directly message them and say hey you know I just got a brand-new
launching a new branding product I love for you to try it out and I can
refund you for the product if you leave me a review so that way you’re actually
a people that might be interested in the product and if it’s cleaner than going
to a review group in my opinion and then it gives you the benefit of if your
product is great which it should be you know the people that are actually
passionate about the product that are using it and that can tell their friends
and spread the word of mouth and you’re now part of this group right and your
brand is now part of the stream of people knowing you in this in this group
that is related to your product now this one is a little bit more risky because
it is technically against amell’s TOS but if you play it safe you might be
able to get with away with but again proceed with caution at your own risk
this is friends and family so there’s a few things you can do to make sure that
you know to be as safe as possible you do this what I like to do is not ask
them direct you know like immediate family but friends of your immediate
family or friends of your your close friends right so instead of asking you
know your your dad did buy your product and leave your review maybe ask your
dad’s work friends right does your dad have any co-workers or does your sister
have any you know friends from school that might want to leave you a review
and maybe they might not be interested in your products or not you’re gonna
actually buy the product I’m just gonna refund them then most likely you’ll get
a few people that will do that for you unless you’re just a terrible person and
nobody likes you right so if you want to friends and
family make sure try to you know have a degree
of separation the more degrees of separation the better so as your dad’s
bosses sons girlfriend then that’s best right and then also keep in mind try not
to have people with the same last name that are family members of you in the
same last name or people that live in the same city now too quickly on top of
that as well is you want to make sure they have spent at least fifty dollars
on their Amazon account so if it’s someone who has never used Amazon before
and they just sign up for Amazon to buy your product don’t do that okay
or at least give them some time have them buy some products on Amazon and
then give them a month time and then have them buy your product and also
lastly make sure they’re waiting a little bit of time after they’ve
received your product right so not after they bought it and not even the day they
receive it wait tell them to wait a week you know the longer the better seven to
like 10 to 15 days to leave a review after they receive the product so next
smart way to start general reviews without having too much effort is to
include an insert card in your product right so an insert car if you don’t know
he’s like a little piece of paper or like biz basically the size of like a
business card or credit card you put into your box in your packaging for your
product that can do a few things right so you can say thank you for your
purchase tell your brand story tell your mission leave your socials and then you
can ask for a review now a few things about this you can’t ask for an
incentive eyes review just like with emails you can’t ask for incentivize
reviews you can just simply ask for a review now a really cool way to
incorporate this is not to just ask but to also include a mani chat scanner so
if you don’t manage that is it’s like a messenger bought its facebook messenger
it’s a software you can you can get it’s pretty cheap you can set up like email
automations but in messenger so you can say you can offer them something on that
to join your manager so can be like a free training like if a product where it
can be you know five tips to use this product or if it’s just something about
your your your niche in general so they’re selling something like a beach
ball right you can just give a little article about five fun things to do in
the summer or whatever it may be make it you know put some time and effort into
it but then what will happen is once they join your man you chat your money
your manage that sequence and they scan it and they get you give them the you
know whatever you offer them now they’re in the secret
three days later you can ask them hey how are you enjoying my product and then
depending on how the answer you can say okay great thing if they said I love
your product you can send them a link to then review it from there right so it’s
more than just asking it’s actually getting them involved and then now you
actually have that contact in your your magnetic sequences okay so that’s a cool
way to do it have an insert ask for reviews and then if you want to go to
the extra mile you can set up a magnet track sequence for those inserts as well
alright so now you get your reviews coming in right I just want to leave a
note here don’t get greedy with this there’s a point when you transfer from
this grindy kind of review stuff to something more automated right so maybe
you’re super popular you got a bunch of friends and family and they’re all
buying your products you’re getting a bunch of reviews and it’s going well
you’re flying under the radar you got maybe you’re an earlier reviewer program
you got your five reviews from them you sent out a few manual emails you got
reviews from them and now you got like 10 20 reviews don’t keep on doing like
things that are like Facebook groups or you know friends of family don’t get
greedy with that time to move on to getting an actual automated email system
going on now what I suggest for this is something like feedback whiz right so
feedback whiz if you want there’s a link in the description to get it it’s a
system that will automatically review customers and you can just get this
going automated so you have to worry about anymore
you can leave like one two three day follow-up sequence just like with mani
chat right but over email at this time and with nicing what this is that unlike
with manage chat they don’t have to sign up you can just automatically send it to
them if they purchase your product through feedback Wiz okay so feedback
Wiz is now where you’re going to actually be able to scale this and go
long-term and not have to worry about the singular day-to-day review and I
would set it up just like the manga chat system like thank you for buying product
brand story and then three days later what did you think and then maybe you
know and then three days after that if you love the product leave a review
right and again don’t aside device and don’t ask for a positive review now
let’s cover some of the dome some of the things on these lists some people will
argue say that’s to go too far you’ll need to do that much you don’t need you
know Amazon doesn’t care that much but if you’re gonna try and keep it safe
keep it safe as possible and these are just the things just keep in the back of
your mind so try not to ask for of your get a review from someone that you’ve
shared the same Wi-Fi connection with right and we want to smart like that
they know these things I think it fair out and they can say hey these people
are living in the same house so they can delete that review right next talk about
this already briefly but don’t get reviews from your social media friends
so if your friends on Facebook your friendly Instagram I try not to get
reviews from that those people and if you are going to it’s best if those if
you unfriend them and if these friends aren’t living in the same city as you so
if you have friends on social media you want to offer this to make sure to
unfriend them and if you want to go the extra mile make sure they’re not living
in the same city or they’re not family members of yours with the same last name
next doing review for review again you mention this but don’t trade reviews
with other sellers you know buy one product I buy yours you buy mine I
review as your review mine because again Amazon will detect that next don’t have
people review the product right after they buy it right Amazon will know that
hey I just bought this product ten minutes ago and he left a five-star
rating review that’s really easy for Amazon to catch and finally don’t get
too many reviews right don’t go over like ten percent for the first little
bit for your review so that means one review per ten to fifteen sales okay
you keep it like that keep it smart because if you have you know a review
for your for every you have ten sale you have ten reviews emmalin’s gonna catch
up really quickly within their algorithm now good luck with your launch and go
out there and get your first initial reviews this is all you really need to
know to get that ball rolling to get you going and get your product up there so
you can start making some might now if you want to leave a review go ahead drop
me something in the comments let me know what you think of the video we think the
channel anything again don’t forget to leave no bullshit with the poop emoji
for your chance to win a very secret special fun price now if you’re looking
for the next step in your Amazon business by actually trying to get your
first reviews definitely join my masterclass link right over there I was
gonna give you the step-by-step behind-the-scenes of how I actually
scale from zero to where you’re at now to get to 6 to get to seven figures and
farther and how more importantly my students have been able to repeat and
and clone that process to do the same thing so you know that you can do that
as well or if you’re watching on the video click right over there get that
video yet watching I’m JD Franco I’m gonna run now you’re an empire builder
hopefully if you scribe the channel and don’t forget your


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